Turn Your Home Into A Perfect Staycation Spot With Our Design Hacks

by Mehnaz Farooque | February 25, 2024 | 10 mins read

staycation ideas at home

Bring back the vacation vibes with our ten designer approved additions to have the best staycation at home.

Necessity is the mother of invention or so the saying goes. And this holds true in the current circumstances we are all facing as a human collective. The pandemic has changed our holiday plans for a while now and that’s left us all itching for a getaway, but in vain!

And since it is not feasible to do so given all the various bans on travel, what’s better than bringing the holiday vibes home?

And thus has grown the need for staycations.

“Homeowners are missing vacations and so now want their homes to be more like villas and hotels making them ideal for staycations,” said Nivedita Thaker, Assistant Studio Manager at DesignCafe. “They are putting a lot of thought into areas like balconies and front porches that otherwise remain neglected or standardised,” she adds.

Our team of design experts at Design Cafe have been crafting new ideas to make your home more than just a place to live in. They are creating spaces for you to relax, vacation and live freely – just like you would when on vacation!

Here in this blog we have put together a bunch of designer-approved ideas to turn your space into a self-catering staycation spot to bring home the vacation vibes.

Design hacks to turn your home into a perfect staycation resort

A Lavish Living Room Set Up For A Hotel Lobby-Like Experience

To get started on your staycation journey the first step is to redesign your living room and give it a hotel-like makeover! Why? Well, imagine you have booked yourself a hotel – what is the first thing that strikes you when you reach your venue? The hotel’s lobby isn’t it?

Yes, nothing really gives those vacation-feels more than a striking hotel lobby. So, recreate your living room’s interiors to make it look nothing short of a hotel lobby area. For this, you can go with some magnificent five-star lobby designs like glass panel ceilings, geometrically shaped sofas, opulent 3D wall designs, mirrors and statement chandeliers.

Or, you can go with more sophisticated living room interiors that will give you the feeling of walking into the banquet hall of a luxury hotel with metallic accents and muted colour schemes, a comfortable sectional sofa, classic wall mouldings, decorative light fixtures. Whatever you choose, ensure your living room has a classy vibe to it so you feel like you are on vacation at a fabulous resort or hotel.

Home staycation idea, grey living room designed with ceiling lights, l shaped sofa for a hotel lobby-like experience.
Living room set up with glass panel ceilings, geometrically shaped sofas and 3D wall design for a home staycation.
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Give Your Bedroom A Comfortable Hotel Inn Set Up

One of the essential aspects of holidaying is the cushioned comfort of hotel/ resort bedrooms. That’s why we have it as number two in our list of design additions to create the perfect staycation at home. For this, try setting up a bedroom that is comfortable, opulent (if you love the five-star hotel bedrooms), warm and relaxing. And the first step to do this is to have a super comfortable bed. So, choose a wooden rectangular bed and dress it up with comfortable mattresses, duvet covers and bedspreads. To add the staycation vibes, include more bed pillows and cushions.

Pay attention to the fabric of bed covers. Make sure you choose the soft ones that add to the comfort of your staycation. You can then add a stylish modular wardrobe to keep things clutter-free in your sleep haven, just like you see in hotel rooms.

Add an armchair sofa or window bay seating arrangement to give yourself a comfortable nook to read a book or enjoy the view outside. Also, use a sleek and modular wall-mounted TV unit to free up floor space. For the full holiday inn vibes, use warm lighting in the room with floor lamps for task lighting. A thumb rule for your bedroom is to keep it as warm and cosy so you can enjoy your sleep time well. Trust us, you will never want to leave home!

Staycation at home, Give five-star look for your bedroom with a wooden bed, bed lamps and cushions

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Create Relaxing Corners In The House For More Staycation At Home Feels

Cafe hopping, reading by the window, relaxing in cosy corners of your hotel/ resort room top everyone’s list of ‘things to do’ when on a vacation. However, finding a serene spot at home can become difficult especially during the pandemic when everyone is working from home. More so for those who live in a large family. So, our staycation at home list has a solution of cafe-like corners. Here is how you can design a cosy corner at home. Pick any low traffic area in your house and recreate the calming vibe of a European cafe corner to read, have coffee or just sit and relax. For this, you can either choose a quiet place in your place, furnish it with a comfortable armchair where you can relax and read. If you have big French windows then you can consider designing a window bay seating around it. Here is where you can enjoy the quietness with a cuppa or two and bring in the holiday spirit right at home.

Home staycation idea, design cosy corner with plants, armchair, bookshelf and wall artworks for calming vibe.
Cosy corner designed with bookshelf and window bay seating for relaxing vibe is a staycation idea at home.
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Treat Yourself To A Spa With In A Thoughtfully Designed Bathroom

What else do you love about hotels? Well, it has to be those extravagant bathrooms. Don’t you love those high-end luxury faucets, bathtubs and the built-in shower caddy that washes away all your stresses? And let us not forget we all treat ourselves to a spa session when on vacation. To continue your staycation at-home experience you can turn your bathroom into a zen-like spa with a few simple additions. Include a smartly designed floating vanity unit to keep everything sorted and fuss-free in your bathroom. Remember, a well organised bathroom is key to give you the feeling of walking into a self servicing space. The next high point here is to add an elegant bathtub where you can lie down and have a nice bubble bath at home. Select the bathroom tiles and colour scheme in beige, white and such sober colours to keep the place warm and relaxing. Bring in a few scented candles, decor and a decorative mirror to feel like you live in a hotel!

