Modern Plus Minus Pop Design Ideas Your Home Will Love!

by Sneha Virmani | February 18, 2024 | 5 mins read

plus minus pop design for your home

Your home is a place that reflects your style. If you’re feeling confused about leaving a ceiling bare or transforming it into a show-stopping element of your house look no further! 

For a long, long time, ceilings at homes were left bare with lights as the only adornments to make a statement. Hard to believe as it is today’s homes give equal importance to ceilings to create the perfect ambiance. The secret behind including a plus minus pop design to your modern bedroom, lobby, or even front porch is simple. These artistically appealing false ceilings hide structural flaws, jutting electrical wires, and improve the acoustics of the space. Modern pop plus minus designs are a popular choice for their versatility. In this blog, we will take you through pop plus minus designs. Read on to check them out. 

A Plus Minus Pop Design For the Lobby

When designing a home it is easy to lose focus of secondary areas like the gallery or a lobby. But contrary to popular belief, a lobby area should be anything but ordinary. A modern, plus minus pop design for the lobby creates an artistic display of lights and patterns on the ceiling. Play around with colours of wood to complement the monochromatic palette of the house. A rustic metal chandelier like in the home below adds a quintessential old-world charm to the entrance against vibrant greens and abstract woodwork. 

Lobby plus minus pop design with artistic display of lights and patterns on the ceiling
Plus minus POP design with warm hues against a wooden background for the lobby

Lighting It Up in the Bedroom With Pop Minus Plus Ceilings

Amp up your bedroom look by experimenting with different hues of light. An elegant yet minimalistic pop design exudes calmness to your cozy space. This bedroom is designed keeping in mind a soothing colour palette with shades of soft white light and a light beige wall. A perfect example of modern decor the false ceiling runs close to walls with space to accommodate built-in light fixtures. The diffused light emitting from hidden cove fixtures create a warm and relaxing ambiance. 

Plus minus POP design for the bedroom to relax and unwind
Engulfed with a soft yellow light seeping through the POP coves transforms the bedroom into the dreamiest part of the house. Relax and unwind as you fall into an oasis of comfort here

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Spotlight In The Kitchen

Yes, you read that right. We might not use it often but this plus minus pop design for the kitchen is the perfect element to draw everyone’s up. Latest plus minus pop designs for a kitchen area include clean and straightforward styles that add dimension to the room without stealing focus from the delicious dishes you are whipping up. A mix of spotlights fixed  on the ceiling infuses subtle drama to this kitchen by elevating an otherwise traditional space. This innovative false ceiling design not only adds an interesting visual element to this room but also pushes the elegance factor up tenfold. 

Plus minus POP design for the kitchen which adds modern twist to their home
Fixed spotlights against a beige kitchen add texture to space. This minimalistic POP kitchen design is perfect for those looking to add a modern twist to their home

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A Palatial Living Area

Those who love opulence as much as they love geometry in design will like the concept of this living room ceiling. The ceiling here is an ideal example of how a plus minus pop design seamlessly incorporates a crystal chandelier amidst a dark colour scheme. The mystic colour tone of the furniture allows the crystal centrepiece to be the centre of attention. Pop open a bottle of bubbly and enjoy a romantic dinner date in this luxurious living area. Adding to the beauty of this living area is the texture marble floor. Classic isn’t it? 

Plus minus POP design for the living area which adds a luxurious touch
A mystical dream where comfort meets class. Leave your guests awestruck with interiors and a ceiling that spell luxury at its best

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Stunning Plus Minus Pop Design for the Bathroom

Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all? This bathroom is designed with a pair pendant lights that hang delicately from the ceiling. As whimsical as genius the use of mirrors along with pairs of short pendant lights make small bathrooms appear more spacious. After all, a bathroom done as tastefully as this one is a rare combination of small, simple, and modern.

Plus minus POP design for the bathroom which makes it appear larger
A compact bathroom with textured walls and short pendant lights lend an elegant look. Add a mirror on the side to create the illusion of a bigger space.

That’s all about the latest plus minus pop designs to help you transform your home into a haven of modern art. We hope you like our inspirational designs and use some of them when decorating your own home. 

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