Home Design Trends In Mysore To Make Your Home A Dreamy Paradise

by Sreya Dasgupta | January 25, 2024 | 6 mins read

A bedroom with Mysore interior design elements

Mysore boasts a rich culture and heritage. The beautiful Chamundi Hills, the royal palaces, intricate architecture, lakes and greenery make this city the cultural capital of Karnataka. You will also see these nuances playing a vital role in the interior designs of homes in Mysore. Home interiors in Mysore reflect a beautiful amalgamation of traditional accents with modern and functional elements personalised to the preferences of the owners. Every home in Mysore displays the city’s cultural legacy and the citizens’ love for tranquillity.

Here is a list of some notable home design trends in Mysore. With these, you can integrate traditional elements into your modern home and strike the perfect balance to enjoy the best of both worlds. Whether you are thinking of remodelling your home, looking forward to some beautiful interiors for your newly built house or want some inspiration to introduce quintessential elements of Mysore into your home, we have you covered. Our list is sure to spoil you with choices and get you excited to opt for these Mysore design trends. So let’s get started with some unique examples of interiors in Mysore!

Home Interiors In Mysore Are Incomplete Without A Wooden Swing

Mysoreans love to have a touch of authenticity in their homes. This eclectic living room has everything to lend a comforting vibe to your home without compromising on the functionality of the space. The antique carved sofa design and coffee table infuse a traditional touch, while the book cabinet with concealed storage adds extra storage space bringing in a modern element seamlessly. The showstopper of the living room is the swing with a cushioned seater. It adds additional seating options and takes the style statement several notches higher. A decorous floor carpet and an intricate wallpaper on the accent wall adds to the room’s artistic look.

Home interiors in mysore trends are incomplete without a wooden swing
Mysore design trends include a traditional touch

Interior Trends In Mysore Feature Dome-Shaped Ceilings For A Palatial Vibe

This living room’s design is inspired by the Indo-Saracenic architecture of the Mysore Palace. Cove lights draw attention to the dome-shaped false ceiling, while an ornate chandelier in the middle illuminates the space beautifully. The antique-looking sofa set with printed upholstery and stunning white coffee table bind the entire look together. You can add a modular TV unit with multiple storage and display options to add to the functionality of the space. We have added POP mouldings on the walls to lend definition and up the elegance of the interiors. You can also place some designer wall sconces to highlight the decorative walls.

Interior trends in mysore feature dome-shaped ceilings
Home interiors that are no less than a palace
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Terracotta Wall Art Lends An Earthy Touch To Interiors In Mysore

Terracotta elements bring in a sense of earthiness to your home and add the right amount of flare to ace traditional home interior sensibilities. You can choose terracotta flooring, some artefacts or dress your walls with terracotta wall art. Use exposed brick cladding walls to add to the edginess of the terracotta art. To match the earthy design theme, we have chosen a rattan chair and a coffee table for the balcony. You can also add a modular book cabinet with an attached study desk to create a compact study nook. Opt for light wood-like laminates to maintain continuity. To showcase your love for art like a true Mysorean, choose some beautiful Moroccan floor tiles to highlight the floor.

Terracotta wall art is one of the best interior design trends of mysore for homes
Terracotta lends a warm element to modern homes

Courtyards Are Popular Home Design Trends In Mysore

Most Mysore homes have a courtyard where people relax and rejuvenate with friends and family. If you are one of the blessed souls with enough space for a separate courtyard, decorate it with potted plants, hanging planters and vines to create your personalised urban jungle. You can add some modular chairs and a coffee table with a book cabinet beneath for a cosy reading zone. And if you are living in a compact apartment with no room for a separate courtyard, you can utilise your balcony to bring in a similar vibe. Opt for turfgrass flooring, hanging planters and moss wall frames to add green splashes to your home. Choose wall-mounted cabinets and floor cushions or futons to elevate the functionality of your small balcony.

Biophilic design are popular trends in mysore homes
Embrace biophilic interior design in your home

Interior Trends In Mysore Feature Wooden Accents And Arches For A Regal Look

Wooden accents lend warmth to your home interiors and highlight your home beautifully. Add a traditional arch to your living room with wood panelling to infuse a royal look. We have kept the design aesthetics to the minimum to draw attention to the arch. The pastel colour tone is soothing to the eye and matches well with the wooden accents. The modular sofa unit and pouffe add to the comfort quotient. While the wall cabinet gives extra room to store knick-knacks. 

Mysore living room interior features wooden accents and arches is top trends decor
A wooden arch lends an old-world charm

A Praying Haven To Bring Some Positivity To Your Home

Mysoreans love their traditions and are devotional by nature. So, to keep up with interior trends in Mysore and bring in a positive vibe to your space, create a prayer room or a meditation nook in your home. You can dedicate a separate room if space permits or choose a living or bedroom room section to design your praying haven. Use wooden rafters on the ceiling and wooden flooring for an earthy tone and warm aura. Place some potted plants to infuse greenery into the room. We have also added a side cabinet with handleless drawers to store mats, candles, incense sticks and other praying essentials. You can also check out our traditional pooja room designs if you want some intricate designs for your dedicated pooja unit.

Top interior trend in Mysore is the meditation room which brings some positivity to the space
A tranquil meditation room welcomes positivity

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