Take a Seat: 8 Stunning Wooden Benches Perfect for Indoors

by Nikita Raikwar | May 7, 2024 | 7 mins read

Trendy wooden bench designs to try

Explore our curated collection of wooden bench designs and unlock an interior upgrade like no other. 

Wooden benches in home interiors bring a timeless charm and warmth to any space. Their natural grain and texture add a touch of rustic elegance, blending seamlessly with various traditional and modern design styles. Placed in entryways, they offer a welcoming spot to take off shoes or set down bags. They create a cosy, communal atmosphere in dining areas, inviting family and guests to gather around. Whether adorned with plush cushions for comfort or left bare for a minimalist appeal, wooden benches serve as versatile and functional pieces, enhancing the visual appeal and functionality of home interiors.

Here are eight beautiful wooden bench designs styled to make your family home luxurious.

Wooden Entryway Bench With Underneath Shoe Storage

Entryways are fabulous additions to spacious homes. They can be accentuated with shoe storage, cabinets, and wooden entryway benches. These storage solutions help keep the area organised and provide a place for guests to sit and wait. They also add a decorative touch to your entryway, making it look larger and more inviting. Entryways serve as the first impression of your home, setting the tone for what lies beyond.

By incorporating elements such as shoe storage, cabinets, and benches, you not only enhance the functionality of the space but also elevate its aesthetic appeal. Imagine guests stepping into your home and being greeted by a neatly organised entryway where they can comfortably remove their shoes, stow away belongings, and take a moment to relax on a stylish wooden bench design.

Wooden entryway bench with built-in shoe storage
A lovely entryway that takes care of all your storage needs

An Ottoman Wooden Bench With Underneath Open Storage

Japandi interiors have recently gained popularity among Indian audiences. This gorgeous Japandi-inspired bedroom design incorporates sleek wooden elements with its bed and side table. As seen in the image, the ottoman wooden bench fits in. We love the open storage underneath, making it a handy storage option when you are short of space.

As more Indian homeowners embrace the tranquillity of Japandi interiors, incorporating versatile pieces that enhance both functionality and aesthetic appeal. This multifunctional addition not only complements the sleek wooden accents but also offers practical storage solutions for modern living spaces.

Japandi bedroom with a wooden Ottoman bench featuring open storage underneath, perfect for storing bedding or clothing.
A practical option for zen homes- ottoman bench

A Small Wooden Bench for Balcony With Storage

Balconies enhance a home’s architectural design and add visual interest and curb appeal. They also provide opportunities for creative decoration and landscaping while serving as a perfect area for hidden storage. This wooden bench seat, accompanied by sliding door storage underneath, is ideal for homes with toddlers for stowing away extra items and goodies from the main area.

Incorporating versatile furniture pieces like this wooden bench seat maximises space and adds a touch of elegance to balcony decor. Its integrated sliding door storage offers a discreet solution for organising essentials, making it ideal for creating a clutter-free outdoor oasis.

A small wooden bench for the balcony with sliding door storage underneath
Add an extra layer of hidden storage
Customise your bed and enjoy up to 25 year warranty

Wooden Bench With Cushion and Vertical Storage

Your balcony serves multiple purposes. It provides a small outdoor space for relaxing and an additional area for socialising or gardening. Having seating that also doubles as a storage solution in your compact space is a game-changer. This beautiful balcony features a striking wooden bench with an upholstered seat adorned with plump cushions, making this space a delectable highlight of your home.

Incorporating vertical storage as well as under-the-seat storage solutions maximises space in your otherwise compact and small apartment, allowing you additional legroom in the main areas of your home.

Wooden bench with cushion, perfect for seating and storing items vertically
A vertical storage solution for compact homes

Storage Ottoman Bench for Your Gaming Area

Pairing happily with the yellow gaming chair is this gorgeous faux leather ottoman bench with a wooden core. It is functional, simple in design, and does the job. We love how this bench doesn’t overpower the room’s aesthetics while ensuring it remains in sight. This storage ottoman bench has a spacious interior, allowing you to stow away your gaming essentials, some cushions for comfort, and even your gaming console for your friends and family.

