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by Devna Tiwari | February 1, 2024 | 14 mins read

Home interior design institute in hyderabad

DesignCafe continues its onward march to the city of Nizams, Hyderabad. We are proud to bring you our newest experience centre in Gachibowli that is spread over 4600 square feet. In no time we have become the most sought after interior design firm in the city, reinventing the way Hyderabadis design their dream homes!

DesignCafe traces its roots to the year 2011 when architect-cum-designer duo Gita Ramanan and Shezan Bhojani turned their vision into reality. The company offers interior design solutions to homes of all sizes making it affordable to the middle class. After launching operations in Bengaluru and Mumbai, we entered Hyderabad in March 2020.  And to fulfil the ever-growing demands of our customers in this city we have set up our state-of-the-art factory spread over 35,000 square feet.

Our design philosophy is centred around designing dream homes customised and personalised to suit our customer’s lifestyle, taste and budget. Our homes reflect the unique taste of our customers and at affordable price points.

DesignCafe’s experience centre in Hyderabad showcases designs for kitchens, living rooms and a 3BHK show flat on display. Let’s take a quick tour of some of the designs at our Hyderabad experience centre.

Kitchen Styles On Display

We believe that kitchens are the heart of every home and deserve the most attention. Our kitchen designs focus both form and function –  aspects of perfect kitchen interior design.

Here are some of the kitchen designs showcased at our experience centre:

A Modern Eclectic Kitchen

This urban, luxury L-shaped kitchen has been designed using smooth glass that makes it extremely easy to clean. The usage of both light and dark colours binds this kitchen to perfection. Also, there are several hardware options to choose from. This design combines champagne coloured cabinets built with lacquered glass that give it a glossy texture. The dado wall has hand-glazed ceramic tiles and quartz has been used for the countertop. The base is designed with imported premium Abetti Laminati with lacquered glass.


  • Vertical split sliding shutters and bi-fold split shutters designed for working couples with a packed schedule
  • The sliding door mechanism makes life easy with zero possibility of bumping or hurting each other
  • A Cargo duo unit: A medium-tall pantry unit to store away snacks and boxes with double-layered storage that provides easy access at the back
  • Turn motion swivel trays that rotate all through for maximum reach and use of overhead space
  • Corner Revo unit that rotates 90 degrees, it’s perfect to optimise corner space
  • Skirting drawers make use of dead space beneath to stack away big bulky serving trays / baking trays
Modern eclectic L-shaped kitchen home interior in Hyderabad with a smooth glossy finish looks gorgeous.

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A Modern Rustic Kitchen

Here’s a traditional rustic kitchen with a modern twist designed with high gloss laminate finish. The perfect balance of glossy and matte texture with a granite countertop offers a rustic look with an edge of modern functionality. This kitchen design is an excellent pick for those of you who like the old world charm but also need all modern day technology as part of your home interiors.


  • Cabinets with bi-fold shutters are a match made in heaven for someone who does not prefer a loft 
  • Skirting drawers use dead space beneath to stack away big bulky serving trays / baking trays
  • Customised solutions for odd spaces like corners and around columns to make maximum use of space
Home interior in Hyderabad traditional rustic kitchen with a modern twist designed with a high gloss laminate finish.

A Modern Minimalist Kitchen

A clean and minimalist kitchen with space to neatly stack away everything you need in your kitchen. The countertop area blends with the white interiors and gives a simple, flawless style. This L-shaped kitchen design spells elegance and class. Minimal clean lines, for those who like a fuss-free and clutter-free kitchen, also makes the available narrow space look more spacious. This kitchen design has been finished in high gloss acrylic combined with wood grain textured laminate. The latter adds warmth to an otherwise stark white minimal kitchen.


  • Push to open shutters lend a minimalistic look
  • Combination of loft and wall units  create a perception of more volume
  • A single pocket door appliance garage for smaller appliances and to stash  away crockery
  • A worktop that extends as an additional chopping station or buffet/breakfast counter 
  • A rolling shutter for the appliance garage 
  • An S carousel pull-out to make optimum use of corner space 
  • Skirting drawers to stack platters
  • The kitchen also seamlessly merges with the bar unit and the living area
White modern minimalistic kitchen with dining table high gloss acrylic finish look clutter-free interior design in Hyderabad

An Urban Modern Kitchen

This kitchen combines the subtle texture of wood with solid colour of high gloss finishes. This kitchen design is best for people with a single countertop and need extra storage space. The handleless overhead unit, wall to wall units along with an integrated janitor and pantry unit to increase storage. This kitchen is perfect for an urban couple with modern taste.


  • An integrated janitor and pantry unit makes maximum use of space
  • A two-way swing larder to access all corners easily
  • A pull-out vertical tray to increase storage and make optimum use of space
  • skirting drawers make use of dead space beneath and can be used to stack platters
  • Wicker basket pull-out to store fruits and vegetables 
The modern urban kitchen with dining table & solid colour of high gloss finishes with wood texture interior design Hyderabad

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A Premium Organic Modern

This U-shaped kitchen is designed for those who love raw and natural aesthetics. Use of multiple textures such as wood, stone and rustic makes this an ideal kitchen for those who like warm spaces. 


