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How To Recreate Spa Room Design In Your Bathroom

Spa bathroom design ideas for your bathroom

Get ready to welcome a spa bathroom in your home for any time pampering

The difference between a regular bathroom and a spa bathroom is you will never want to leave the latter. When it comes to home improvement and design, one immediately thinks of the living room or bedroom and rarely about the bathroom. Since the bathroom is mainly considered for its utility, its design remains functional. But you can turn this area into your own personal oasis by recreating a spa room design in your bathroom. Check out these images for inspiration on how to get a spa-style bathroom, along with some home spa ideas to keep in mind.

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Begin With Spa Bathroom Essentials

You don’t have to necessarily do over your entire bathroom to turn it into an at-home spa. You can make a few changes to your existing bathroom to make it feel like your very own personal spa. Begin by making some small investments in spa essentials like luxe hand and bath towels. Do away with the many different bottles and containers and get trendy dispensers instead. Transfer your soaps, shampoos, lotions and conditioners into designer dispensers. This will give your bathroom a uniform and personalised look instead of appearing cluttered with different branded packaging.

Home spa idea, bathroom with spa essentials like towels and different dispensers, turn into a home spa look.
Trendy towels and dispensers are must-haves for a spa bathroom

Accessories And Storage Hacks For Your Spa Bathroom

The next step to turning your bathroom into a personal spa is solving the problem of storage. If you want to give your bathroom a spa-like ambience, you will want to eliminate all the clutter to turn it into a space that feels calm and relaxing. Install cabinets, drawers or shelves under the basin and keep the vanity area free. Cane baskets are a great way to store fresh towels in your spa bathroom. You can accessorise your spa room design with natural decor elements like house plants, river stones, pebbles and scented candles.

A small spa bathroom with clutter-free storage and natural decor elements brings a calm and relaxing vibe.
Cane baskets are a popular storage choice for a spa bathroom

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Get Luxurious Spa Room Design With Gold-Finish Fixtures

Up the luxury quotient of your spa-style bathroom with a touch of gold. Install bathroom fixtures and cabinet and door handles with a gold finish instead of going for something regular. It looks particularly great when set against white. In this green-and-white-themed bathroom, the golden fixtures and handles subtly enhance the sophistication. The white dispensers blend in well with the rest of the bathroom and let the gold do all the talking. The designer mirror with a geometric frame in golden completes the look.

Luxury home spa bathroom in green and white colour with fixtures and cabinet door handle in gold finish.
Nothing says spa-style bathroom like faucets in an elegant gold finish
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Invest In The Best Rain Shower Head For Your Spa Bathroom

For the ultimate spa experience at home, you will want to do away with your regular shower head and get a rain shower head instead. It does a fabulous job of relaxing tense muscles, and you won’t feel the need to book an appointment at your favourite spa again. By enclosing the shower area with a glass door or partition, you can also turn it into a mini steam room. This bathroom features vertical open shelving around the vanity area to make room for spa room design elements like scented candles and small indoor plants.

Spa style bathroom designed with enclosed shower area with glass door and shower head lend elegant look.
A good rain shower head is one of the most recommended home spa ideas

Remodelling The Entire Bathroom With Spa Room Design

If you’re planning to remodel your entire bathroom with a spa room design, you have the opportunity to pick wall and floor tiles that lend a spa-like feeling to your bathroom. This bathroom features a beautiful deep blue and white colour theme which gives the bathroom an inviting ambience while the patterned floor tiles add a designer touch. A natural stone washbasin is a trendy addition to the spa bathroom with storage cabinets in light brown. Home spa ideas are incomplete without a bathtub. Light some fragrant candles and soak the stress away.

Hacks on how to make a small bathroom look like a spa with storage and tiles.
A recess in the wall is a great way to make shelf space in your spa bathroom

With your own spa bathroom, you won’t have to worry about booking appointments or waitlists at your favourite spa. On a stressful or rough day, simply pop into your bathroom for any time relaxation and rejuvenation session from the comfort of your home. Whether you want to make significant changes or small ones, these home spa ideas are easy ways to introduce spa room design to your bathroom.

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