Dream Come True: Full Wall Wardrobe Designs For Bedroom

by Pooja Dara | January 20, 2024 | 4 mins read

Stylish wall wardrobe designs for bedroom

Convert that boring plain wall of your sleeping oasis into organisation heaven by incorporating one of these full wall wardrobe designs for the bedroom. You’ll definitely thank us later

A full wall wardrobe design is a type of wardrobe that is built and fitted into/onto a full wall, that is, from the floor to the ceiling as well as from one side to another. It is the most useful piece of furniture in your home as it has multiple benefits for the homeowners.

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Some of a full wall wardrobe’s benefits are the following:

  • It acts as the fourth wall of the bedroom and makes for an interesting and visually appealing feature in the space.  
  • It provides you with extra vertical and horizontal storage space for your seasonal clothes, shoes, accessories, etc. depending upon the design chosen. 
  • It is extremely versatile and easily customisable from the inside and the outside as per the needs and preferences of the homeowner. You can incorporate a set of drawers, a mirror, a bookshelf, a TV cabinet and much more. 
  • It saves on the floor space as it is directly built and fitted into the wall, so it does not obstruct traffic in the room. 
  • It is sturdy, strong and adds elegance and style to the bedroom.

Let’s now check out some of the latest wall wardrobe designs for bedroom available in the market today.

Full Wall Wardrobe Design With Mirrors

This full wall wardrobe design with reflective mirrors creates an illusion of more space and also reflects more sunlight in the bedroom. It gives a very sleek and minimalistic look and feel to the place, and also balances out the wooden elements. The wardrobe is also equipped with ample storage solutions in terms of hanging rods, shelves and drawers.

The full wall wardrobe design with mirror sliding doors in the bedroom looks sleek and minimalistic.
The recessed lights on the ceiling accentuate the wardrobe’s features and make the bedroom feel more cheery and lively

Full Wall Wardrobe Design With Sliding Doors

Add some texture and definition to a simple bedroom with this patterned full wall wardrobe design with sliding doors. It acts as a gorgeous focal point and also brings a sense of cohesiveness to the space. The sliding door mechanism proves to be a great space-saver that leaves plenty of room to move around.

Full wall wardrobe design in beige and brown colour with sliding doors brings an aesthetic look to the bedroom.
This beige and brown full wall wardrobe design with sliding doors brings a mix of warmth and freshness into this bedroom

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Full Wall Wardrobe Design With TV Cabinet

Fond of watching a movie while being tucked in bed? If yes, then this full wall wardrobe design with an integrated TV cabinet is the perfect choice for you. The sliding wardrobes frame the TV and keep it protected from both sides and complete the entire look of the space. This is also a wall wardrobe design that’s fit for a small bedroom.

Wall wardrobe integrated tv cabinet design looks sleek and compact is the wall wardrobe design for small bedroom.
This full wall wardrobe design looks sleek and compact and serves as a multifunctional space in the bedroom
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Glass Full Wall Wardrobe Design

Doesn’t this glass full wall wardrobe design look like an absolute masterpiece? The glass sliding doors are partly transparent which give the items in your wardrobe much-required privacy. On the outside, the glass doors instantly level up the vibe of the space and make it look royal and opulent along with these big reading lights and side tables.

Master bedroom wall wardrobe designed with sliding partly transparent glass doors in black lends a classy look.
The black and white theme can give any bedroom a timeless and classy look and is something that never goes out of style

Hinged Four-Door Full Wall Wardrobe Design

This hinged four-door full wall wardrobe design is your go-to option for compact spaces. The big handles make it easy to open and close the wardrobe easily and also match well with the interiors of the space. The sea green and white linear pattern on the wardrobe’s doors also look absolutely refreshing and pleasing to the eye.

Bedroom wall wardrobe cabinet designed with pull-open doors in sea green and white linear pattern gives a contemporary vibe.
This full wall wardrobe design gives a very contemporary vibe to the space with its classic pull-open doors with handles. It looks quite sturdy too

That’s all there is! Hope this blog post has inspired you enough to consider adding a full wall wardrobe design to your bedroom. So, don’t wait and reach out to us at Design Cafe for a consultation and we’ll guide you through the entire process. We’re eagerly waiting to hear from you.

Do you fancy any of the designs we listed above? We crafted this blog post especially for you. Tell us more about your dream wall wardrobe designs for bedroom in the comments below. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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