  • A dado wall with shelf storage for someone who loves to collect small bottles and also for ease of access to tiny masala jars used daily
  • A tall unit designed with an in-built oven and microwave along with an in-between tray as an additional set down space
  • A large pantry garage unit with space to store crockery and glassware
  • A tall corner unit with double-layered corner S carousel pull-outs
  • Folding dining table smartly merged with the kitchen 
  • Moving corner units for optimum utilisation of corner space
  • Pull down I-move for complete utilisation of wall units or loft space 
Interior design firms Hyderabad U-shaped organic modern kitchen with multiple textures finish & folding dining table.

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A Modern Bold Kitchen

This modern, bold, fuss-free kitchen is designed for those who love colours. The use of bright colours add a fun and youthful feel to this kitchen design. The kitchen has a clean finish with a balanced mix of two colours. The profile rim adds just the right amount of balance between design and functionality of the kitchen and gives it a seamless look. 


  • A combination of two colours of lacquered glass is shown in this kitchen – yellow combined with an earthy tone. This gives a cheerful and subtle touch to space
  • The internals include SS pots and pans for storage of heavy pots and pans
  • A tall oven unit with an oven and ample storage space below and above
  • A combination of waste bin and cylinder trolleys is provided right under the sink to help with storage of essentials in homes with space constraints
  • Another tall unit with SS internal drawers of varying heights for different storage purposes required in pantry storage
  • Glass shelves on top to store jars 
House interior design Hyderabad modern parallel kitchen with a balanced mix of two colours adds a fun and youthful feel.

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A Classical Kitchen In White Finished With High Gloss Duco

A classical style kitchen with a modern twist is what this kitchen stands for. Luxury at its best with cabinets finished in high gloss duco lend an elegant look to this kitchen’s interior design. 


  • The island counter is a dream come true with the provision of a breakfast counter
  • An appliance garage with pocket door mechanism at the top half for that additional storage; it lets you tuck away the appliances and free up the counter space
  • Tall wall units that use the loft space smartly instead of  bulky loft storage units
  • A magic corner for convenient corner storage
  • One of the overhead unit includes a pull down accessory for easy access
Classical style kitchen with a modern twist with cabinets finished in high gloss Duco home interior design Hyderabad.

Living Room Styles On Display

There is nothing more important than designing a living room, one that’s perfect to relish family time and entertain loved ones. This is the spot that decides the tone for the rest of your home’s interior style and decor. Here are the living room designs on display at our experience centre, packed with much needed drama and luxury. Let’s take a look at them shall we?

Do you want a living room that is lively and livable

The Indian Room – Hyderabad

Let’s begin with a living room design that all you Hyderabadi in you can relate to! The furniture used in this living room is rich in its design. Slightly ornate solid wood furniture has been used to complement the grandeur of old palatial Hyderabad. Rustic finish laminates with bronze glass on the TV unit add toughness of Indian aesthetics to a functional space. Pochampalli fabrics, a local handicraft of the region, serve as a beautiful wall frame against the backdrop of subtle Indian textured wallpapers.

Indian living room with an ornamental chair, TV unit & textured wallpaper is the best home interiors in Hyderabad.

The Indian Room – Mumbai

This living room design showcases cane on a high bar table and stool combination. Two tones on the wall with ivory contrast a muted olive green space reminiscent of old Mumbai homes. Wallpaper replete with palm trees with Indian motifs, a hanging light with an ornamental glass shade and wall art from old Mumbai adds some old world charm to this living room.

Living room design showcases cane on a high bar table and stool combination & hanging light reminiscent of old Mumbai homes.

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The Indian Room – Bangalore

The furniture in this living room design is classic old work combined with modernism. The walls are coloured in a deep earthy tone that beautifully offset the wallpaper with intricate Indian elephant motifs. Local crafts ranging from tussar cushion covers, silk wall frames and channapatna lacquered products as wall art make the space uniquely regional. Carry a little bit of ‘home’ with you wherever you are.

Living room furniture designed in classic old work combined with the modernism & walls coloured in yellow looks adore.

The Kitsch Room

This living room design is filled with unique seating options that become the essential design elements of this space. Eclectic furniture along with the various prints, colours and textures on the wall art and wallpapers come together with a fun hanging light designed deep red petals creating a rich, kitschy space.

Living room with unique seating options that becomes the essential design elements are best interior design Hyderabad

The Bling Room

This room is for someone looking for a more luxurious feel. This design is for those who love making a big statement with large seating and bling lights. The wallpaper and paint in intricate patterns add a rich texture without being loud. Wall art includes the wallpapers used and have been framed with a goldish brown frame along with gold plates adorning another wall.

Living room with wallpaper and paint in intricate patterns add a creamy texture home interior design in Hyderabad.

The European Classical Room

A simplified version of the French Baroque, the furniture in this living room is colonial. A classic,  ornamental chair creates a warm reading corner while the main seating space has European style furniture in weathered wood. The TV unit contrasts the plain ivory Duco on the profile shutters with a subtle floral pattern, one that is ornate without overpowering the space. Wall art with historical details from architecture, costumes and vintage crockery adds to the charm of this classical style space.

