What’s Japandi Style Interior Design? 5+ Easy Tips to Style Your Home

by Juhi Advani | March 6, 2024 | 5 mins read

Japandi interior design style ideas for your home

Japandi Interior Design: when simplicity becomes stylish!

Japandi is a fusion of two design styles (Japanese + Scandinavian) known for their soothing tones, simplicity, and clutter-free nature. Japandi interior design gained popularity in the early 21st century for its minimalist and earthy elements. This design, when integrated into your home interiors, creates a peaceful escape from the daily chaos of life.

History of Japandi Interior Design

The inception of Japandi-style interior design is said to have started when Danish creatives travelled to Japan, seeking fresh inspiration as borders opened up after restrictions were lifted. Japandi takes its inspiration from two design philosophies: ‘Wabi Sabi‘ from Japan and Hygge from Denmark. Rooted in Japanese aesthetics, Wabi Sabi appreciates imperfections and natural elements, while Hygge features warmth and togetherness. Japandi seamlessly combines these influences, creating a harmonious style that prioritises tranquillity, functionality, and a timeless aesthetic through natural materials and neutral palettes.

Japandi interior design is fusion of two philosophies: wabi-sabi and hygge
A fusion of wabi-sabi & hygge philosophies

Let’s see how we can include Japandi’s design style in our home, from the bedroom to the kitchen.  

Earthy Japandi Bedroom to Relax In

Take a look at this earthy Japandi-style bedroom, featuring clean lines and an airy atmosphere. The space is adorned with light wooden furniture, including a bed frame, ottoman, window frames, and a distinctive wooden beam ceiling. A wabi-sabi-inspired rattan pendant light and chair contribute to the raw, natural influences. The neutral colour palette, textured accent wall, and macramé hangings complete the Japandi-inspired bedroom, creating a peaceful ambience.

Japandi bedroom incorporates light wooden furniture, an ottoman, window frames, and a distinctive wooden beam ceiling
Japandi bedroom with wooden beams ceiling
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An Inviting Japandi Living Room

If you want a cosy & earthy living room, it’s time to explore a Japandi-style living room. Japandi living rooms feature open spaces, sleek lines, and organic forms. The soothing ivory tones, wooden flooring, and carefully chosen furniture create a cosy and harmonious atmosphere. The walnut brown TV unit with multiple storage options keeps clutter away, while a rustic coffee table and a white couch enhance the inviting vibe. Elements like green plants and a delicate cloud chandelier complete the Japandi-inspired living space, bringing a touch of nature indoors.

Japandi living room featuring wooden flooring, sleek lines, and organic forms
A Japandi living room adorned with plush textiles

The Allure of Japandi-Style Kitchen

Having a comforting kitchen is a luxury! This U-shaped kitchen features a neutral colour palette of brown, beige and white. A sleek marble countertop and elegant cabinet accents create a harmonious blend of minimalism. Noteworthy features include a tall unit for pantry storage. Adding convenience is a breakfast counter with two wooden bar stools, perfect for early-morning coffee rounds. The kitchen also incorporates a dado wall with wall-mount spice storage and hooks for hanging spoons and cooking cutleries.

Japandi-style u-shaped kitchen with a neutral colour palette of brown, beige, and white with a breakfast countertop
A well-equipped Japandi-style kitchen

Japandi-Inspired Study Room & Workstation

Creating a workspace or study area that exudes a sense of refreshment, motivation, and inspiration is important. Focus requires an ambience free from distractions and filled with positivity. The Japandi style, known for its simplicity and clutter-free aesthetics, is an ideal choice for workspaces. This room showcases a vintage wooden study table with drawers, calming earthy pastels adorning the walls, a rustic tea trunk side table, wooden furnishings, abundant natural light, and a cosy handwoven rug. The space is styled with plants to create a naturally uplifting atmosphere.

Study room in pastel Japandi style with vintage wooden table
Japandi-style study room for positivity and inspiration

Japandi Interior Design for the Dining Room 

Create a Japandi-inspired dining haven with clean lines and natural textures. Opt for a vintage-style rectangular dining table complemented by wooden chairs for a warm, simple atmosphere. Add faded wooden decor, macrame wall hangings, and handwoven elements for tranquillity. Elevate the experience with handmade crockery and candles, embracing earthy tones and zen vibes for a delightful dining ambience.

Japandi-style interior for dining room
Japandi decor accents work like magic

Tips to Transform Your Home With Japandi Design 

Practical tips to bring the timeless allure of Japandi into your living space. From selecting the right colour palette to choosing furniture with purpose, transform your home into a haven of tranquillity inspired by Japandi aesthetics.

  • Neutral Tones: Use earthy colours like beige, brown and grey 
  • Natural Elements: Opt for wood, bamboo, or stone furniture.
  • Mindful Decor: Choose decor items that serve a purpose.
  • Indoor Greenery: Introduce plants for a connection with nature.
  • Soft Textures: Add warmth with rugs and soft furnishings.
  • Ample Lighting: Prioritise natural light and ambient lighting.
  • Uncluttered Spaces: Declutter to maintain open and clear areas.
Japandi style interior design tips: Opt for a balanced colour palette and functional furniture
Japandi-inspired living space transformation

Explore the simplicity of Japandi style in your home, where the fusion of Japanese and Scandinavian aesthetics creates a harmonious blend of calmness and functionality. With its timeless appeal, natural elements, and mindful design principles, Japandi interiors can transform spaces into feel-good retreats. 

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FAQ on Japandi-Style Interior Design

1. What is Japandi-style interior design?

Japandi style is a fusion of Japanese and Scandinavian design philosophies, known for simplicity, earthy tones, and a clutter-free nature.

2. What are the rules of Japandi style?

Embrace neutral tones, natural materials, clean lines, and mindful decor to achieve a Japandi look.

3. What are the benefits of Japandi style interior?

Japandi style offers a harmonious and tranquil atmosphere, promoting simplicity and functionality.

4. What is the difference between Japandi and Scandinavian design?

Scandinavian design originated from Nordic countries with a focus on minimalism and functionality. In contrast, Japandi design, a fusion of Japanese and Scandinavian aesthetics, combines the imperfections of ‘Wabi-Sabi’ with the warmth of ‘Hygge,’ featuring earthy tones and textured aesthetic.

5. Is Japandi style expensive? 

Japandi style can be adapted to various budgets, making it accessible to a wide range of homeowners.

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