Staycation home idea, Design bathroom with elegant bathtub and floating vanity unit to give zen-like spa vibe.
Staycation at home idea, Bathroom design with elegant bathtub, floating vanity unit and hanging light for zen-like spa look.
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Have A Zen Place For Some A Serene Staycation At Home

Vacations are all about rediscovering your inner self by breaking away from the humdrum of daily life. And we know this can get a bit difficult by staying at home 24 x 7. So the best way to fight this is by creating a zen corner at home to meditate and detach from the world around you.

Three out of four people practice yoga and meditation in common spaces like bedrooms or living rooms. However does this really help disconnect?  Hence it is essential to have a seperate space where you can meditate without any distractions. You can set it up on your terrace or balcony or turn a spare room in your home into a meditation spot. To create a zen room, use natural design elements like wooden tables and bamboo mats to be as close to nature as possible. Also, create the zen room in an area where there is enough sunlight and natural air.

Set up the room with natural elements like wooden tables and bamboo mats for some serene staycation at home.
Staycation idea at home, Turn the room into a zen place with a rug, candle, indoor plants and simple wallpaper for calmness.
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Bring In Nature To Feel Like You’re Staycationing At An Exotic Resort

Vacations are all about the outdoors. Green landscapes, lush fields, blossoms and more. So how can a staycation at home be complete without some nature indoors? And which area can be perfect for this than your balcony? So, bring all the greenery inside your place by setting up a beautiful balcony. Use a wicker swing, turf grass flooring, natural plants, wooden furniture pieces to design a nice little balcony where you can chill. You can also add a bookshelf and low benches where you can read your favourite books as you enjoy the cool breeze or warm sunlight!

“With WFH being the new normal, homeowners are looking for personalised designs for these areas as well,” Thaker says.

Speaking of the new set of requirements from customers she adds, “Customers are asking for stylish additions like vertical gardens, tea seating arrangements, libraries and more because people are missing out on vacations.”

Home staycation idea, set up a balcony with a wicker swing, turf grass flooring, and natural plants bring nature vibe.
Balcony design with hanging swing, bookshelf, bench and natural plants is the best idea for a staycation at home.
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Use Space-Saving Furniture To Keep Everything Clutter-Free

Another important point for a successful staycation at home is to keep your home clutter-free with multipurpose furniture. We love hotels because they are spotless and look like they are straight out of a magazine at any given time. You can achieve a clutter-free and neat look with sleek modular multipurpose furniture pieces like multifunctional wardrobes, TV units, and storage cabinets. These furniture pieces keep your space organised just like in a hotel.

At home staycation idea, design wardrobe with attached dressing unit for a clutter-free and neat look.
Design multipurpose tv units with open shelves is the best idea for a staycation at home to keep space organised like a hotel.
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Lavish Lighting For A Grand Staycation At Home

Lighting is a big part of the extravagant interior design at hotels. So to recreate a hotel-like feeling ensure you have great lighting at your place. Firstly, make sure that common areas of your home have enough natural light. Use light curtains that allow sunlight to seep into the house. Next, work on the ceiling lights. For living rooms, you can amplify lighting with false ceilings. Go for glamorous chandeliers for common seating areas to create a grand impression. You can also play around with ambient lights to add to the overall appeal. For your bedroom use warm lighting with multiple control options to set the mood accordingly.

Staycation ideas for your bedroom

A Lot Of Art Around The Corners Makes A Home A Perfect Staycation Spot

Art is a sure shot way to bring in inspiration and is an important design element at hotels and resorts. So while you are creating your staycation at home, make sure you have enough artwork on walls and around you. It’s a great way to jazz up your walls and make your space come alive. Opt for high-quality artwork and mount them along your corridor walls, in the living room, and bedroom for a beautiful ambience. Select artwork that resonates with you to bring in a bit of your personality to your home.

Living room wall designed with artworks and glass makes a perfect home staycation spot.
Bedroom wall designed with artworks and hanging lights recreates hotel-like vibe and perfect staycation at home.
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Design Your Kitchen Well To Enjoy A Staycation At Home

Vacation trips come with some awesome food choices in fabulous looking restaurants. Therefore, recreate this restaurant-style eating experience with a lovely kitchen setup. Go for modular kitchen designs that are easy to maintain and look stylish too. You can choose any design theme that you like. Personally, we love country style modular kitchen designs and those with a touch of luxury! However, choose one that suits your needs, lifestyle and budget. Here is where you can enjoy a leisurely brunch, lunch or a date night in with your partner.

Design kitchen in restaurant-style eating experience with a touch of luxury looks to enjoy a staycation at home.
Set up a modular kitchen in restaurant style with stylish looks to enjoy a home staycation with your partner.
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So don’t worry if you can’t go out, bring the party home and take a walking tour to different spots in your home. 

We hope these ten tantalising staycation tips transform your haven into a multipurpose homestay that will let you enjoy your time at home.

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