9 Colour Combination For Your House’s Exterior Painting

by Mehnaz Farooque | January 25, 2024 | 10 mins read

Colour combination for house exterior painting

Paint your house with these striking colour combinations and create an everlasting impression in your neighbourhood.

The journey of the interior design of a house starts right from its surface. This refers to the exterior portion of your home. When designing a house’s external area, the three main components are the exterior house paint, the roof design and the front porch. While we would love to share some awesome front porch design ideas for your home today, let’s help you with some fabulous suggestions in colour combination for house exterior painting.

A house’s aura or vibe depends upon the way it is perceived at first glance. So, your home’s first glance depends mainly on the kind of colour scheme you have. The choices of colour combinations for the house’s exterior painting would rely on the house’s location and the surrounding environment. Therefore, here are some suggestions from us to help you build rocking first impressions for your dream home.

When asked about the importance of colours in home interiors, Design Cafe’s Assistant Studio Design Manager Megha Kathuria said: “Colour can make or break a space. Each tone of colour has a significant effect on our mood and has a specific meaning with our mind frame. That is why the interior design of a home is highly dependent on its colour scheme”.

Try This All White With A Twist Of Blue And Grey

Our first suggestion in colour combination for house exterior painting is this modern-day white house that’s both minimal and stunning. Depending on the house’s architecture and the surrounding greenery, this house uses the pristine effect of white to create a lasting impression. This kind of white exterior paint will make your home look clean and give it a cool effect — which can be great for tropical regions. Also, when we say white, you can choose different shades of white. A white dove is a very soft white with a warm grey hint; then, there is a warm white with an undertone of yellow, bright white, etc. In terms of white colour combination for exterior house painting, you can choose brown, blue and grey colours. In the picture, you can see there is a combination of white and dark blue and brown. The blue in the window shutters and window glass adds a soothing angle to the plain white exterior paint. Brown is combined with the white colour as marble brick cladding, which adds a natural angle to the house. You can try this one if you have a new place like this one.

Colour combination for house exterior painting with blue and grey
A modern house with all-white exterior paint

Why Not Go For A Terracotta Crush Colour Combination For House Exterior Painting?

If you are a proud owner of this bungalow-type house, don’t hesitate to experiment with unconventional colours like this light plain terracotta with intermittent white splashes. You can see that this house’s primary colour scheme is simple terracotta that imbues a warm, homely vibe from even a long distance. The colour also creates an organic ambience that would blend perfectly amid a green lawn. The terracotta house paint has white as the colour that defines the borders. Both the colours together create a mellow appeal, accentuated by the roof shingles. This type of colour combination for house exterior is more relevant for Indian bungalows and colonial house designs.

Indian bungalow with a terracotta house exterior painting ideas
An Indian bungalow with a terracotta exterior paint
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Create A Dream Home With This Turquoise Blue Haven

When we thought of colour combinations for exterior house painting, we knew we have to include this blissful blue house colour that will take you to another world. Blue is a cool colour that is also the most soothing one in the spectrum. It is known to reduce stress and inspire a sense of serenity, always welcome for house paints. As you can see, the house has an exterior cladding design where blue is the primary colour scheme with white on the windows and doors. This turquoise blue and white colour combination creates a serenely beautiful sight that will surely uplift your house’s look. This kind of house exterior colour is excellent for bungalow-style or cottage-style houses. The blue and white will give your home the happiest colour combination ever!

Exterior paint indian house colour combination outside with a refreshing turquoise blue colour scheme
A house with a refreshing turquoise blue colour scheme

Mellow Your Home With Yellow And Grey Colour Combinations For House Exterior Painting

Yellow is a bright and joyful colour that instantly gives positive vibes. Therefore, you can select yellow or one of its shades for the house’s exterior paint. The one we have here is mustard yellow house paint, combined with grey roof shingles and white windows and doors. The entire colour combination radiates a feel-good vibe that will brighten up your day. The benefits of using mustard yellow are that it is more toned down than plain yellow to be subtle and elegant. Yellow always works extensively with greys and whites; however, you can avoid using white in the roof as that might be too loud, especially for bright sunny places. By the way, the yellow and grey colour combination is also Pantone colours for 2021.

Yellow and grey colour combinations for house exterior painting
A yellow and grey colour combination for the exterior paint of a house

You Can Go A Bit Off-Beat With This Clay Red And Stone White Colour Combinations

This small house with a garage space is ideal for a nuclear family. And for this type of house, you can go a bit off-beat and select colours that are not common. The house here uses clay red as the chief colour palette with a dash of intriguing stone white in its front area. Both clay red and stone-white colours are natural colour palettes; hence, they will mirror a sustainably soothing vibe that will keep you calm and toned down. This colour combination for house exterior painting also blends well with a nature-driven surrounding. The house also uses dark brown in the garage shutter and the roof shingles that mix well with the clay red and stone-white palette.