European classic living room with ornamental chair, TV unit & ceiling with wooden finish best home interiors in Hyderabad.

Complete Home Interiors In One Place

Our experience centres also feature the complete home interiors in one place to give you an idea of how your home will look like after installation. However, you can always opt for a customised interior design for your home if that’s what you prefer.

Let’s explore!

A 3 BHK Design On Display

Living Cum Dining Area

The living-dining area of the show flat is a compact yet functional space. The transitional aesthetic of the space lets the living cum dining area flow seamlessly into the open kitchen, creating an open and uncluttered space. 

  • The TV unit combines several modules combined to create a modern unit with ample storage. A lift up panel to mount the TV has additional storage space behind in line with DC’s design philosophy of space maximisation.
  • The TV unit and dining booth is bridged by a book and bar unit with a backlit bronze glass shutters. This makes the space lighter, showcases the storage within while keeping it all away from dust. 
  • In spite of being a compact space, the dining booth can fit eight people comfortably
  • When not used as a dining space, the upholstered booth creates a cosy reading nook and of course, it has additional storage at the bottom to tuck away the odd size boxes/bags
  • At the end of the dining booth is the minimal open kitchen with ample storage 
  • A Rolling Shutter Unit that neatly tucks away appliances that otherwise clutters up the countertop. A tall Appliance Garage serves as a mini kitchen with a counter inside and loft units up to the ceiling offers plenty of storage without being bulky.
  • The appliance garage opens into the dining space giving you more space when you have help or entertain friends and family as you cook
  • The colour palette of the space is a combination of high gloss acrylic in white with a warm textured wood grain laminate to offset the starkness of white and add warmth
Living cum dining area apartment interior design in Hyderabad compact yet functional space with open kitchen.
Living cum dining area with large window & tv unit combined with ample storage interior design services in Hyderabad.

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Master Bedroom: Lux Premium Theme

The master bedroom has been designed in a bold modern lux theme. The large king-sized bed with a lift up storage has bright red upholstered frames and headboard that contrast  black and white coloured furniture. Together they create a stunning statement. 

  • The nightstands, the combined drawer fascia on the TV unit and the dresser unit all have minimal clean details to bring out the texture of the laminate
  • The dresser includes a C-Shaped table and long shutters opening to a large mirror inside with small compartments on the shutters to store small items needed as you dress up
  • The walls are painted with muted grey and white with a small wooden moulding to break sharpness of black and white in this space
  • Wall art highlighted by sleek picture lights gives required respite from black and white 
  • The bedroom includes a walk-in wardrobe space with a large sliding wardrobe without making the small space look compact
  • It also includes an open wardrobe where the back panel has a vertical wallpaper to break the monotony of the laminate
  • On the opposite side is another dresser unit that is taller but not as deep, apt to store jewelry, scarves and other accessories
  • The walk-in wardrobe and room has a large partition in between that acts as a book storage which also is the door for both spaces
Large headboard master bedroom in a bold modern lux theme with books & photo storage is best home interiors in Hyderabad.
Large headboard master bedroom in a bold modern lux theme with walk-in wardrobe is bedroom interior design in Hyderabad.

Children Bedroom: Gender Neutral Room For Young Adults

This room includes a trundle bed with an L shaped grey headboard attached to it. A pull out bed below for guests/ cousins. 

  • A bunk bed with a ladder made out of solid wood 
  • An open book shelf for kids to display books and toys too 
  • The study desk is a combination of dresser and storage for small spaces, it allows a person to have a two in one unit for dressing, storage and study
  • The wardrobes are shutters of different sizes and heights suitable for kids of different ages
  • A pull out desk acts as a second study table in the space suitable for small bedrooms/ homes
  • The colours of the shutters are frosty white on the outside whereas the inside is a pop of orange and yellow that lends a happy, vibrant vibe to this bedroom
  • The space has yellow and orange vertical striped wallpaper that gives this bedroom a stunning effect
Bunk bed with study unit & trundle bed with an L shaped grey headboard is interior design in Hyderabad for your home.

The Guest Bedroom: Eclectic Theme

The entire bedroom has several space-saving solutions perfect for the guest bedroom that can double up as your study or TV lounge on a regular day and as a guest bedroom for when friends/ family visit.

  • The pull down bed with storage on one side can be tucked away when not in use
  • The TV unit itself doubles as a study desk with a sliding shutter.  Slide it to the right to use the desk or slide to the left to watch the TV
  • The bronze mirror and the rustic Agate laminate in dull tones of blue with hints of bronze give this space a rich, eclectic look
An eclectic theme guest bedroom with pull-down bed, study unit & wardrobe is interior design in Hyderabad for your home.
An eclectic theme guest bedroom with pull-down bed and hidden tv unit is interior design ideas in Hyderabad.

And that’s not it! Our experience centre is filled with a myriad of options for you to choose the best for your home interiors. Come take a tour of how we are headed towards changing the world, one home at a time!

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