Modern Wash Basin With Cabinet Ideas For Different Types Of Bathrooms

by Anugraha Venugopal | January 25, 2024 | 4 mins read

Modern Wash Basin With Cabinet Ideas

Wondering what to consider when choosing a modern wash basin with a cabinet? Read on.

When it comes to choosing modern wash basins with cabinets, the placement of the sink and its size, the materials used and the storage facilities can all be altered to give you different options. Yet for optimal utility, you’ll also have to consider who is most likely going to access a particular vanity sink. This way you can also choose the height and other operating arrangements. We tell you all about it so that you can make meaningful choices. 

A Modern Wash Basin With Cabinet For The Living Room

A wash basin with a cabinet isn’t just meant for the bathroom. So, here’s a design you can consider for the living or dining room. A laminate cabinet with open and closed shelves can hold necessary items like towels, toiletries and so on. While the sink and the cabinet can be in neutral shades, opt for an accent wall to enliven the area. Check out more wash basin designs for the dining room.

Wash Basin cabinet for living room
A wash basin with a cabinet in the living room

Compact Tabletop Wash Basin With Cabinets

This compact tabletop wash basin with cabinets has been designed to hold everything needed. Such a setup works well for a mid-sized bathroom or if the preference is for subtle elegance. The overhead counters are a great use of space while the backsplash offers great aesthetics. The vanity sink blends into the utility area as well making efficient use of the space. Explore more wash basin colour designs.

Tabletop wash basin with cabinets
Go compact with a tabletop wash basin

Corner Wash Basin With A Floating Cabinet

If the bathroom’s size is small, a corner wash basin is the best option. A wide countertop with an under-counter sink works for practical purposes and aesthetics. The floating cabinets open up the floor space thus making the bathroom seem larger. The mirror opens to a wall-mounted cabinet for additional storage while the backlight illuminates and adds to the look.

Corner Wash Basin With A Floating Cabinet
A corner wash basin makes the best use of space
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Small Wash Basin With Floating Racks As Cabinets

If the small wash basin in your bathroom doesn’t allow for a free-standing or full-fledged cabinet to be installed, then consider floating racks. They can act as open shelves to make the room appear spacious while still ensuring storage. Although this may seem like a tradeoff between aesthetics and utility, you can achieve an optimal balance by altering the number of open racks needed. The wall tiles have been accented for added effect. Also, check out these small bathroom design ideas.

Wash Basin With Floating Racks As Cabinets
Use floating racks with a small wash basin

Traditional Wall-Mounted Wash Basin With A Metal Cabinet

Some people prefer to focus more on utility than aesthetics. So, if you’re looking to install a traditional no-frills wall-mounted wash basin, supplement it with a sleek metal cabinet for basic utility. As seen here, the open-style cabinet can hold essentials and free up the walls. This is a simple and elegant vanity sink setup especially if you don’t want to make major changes. 

Wash Basin With A Metal Cabinet
The minimalist’s vanity sink

Vanity Wash Basin Cabinet With A Vintage Touch

If vintage is the vibe you’re looking for, then a vanity wash basin with a free-standing rustic cabinet would work well. Elements like a mirror with a wood finish, wooden cabinets, pendant light and vintage-style wallpapers can enhance the look of the bathroom. While the under-sink basin looks elegant here, you can also substitute it with a tabletop sink. Explore more ideas for bathroom wall art.

Wash Basin Cabinet With A Vintage Touch
Give your bathroom a vintage look

It’s not tough to design a wash basin with cabinets that work for everyone. However, this definitely requires some expert input as many factors need to be considered. If you’re interested in exploring more styles, check out these vanity sink design ideas. We’re sure you’ll find something you want to install in your home. Book your appointment here to talk to our expert team.

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