House with exterior painting colours with a clay red and stone white colour combination
A house with clay red and stone white colour combination

Wrap Your House In Nature With This Olive Green And Brown Colour Combination For House Exterior Painting

This is a real craftsman-style house that blends with nature in its olive green colour, creating an awe-inspiring landscape for your home. The olive green adds a calmness to the house that gives the whole place a restful vibe. As green is nature’s colour, the house also perfectly fits as a retreat among the busy lanes. This kind of house and colour scheme is preferable for suburban areas that allow you to have a green surrounding. The home also has brown roof shingles that kind of completes the woody look of the bungalow. White is used in the doors and window frames, adding a hint of brightness to this otherwise naturally elegant abode.

Olive green and brown colour combination for house exterior painting
This one is an olive green and brown bungalow design
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Pretty Pink And Dark Grey Can Be Your Next Colour Combination For House Exterior Painting

For all the pink lovers, this one’s for you! If you think pink exterior painting can be overwhelming, you have not tried the right colour combinations! This home exhibits a pink, white and dark grey colour combination that gives this small house cottage-style house the much-needed theatrical appeal. The pink brightens up the place, and the white complements it. But the dark grey roof tones down the pink glow and maintains a perfect harmony among the colours. This is an excellent exterior paint colour combination for small-sized, periodic-style houses. We have also included a light pink and white colour combination for house exterior painting for apartment homes.

Pink and dark grey colour combination for house exterior painting ideas
A small house with a pink and dark grey colour combination

Blend Blue, Grey, White And Red Colour Combination For House Exterior Painting

This blue haven is on the brighter side with exciting combinations of white, grey and red. The house represents two blue tones — one in the upper area with brick cladding walls exhibit more brilliant blue, and the vinyl wall cladding in the lower area of the house shows a matte blue appearance. Both the blues display a two-tone effect that breaks the monotony in the exterior design of the house. White is used in the window and door frames and the pillars as a lively twist, while the red front door acts as an accent design element in the entire set-up.

Blue, grey, white and red colour combination for house exterior painting
A beautiful cottage house with blue, grey, white and red colour schemes

How About Some Cream And Brown Colour Combination For House Exterior Painting?

This is the most ideal and subtle colour combination for house exterior painting. The cream colour covers most of the house’s portion, allowing the home to bestow a restful image — which is imperative for urban areas. Dark brown defines the house’s window frames, while light brown occupies the front porch area, blending perfectly with the cream colour exterior paint set-up. This type of colour combination for house exterior painting is better suited for independent homes to accessorise the house’s look with some front lawn greeneries.

Cream and brown colour combination for house exterior painting
A modern Indian home with a cream and brown exterior colour scheme

There you are: nine neat colour combinations for house exterior painting will give your house identity and uniqueness among the mundane house colours. A tip from us would be to go with colours that are lively and positive. Also, don’t forget to bring greeneries into your house’s front area; a natural angle always accentuates a house’s beauty. So, plant more trees, find the right colours and create the dream house you always wanted.

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FAQs On Colour Combination For House Exterior Painting

1. What are some popular color combinations for traditional-style homes?
Popular colour combinations for traditional-style homes include cream and soft green, navy blue and white, or warm beige with red or brown.

2. What are the potential effects of different paint finishes (e.g., matte, satin, gloss) on the overall look of the exterior?
Various paint finishes create unique exterior looks to match your style. Matte offers a subtle appearance, satin adds a hint of shine, and gloss delivers a vibrant, glossy finish.

3. Are there specific color combinations that work well for modern or contemporary homes?
For modern or contemporary homes, you can choose colour combinations like grey and white, green and earthy brown, or white and blue. Add bold accents like black or bright red to create a striking and visually captivating exterior look.

4. How can I use accent colors to add visual interest to my home’s exterior?
To add visual interest to your home’s exterior, use accent colours on doors and shutters. Choose colours that either contrast or harmonise with the main colour to achieve a well-balanced and visually appealing effect.

5. How can I ensure that the chosen paint colors will enhance my home’s curb appeal and resale value?
To enhance your home’s curb appeal and resale value, take into account the architectural style, neighbourhood aesthetics, and personal preferences when choosing paint colours. Neutral and timeless shades often have broad appeal.

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