Wooden bench with cushion, perfect for seating and storing items vertically
A vertical storage solution for compact homes

Bay Window Wooden Bench With Cushion

What’s better than a seating area in your bedroom? A bay window wooden bench that also doubles as a storage solution, definitely! This gorgeous bedroom features a multifunctional wooden bench incorporating matte-finish shutter units underneath. The open box shelving unit bordering this wooden bench with seating adds to the visual appeal of this space. 

This wooden bench also extends its storage vertically with a similar storage solution, like the bottom cabinet with the overhead floating cabinet, making this a must-have in compact bedroom apartments.

Bay window wooden bench with cushion incorporated matte-finish shutter units underneath
An extra seating area to stay perched onto watching sunsets

2 Seater Wooden Bench for Dining Areas

Wooden benches aren’t restricted to your gaming, bedroom, or foyer area, especially when you can make the most of one by utilising it for your dining needs. This gorgeous open setup, featuring a living room and kitchen extending into the dining area, showcases a mid-century wooden bench with a backrest. It’s like a sofa but smaller! 

This wooden bench sofa adds an inviting atmosphere to an otherwise dull space. It pairs well with minimalist wooden tables and chairs with backrests to complete the look.

2-seater wooden bench for the dining area adds an inviting atmosphere
A comfortable dining spot for homes that love the sofa cafe vibe

A Wooden Bench Table With Indoor Shoe Storage

While your shoes have a dedicated space in the foyer shoe storage, your indoor slippers definitely need a space of their own, too. There’s no need for them to be strewn across the floor with no dedicated spot in sight. A good organising hack, in this case, would be investing in a wooden bench table, as shown in the image, that comes with a tiny shoe storage compartment underneath to house your indoor slippers as well.  Perfect for a couple duo that needs a tiny bench near the bed, the countertop is ideal for placing a candle, books, or any display items you love.

Bedroom with a wooden bench table features indoor shoe storage
A minimalist wooden bench

Wooden benches can be versatile, easy to use, and definitely a smart investment for homes that want hidden storage in plain sight. Are you looking to add one to your home, too? Contact the design experts at DesignCafe for more!


1. Are there any eco-friendly options available for indoor wooden benches?

Yes, there are several eco-friendly options available for indoor wooden bench designs. Look for benches made from sustainably sourced wood or reclaimed wood. You can also consider bamboo benches, which are eco-friendly and durable. Additionally, some manufacturers offer benches made from recycled materials, contributing to environmental sustainability.

2. Are there any weight limits I should be aware of when using an indoor wooden bench?

Yes, it’s essential to consider weight limits when choosing an indoor wooden bench, especially if you plan to seat multiple individuals. While most benches are sturdy, it’s advisable to check the manufacturer’s recommendations for weight capacity. This information ensures the safety and longevity of your bench.

3. How do I ensure that the indoor wooden bench I choose complements the aesthetics of my home?

To ensure that the indoor wooden bench complements your home’s aesthetics, consider the bench’s design, colour, and size. Opt for a wooden bench for the living room that matches the existing furniture and decor theme. If you have a modern interior, choose a sleek and minimalist design, whereas, for a traditional setting, an antique wooden bench might be more suitable. Additionally, consider accessorising with cushions or throws to enhance the visual appeal.

4. Can I refinish or repaint an indoor wooden bench if I want to change its appearance in the future?

Yes, you can refinish or repaint an indoor wooden bench to change its appearance in the future. If you’re considering a makeover for your bench, ensure it’s made from solid wood rather than veneer or laminate. Sanding the bench’s surface and applying a fresh coat of paint or stain can breathe new life into its look. However, if the bench has intricate details or carvings, it’s advisable to seek professional assistance to refinish it to maintain quality.

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