Stunning Indian Open Kitchen For A Small House

by Sreya Dasgupta | January 20, 2024 | 6 mins read

indian open kitchen designs for you home

Here are open kitchen designs for Indian homes that will make your small home look big.

“Good food and a warm kitchen is what makes a house a home.” – Rachael Ray, American television personality.

Indian open kitchen designs are getting popular with time. These designs blend easily with your living room and add elegance to the space. They are space-saving and give you a chance to cook and entertain guests at the same time. Gone are the days where open kitchens needed huge space, with modern kitchen cabinets, space-saving units, even a small space can be used to accommodate open kitchen areas. These Indian open kitchen designs help bring the entire family together. You can cook your meals while watching your favourite series, keep a tab on your kid’s homework or wine and dine with friends and family. It also gives you ample space to showcase your expensive crockery and other kitchen decor items. Open kitchen helps create an illusion of space and adds depth to your decor. And if you still love a bit of isolation, you can always make a demarcation with fancy partitions or breakfast counters. So without further ado, let’s see some of the most stunning Indian open kitchen designs for your home.

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tips to make your small kitchen look spacious

Indian Open Kitchen In Pink And White

This open kitchen in pink and white is soothing to the eye. The quartz countertop and patterned backsplash cut the monotony beautifully. This spacious kitchen is perfect if you and your family love to cook together. The factory finishes kid-friendly as well. The breakfast counter with two comfortable stools is perfect for enjoying your favourite Netflix shows while cooking your meals.

U-shaped Indian open kitchen design in pink and white colour adds soothing vibe with quartz countertop and backsplash.
Open kitchen in pastel colours adds a soothing vibe to your home

Semi-Open Kitchen With A Partition

If you like to keep your kitchen a little privacy and want a little boundary between your living room and kitchen, a fancy partition is an intelligent choice. This partition lends a little private space to your kitchen without making it look clumsy. So if you are not very particular about doing dishes or keeping your kitchen clean after every meal, this partition will help keep your dirty dishes away from the sight of your guest to a certain extent.

Indian semi-open kitchen designs with a partition between kitchen and living room
A partition for a subtle demarcation of your private space

Indian Open Kitchen Design With Your Living Room

This open kitchen design blends seamlessly with the living room. Try using glossy laminates or lacquered glass finish for maximum reflection of natural light. This will make the space look spacious and airy. An inbuilt chimney over the hop is a must to keep your kitchen and living room smoke-free. The wood finish laminates amalgamates well with your living room furniture, and the black cabinets create striking contrast and makes a bold statement. This sleek open kitchen is perfect for small families who love their space, to be modern and minimalistic.

Island Indian open kitchen design in matt finish that looks spacious and airy.
A intelligent way of utilising your space to the fullest

Open Kitchen Design With Beautiful Lights

Light is one of the critical elements to make your kitchen stand out, especially for a small open kitchen. Use some ornamental pendant lights, cabinets with backlights and strip-led lights to add an element of drama to your kitchen. They also add up to your living room and bring liveliness and a piece of fun to your house parties as well.

Small open kitchen design in Indian style with ornamental pendant lights and strip-led lights
Choice of lights plays an important part in accentuating your interiors

Modern Open Kitchen With A Wine Rack

If you love to unwind with a glass of wine after a long tiring day or wine and dine with your friends while preparing your favourite cuisine, an open wine rack is a perfect addition to your modern Indian open kitchen setup. It gives you ample space to flaunt your wine collection as well.

Modern open kitchen design in Indian style with vine rack and breakfast countertop
A wine rack in your kitchen for a touch of modernity

Indian Open Kitchen In Pantone Colours

If you love being in trend, you cannot shy away from this beautiful Pantone colour open kitchen design. The yellow adds an element of fun and vibrance to the entire area, while the elegance of grey cuts down the monotony of vibrant yellow. It is a perfect mix of colours that lends a welcoming vibe to your kitchen and dining space. Try this colour for a modern, youthful cooking space.

Indian small open kitchen design in yellow and grey colour combination adds vibrance to the area.
You can never go wrong with Pantone colours for the year

A Compact Kitchen With Ultra Modern Storage Units

One of the most essential elements of the Indian open kitchen is clutter-free storage and display space. A dirty and cluttered cooking space will not just ruin the look of your kitchen, but the entire living area as well, so modern storage is a must that will utilise every corner of your kitchen. Modern storage units like skirting drawers, pantry pullouts, tall units, appliance garage, bi-lift cabinets, magic corners will help you organise your crockery, utensils and groceries while making your cooking experience hassle-free.

Open kitchen design Indian style with breakfast counter, clutter-free storage and display space.
A modern kitchen with the maximum storage facility
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Stylish Open Kitchen With An Multifunctional Kitchen Island

Kitchen island is a multifunctional addition to your kitchen. If you love cooking together, kitchen islands are convenient. You can use it for meal preparation or entertaining guests. You can also install a kitchen sink or hop to alleviate the functionality of your kitchen. Add a base cabinet to your kitchen island to store your crockery, cookbooks or utensils. Add some fashionable high chairs to make your kitchen island a happening zone to entertain guests or enjoy your quick meals.

Island Indian open kitchen design in olive green and marble breakfast countertop looks elegant.
Kitchen island can add to the functionality and elegance of your cooking area

A Modern Open Kitchen With Glossy Laminates And Marble Flooring

Glossy laminates and marble flooring adds a luxurious vibe to any space. So if you are looking for some grandeur in your cooking, marble flooring and gloss laminates will do the trick. These laminates reflect light beautifully, so if illuminated strategically, your open kitchen will look spacious than it is in reality. Marble will give the ultimate traditional touch needed for a quintessential Indian open kitchen. This kitchen will have modular furniture and an ultra-modern finish with a touch of conventional marble flooring makes this kitchen a perfect blend of modern and traditional elements, just like our authentic Indian cultures.

Open kitchen design Indian style with laminates and marble flooring adds a luxurious vibe to the dining cum kitchen area.
Adds a touch of luxury to your kitchen with glossy laminates

If this blog has inspired you to fit in an open kitchen in your living room, get a free consultation with our designers and they will guide you with the perfect Indian open kitchen for your home and more such exciting blogs; please check our blog section.

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