8 Unique Rectangular Dining Table Designs For Your Home

by Sreya Dasgupta | February 17, 2024 | 7 mins read

Rectangular dining table designs for your dining area

Smartly designed rectangular dining tables for your home to make your mealtimes joyous and fulfilling

The dining room is an integral part of most Indian households. It is the area where we enjoy meals with friends and family. A cosy dining space makes a home feel warm and welcoming.

But urban Indian houses have started becoming smaller and smaller and having a spacious dining area can be difficult.

However, we at Design Cafe have come up with some fantastic rectangular dining table ideas that are space-saving and functional yet keep up with the entire space’s design aesthetics — be it the elegant-looking rectangular glass-top dining table, space-saving folding rectangular dining table or the unique espresso rectangular dining table. This list will spoil you with choices. So read along to know more.

Rectangular Folding Dining Table For A Compact Space

While choosing the dining table, you should be mindful of the size of your dining area and the number of diners you want to accommodate without feeling cramped. A dining table is one of the most crucial pieces of furniture in the dining area, but if not designed with precision, it can take up a lot of your floor space, making the place look cramped and messy. So, if you live in a compact apartment, this rectangular foldable dining table with hidden storage is perfect for you. This table will not take any extra space as you can fold it back after mealtime — a clever space-saving design for a smart home. You can utilise the storage space to keep your wine bottles and expensive crockery in a clutter-free manner. Add some chairs on either side to enjoy your meals with friends and family.

Wall-mounted rectangular folding dining table with hidden storage for compact space
An innovative foldable rectangular dinner table with wall-mounted hidden storage

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Espresso Rectangular Dining Table With Splayed Legs

The espresso finish introduces a lot of warmth to a dining space. You can either go for espresso chairs to match the rectangular dining table or pair your espresso rectangular dining table with some bucket chairs with vibrant chairs, as shown in the image. The splayed-legged dining table lends an edge to the interiors, creating a bold statement. The green cushioned bucket chairs are comfortable and look incredibly stylish as well. You can add a side cabinet in your dining room for added storage. A sputnik light is used to illuminate the space and give a classy touch to the interiors.

Espresso rectangular dining table with green cushioned bucket chairs
Add a touch of warmth to your dining space with an espresso rectangular dining table

A Rectangular Dining Table That Doubles Up As A Pool Table

Now you can turn your dining room into a gaming room in no time. Use this rectangular dining table for enjoying your meals with family, and slide it into a pool table when in the mood to play snooker with your friends. So, if you have always dreamed of having a pool table at home but stopped yourself because of space restriction, this rectangular dining table will solve your problem. After all, having a gaming unit during the pandemic can help you relax and entertain yourself without stepping out of your home. Add a wine cellar and some pendant lights, and you’re all set to throw a lockdown house party for your friends and family.

Rectangular dining table with a hidden pool table
A rectangular dining table with a hidden pool table

Rectangular Glass-Top Dining Table To Lend Some Style To Your Dining Space

A glass-top dining table is lighter to the eye and adds a clean look to your interiors. It looks sleek and stylish. So opt for a rectangular glass-top dining table if you want to grant a sophisticated look to your home interiors. If you are worried about spills, stains or scratches, we suggest using coasters and a table mat. These will help protect your glass top from unwanted damage. You can also use some table runners during special events. This will help lend a festive look to your dining space while protecting your rectangular glass dining table.

Rectangular glass dining table for 8 with cushioned chairs
A sleek rectangular dining table with a glass top

Rectangular Dining Table With Rounded Corners Are Safe And Stylish

Are you looking for some kid-friendly dinner table options? This rectangular dining table with rounded corners is perfect for you. If you have kids, elderly parents or pets in the house, furniture with sharp edges are a strict no-no. Rounded corners are safe and blend well with any interior design style. Add some cushioned chairs and a floor rug to bring in a comforting vibe. You can also put in some small potted indoor plants to add some freshness to your dining room decor.

Kid-friendly rectangular dining table with rounded corners for 6
A six-seater rectangular dining table with rounded corners
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An Elegant Marble-Top Rectangular Dining Table

Marble lends an elegant look to the space and has a vintage vibe. This four-seater rectangular dining table with a marble top is compact and perfect for small families. The bookshelf and the bar unit provide ample storage and display space. The sliding glass door that opens to the balcony brings in a lot of natural light into your dining room. You can go for a stone cladding accent wall and wooden herringbone flooring for giving your dining space an earthy look. If the marble top seems a little expensive and difficult to maintain, you can also opt for a quartz or granite top dining table.

Rectangular marble dining table for 4 is perfect for small families
Choose a white marble rectangular dining table to lend a vintage look to your dining space

An Easy-To-Fold Wooden-Top Rectangular Dining Table

This unconventional rectangular dining table comes with easy-to-fold legs and can be fitted seamlessly in any part of your home. You can place it in your kitchen, dining area or even your balcony if you want an outdoor dining experience. It is lightweight and chic, which makes it a popular choice among youngsters. You can add some cosy bucket chairs to create a perfect set-up to enjoy a meal with your partner or help your kids with their homework while preparing meals. This multifunctional and ergonomic piece of furniture is sure to elevate your dining experience.

Teak rectangular dining table with easy-to-fold legs for 2
A wooden-top rectangular dining table that is space-saving and multifunctional

A Narrow Rectangular Dining Table With Multiple Seating Options

This narrow rectangular dining table finished in wood comes with two different seating options. On one side, we have added three chairs; on the other, a cushioned bench. This helps save a lot of floor space and give a compact look to your dining area. This set-up is perfect if you want to accommodate more seating areas without occupying a lot of floor space. The wooden flooring and the accent wall adds a stunning look to the entire room. This dining set-up is perfect for those looking for contemporary design themes who love experimenting with designs.

Narrow rectangular dining table with three chairs and cushioned bench
A light wooden narrow dining table with multiple seating options

Are you excited to remodel your dining space with these fantastic rectangular dining table designs? Book a free consultation today and unlock some attractive offers exclusively for you. Our expert designers are here to help you design your dream home as per your budget and preference. You can also visit our experience centres to look at our exclusive designs and choose the home interiors that suit your home. With our easy EMI options, hassle-free services and top-notch quality, getting your home designed by expert designers is no longer a far-fetched dream. Call us now for more information.

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