Balcony Designing Tips! 10 Beautiful Small Balcony Design And Decor Ideas

by Ashish Rai | February 22, 2024 | 7 mins read

Small balcony decoration ideas for your balcony

Small balcony decor ideas add a smart bar with cabinets and a comfortable sofa gives warmth to the balcony.

Your balcony is the extension of your home, so why neglect it? Bring the outside into your apartment with these fantastic design and decor ideas. 

Summer is here and most of us would love to relax outdoors in the evenings with a glass of wine and a book. So if you have a balcony in your apartment, regardless of its size, you can turn it into space where you can chill and unwind. And you will be surprised to know that a small balcony can be made cosy if you put some time into redecorating it properly. 

Creative decor can turn your balcony design into a green oasis or a reading nook. Select furniture in bright hues to add vibrant energy to space and enjoy a romantic dinner outside under the stars. If you don’t have enough space for tables and chairs, throw a large pillow so you can lie down with your bestie and talk through the evening.

Come let us see how you can transform your small balcony.

Add A Swing As Decor For Your Small Balcony

Swings aren’t just made for the front porch or the backyard. If your balcony has an overhang, install a sleek swing so you can enjoy the view from a greater height. The image shows how a balcony is turned into a relaxing space with a swing and comfortable pillows. In the corner, a small L shaped sofa is placed that will be useful when you have guests over.

Small balcony decor add a swing and comfortable pillows for relaxation and L shaped sofa in the corner.
A swing is placed in the balcony to enjoy the evening and sunset with a cup of coffee

A word of caution: Do not place the swing too high. Also, ensure your balcony railing is high enough to avoid accidents, especially if you have children.

Add A Bar Counter In Your Small Balcony

Have you ever considered a bar counter in your balcony? Yes, it is possible and perfectly acceptable. It can be the perfect place to chill with your family and friends. Bring the party inside to the outside with a swanky bar cabinet. In this image here we see a balcony that has been converted into a smart bar with cabinets to house all your liquor and beverages. A comfortable sofa and small tables makes this balcony the ideal setting for a good evening and memories for a lifetime. Pendant lights and soft rugs just add warmth to the whole balcony.

Small balcony decor ideas add a smart bar with cabinets and a comfortable sofa gives warmth to the balcony.
Convert your balcony to a bar counter so you can have an impromptu party any time of the week
Make way for high end balcony design trends

Turn It Into A Laundry Room

City dwellers find it difficult to set up a proper laundry room in their apartments. There usually isn’t much space to accommodate washing machines in the bathroom. However, if your flat comes with a balcony you can convert it into a laundry room. A little innovation can create wonders. See  how this balcony has been transformed into a laundry room by strategically placing the washing machine in the corner? The addition of a table with cabinets and open shelves provides extra storage to keep towels, buckets and other laundry equipment/ essentials.

Turn balcony into a laundry room where you can wash clothes and dry them
The balcony is transformed into a laundry room where you can wash clothes and dry them

Your Small Balcony Can Be A Romantic Getaway

A balcony gives you the chance to turn it into something spectacular. You can convert the balcony into a cosy spot where you can dine with your loved ones under the stars. A private dinner at the comfort of your home out in the open makes for an enchanting evening. If you have plants in your balcony throw in some candles and string lights to make it a bedazzling evening. If your balcony has a pleasant view, arrange the tables and chairs such that you can overlook the cityscape as you enjoy your meal.

Small balcony decoration ideas convert into a private dinner place, add plants & bar unit
As the sun sets be ready with a soft blanket and hot drinks to make it more romantic in this cosy balcony design

Decorate Your Wall Space

If your balcony has less floor space it might be a great idea to use the walls and decorate it. Build extra storage space for books or indoor plants with shelves on your balcony walls. Take a look at the image here. We see one wall in this space has been used to create standing shelves to store books and small indoor plants. The addition of a small sofa and chair makes it an ideal place to hang out with your favourite author.

Balcony has indoor plants on wall-mounted wooden shelves with storage
The balcony will appear slightly bigger if you leave space on the floor untouched with no additional decor

A Balcony With A Small Garden Decor

If you love gardening and want to grow herbs in your home, then convert your balcony into a small garden. If you are blessed with a small balcony in your apartment, you can produce a wide variety of vegetables, perennials, flowers and herbs in containers. Get creative with your ideas and you can have a small outdoor oasis that’s full of life. To make your balcony more interesting install a swing and relax while you watch your garden flourish.

Small balcony decoration in India with a small garden
Create a beautiful balcony garden designed to serve your gardening needs

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Make It A Space For Privacy

Transform your balcony into an area where you get some piece of mind. It isn’t a hard rule that the balcony must be equipped with a sofa and tables. Opt for a slim comfortable chair where you can read and be at ease. The image here shows how a balcony can be transformed into an area where you can be at peace. A yellow chair with a matching footrest is a perfect place to unwind. The wall acts as a place to store books and display objects of interest. 

Small balcony chairs for comfortable where you can read and be at ease & install shelves on the wall to keep books
Hanging the bicycle on the wall creates visual interest and frees up floor space
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Make The Flooring Interesting

Nobody wants a balcony with dirty flooring and especially during summer evenings spent relaxing outside. The floor of the balcony must also be able to withstand external weather elements but also add an aesthetic appeal. A simple flooring makeover can make your balcony stand out, as shown in this image here.  Moroccan-style tiles on the floor look make this balcony a work of art.

Small balcony design with Moroccan-style tiles on the flooring
The balcony looks fantastic with Moroccan tiles, hanging indoor plants, and a seating area to enjoy the view.

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Adorn The Balcony With Wicker Furniture

A balcony isn’t complete without pieces of furniture. All you need is a place to sit and relax, so why not add a set of wicker furniture and give your balcony a modern twist. Make your balcony fully functional with comfortable wicker sofas and a table to create a spot all for yourself in your balcony. Here, a simple wicker sofa, a table paired with a vintage desk and some simple indoor plants make this small balcony look like a calming retreat.

Small balcony furniture wicker sofa, a table paired with a vintage desk and some simple indoor plants give a modern twist.
Wicker furniture is an ideal choice for a balcony as they are lightweight and come in a variety of designs

Keep It Simple And Minimalistic

If you love to spend time in your balcony but do not want to cramp it with too many elements, opt for a minimalistic style of interior design. Adding too many accessories will take up too much space and limit movement. So keep only those items that are essential (decorate your balcony in terms of your need). Here we can see a chair is placed to sit and relax accompanied by a designer table to place your beverage and study material. A few small indoor plants add to the airy atmosphere.

A minimalistic balcony with unique furniture makes the area friendly and looks comfortable
The unique furniture makes the area friendly and looks comfortable

So that is all! 10 fabulous designs and ideas for your small balcony. Mix and match, work with your interior designer on how you can set the perfect balcony for your home. Good luck!

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