7 Ways to embrace ivory color combination wall for lasting style in your home

by Pallabi Bose | May 6, 2024 | 6 mins read

Ivory colour paint for your home decor

Use ivory wall colour to make your walls pop with contrast

Finding the right paint colour is the most tricky part of decorating your home. The wrong shade choice can completely topple your home decor game. That’s why, homeowners always look for “that perfect” paint colour that compliments every decor element.

A case in point is ivory colour – perfectly neutral yet sophisticated. This gentle paint soothes the senses and fills the home with muted aesthetics. Paired with the right decor pieces it can transform any room in a jiffy. Here’s how.

Create contrast with a warm brown accent and ivory wall color

It is commonly believed that two warm colour tones do not blend harmoniously. Although ivory is considered a neutral colour, the shade of ivory used in the image has a slight yellow undertone, making it a warm colour just like brown. Surprisingly, the brown wallpapers paired with the overall ivory wall paints have created a stunning contrast. Furthermore, the royal blue drapes, upholstery, and kitchen cabinets balance the overall colour scheme of the living room with a cooling touch.

Ivory wall paint contrasts beautifully with a warm brown accent in the open living room and kitchen area
Pinterest-worthy living room with ivory colour paint wall

Achieve a dreamy boho vibe with contrasting ivory wall colour

Want to infuse a whimsical vibe into your sleeping quarters? Try combining a mix of warm, cool, and neutral hues like orange, yellow, blue, and classic ivory paint colour. Paired with a quintessentially boho wall tapestry, the overall bedroom gives away an airy and welcoming vibe. The ivory paint colour also allows you to flaunt your plant babies effortlessly.

Bedroom's ivory wall colour, combined with warm, cool, and neutral hues, creates an airy and welcoming atmosphere
Cosy boho-style bedroom with soft ivory paint color
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Create an illusion of spaciousness with ivory wall colour and glass partition

The easiest way to double up the existing space of any room is not breaking down of walls. It needs strategically chosen wall paint and elements that create the illusion of space. For instance, the bedroom shown in the image features bright ivory paint with a cool undertone and a wall-to-wall glass partition that separates the bathroom from the bed chamber. To ensure privacy, the glass partition has a fogging mechanism that works at the touch of a button.

Bedroom's glass partitions and ivory-colored walls create a spacious illusion
Give your bedroom a futuristic yet aesthetically pleasing vibe with ivory white color paint

Boost the definition of royal ivory color paint with contrasting black glass

Black glass smart walk-in closet is a great way to make a room look fashionable and functional. On another hand, ivory colour is a perfect solution in spaces where you want to feel calm and relaxed like in the bedroom. Furthermore, combining two colors creates a unique contrast that can infuse depth and visual interest into the space not only for functional reasons but also for aesthetic purposes.

Royal ivory colour infuses depth and visual interest in the bedroom with a black smart-walk-in closet
Dramatically elevate the aesthetic appeal of bedroom with a black smart-walk-in closet and ivory color paint wall

The classic combination of white and ivory: Making a statement with subtlety

Give your living room a timeless look with warm ivory paint colors. The traditional combination of white and ivory paired with modern modular furniture elevates the living room to an artistic marvel. Additionally, the crown molding is adding a Victorian vibe whereas the glass-covered wall is creating an illusion of vast space in a compact room.

Living room's white and ivory colour paint combination showcases an artistic marvel
Turn heads with royal ivory color paint in living room

Pair ivory wall paint with coloured acrylic sheet

Acrylic sheets offer the perfect balance of strength, durability, and weight, making them a popular choice for modular interior design. On the other hand, ivory color paint sets a stunning yet neutral backdrop so that the acrylic sheet can take centre stage. In the image below, the back wall and headboard are made using canary yellow acrylic sheets. However, the ivory paint perfectly balances the brightness of the yellow, creating a vibrant yet soothing atmosphere in the bedroom.

Ivory wall paint paired with a yellow acrylic sheet in the bedroom creates a modern touch
Adding a modern touch to your bedroom with ivory colour and yellow acrylic sheet

Vintage shabby chic kitchen featuring light ivory colour paint

Blend rustic charm and ornate accent pieces to achieve the perfect shabby chic kitchen interior. In the below kitchen design, ivory wall paint serves as a stunning backdrop that is enhancing the rustic appeal of the warm brown palette. The vintage cabinets and open wall shelves are adding character. However, to modernise the kitchen modular cabinets have in added to optimise space and increase storage. Thus, you can create a space that is timeless, inviting, and nostalgic at the same time.

Kitchen with ivory colour paint serves as a stunning backdrop
Add character to your kitchen with ivory color paint

Selecting the appropriate colour of paint is a very important key to success in home décor. The neutral yet sophisticated appeal of ivory colour can easily convert any room. It is Ivory paint that enhances your space in many ways like it makes a great contrasting color, or adds some boho dreaminess. Ready to revamp your home? Book a free consultation with our experts. For more interior design ideas, check out our blog section.

FAQ On Ivory Paint

1. What are the best accent colors to pair with ivory paint?

Some of the best accent colors to combine with ivory color paint are warm earthy tones such as dark browns, light grays, dull blues, and grayish greens. Ivory is a complementary colour that goes well with these other hues creating a soft, elegant look overall.

2. Will ivory paint show dirt and stains more easily compared to other colours?

Ivory paint may show dirt and stains more easily compared to darker colors, but regular cleaning and maintenance can help keep it looking fresh. Opting for a high-quality paint with good stain resistance can also minimize this issue.

3. Can ivory paint be easily matched or touched up if needed in the future?

Surely, if you need to touch up your ivory paint after a few years then you can always store some leftover paint. But make sure that the new coat matches closely with the old one to achieve a smooth finish.

4. How does the quality of the paint affect the appearance and durability of ivory paint?

The quality of the paint used determines how long-lasting the painted walls will be along with its outlooks. High-quality paints have better coverage, durability, and colour retention leading to much more beautiful-looking finishes that last longer.

5. Are there eco-friendly or low-VOC options available for ivory paint?

Yes, there are eco-friendly or low-VOC (volatile organic compounds) options available for ivory paint. These paints are formulated with fewer harmful chemicals, making them safer for both your health and the environment. Opting for eco-friendly ivory paint is a great choice for creating a healthy and sustainable living space.

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