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Luxurious Living Room Designs For Luxe Living

Luxury living room designs reflect your style and personality to your home.

Luxury living room tailor-made for you! Explore an array of luxury living room layouts and decor that will leave you speechless

The idea of a luxury living room depends on your imagination and how flamboyantly you want to define it. Perhaps you may want a more traditional room decorated with chandeliers, swag curtains, or maybe you want a modern space surrounded by beautiful cosy sofas and expensive glassware. Living rooms are a main attraction of homes and often the first thing your guests see. Therefore, these spaces must reflect your style and personality. Whatever your ideal room maybe, Design Cafe, has a collection of luxury living room ideas and designs to suit your every taste and needs. Explore these luxurious living design ideas that you can incorporate as part of your home interiors.

Use Chandelier As A Statement

Bold, bright, shimmery crystal chandeliers are an embodiment of luxury that is common in well-designed and expensive homes. Chandeliers provide maximum illumination in a room. Interior designers are incorporating statement chandeliers in their home projects to cater to the aspirational needs of clients. This chandelier in the image here bears testimony to this trend in urban India. See how it adds a luxe touch to the elegance of this living room?

Luxury living room design where a chandelier is an embodiment of luxury.
Transform your living room from drab to fab with a chandelier

No More Television Sets! Hide ‘Em

When you browse catalogues or any website featuring luxury living rooms, you might have noticed there are little or no appliances present-including TVs. But Indian homes typically include TV’s in the living room. But as practical as it may be from an interior design perspective all the wiring and cables sticking out can be an eyesore. Here is an idea, why not conceal or camouflage it? Conceal the necessary with a flip-up TV unit or one with a shutter concealing the screen as shown in the picture. This one also offers storage space beneath with cabinets.

Luxury interior design living room conceal the necessary with a flip-up TV unit.
A TV Unit like this lends a seamless look to a living room and makes a decorative statement too

Modern Glass Walls For A Striking Glam

Glass walls exhibit architectural progress of home interior design. For a living room, it does the exact opposite of what ordinary walls do – allow natural light to shine inside. Glass walls add a whole lot of drama and create an everlasting impression. Design one wall completely in glass and use a combination of soft colours and subtle decor you’ve got yourself one very luxurious living room.