Eye-Catching Wooden Main Door Designs For Your Home

by Pulkit Singh | January 1, 2024 | 4 mins read

Wooden door designs for main door

Add depth and elegance to the entrance of your home with our collection of best-selling wooden main door designs

Let’s reimagine the door. Which one, you ask? The one that boosts curb appeal instantly — how about reimagining wooden door designs for the main entrance of your home?

Is yours the traditional brown, black, or beige? Is it a single door? Could you experiment with a splash of colour? How about adding another to give the forlorn one some company? Let’s add some design elements — interesting door knockers, a jali design to inject some Indian vibe, or even an ornate handle. Why must you do any of these, you ask?

A door is more than just a door. The backdrop to many of your photos, a gateway into your home, the spot where you will welcome guests and bid goodbye to family — the main door speaks as much about the people who stay behind it as the rest of the home.

And it is almost embarrassing how easy it is to infuse some flair into your space by experimenting with the wooden main door designs for home. We share our list of the top popular wooden main doors that keep the style in and boredom out. Check it out. 

Wooden Main Double Door Designs Indian Style

A classic wooden main double door design in Indian style will give many of us a feeling of home. Traditionally, Indian main doors come in pairs, even in the most basic of houses. With more modern homes, it is easy to install a single wooden main door, depending on your preference. 

Wooden main double door in Indian style with intricate carvings and brass door handles
Oh! The Indianness of these double doors

Wooden Flush Main Door

The unparalleled simplicity of a flush door lends a modern charm to the entrance. These are usually made from a single slab of wood. They may be without the ornamentation of panels, louvres, or slits, but that doesn’t make them any less stylish.

Modern teal wooden flush main door with a sleek design and simple handle, adding a contemporary touch
Teal complements the simplicity of this door
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Wooden Main Double Door Designs With Frosted Glass

Frosted glass wooden main double doors are perfect for inviting more light into the home while protecting the interiors from the harsh sun. These doors add glamour without being high maintenance.

Wooden main double doors with frosted glass panels and polished brass handles
Let the light in with frosted glass

Carved Wooden Main Door Design For Home

Your distinctive home deserves an entrance worthy of it. Carved wooden main doors could rescue you without creating a hole in your pocket. Simple or intricate carvings set these apart from the run-off-the-mill options. They complement almost all architectural approaches and their versatility is legendary.

Mediterranean-style carved wooden main door design for home
A Mediterranean-style single wooden main door

Wooden Main Door in Colour

Switch up your classic brown wooden main door with a pop of colour. Better still, if it is unexpected. The world is becoming encouragingly tolerant of unconventional shades of doors so dip your brushes in orange, scarlet, yellow, or purple.

Purple wooden main door, adding a bold and striking accent to the entrance
What a striking main door!

Wooden Jali Design For The Main Door

Jali main doors are such a quintessentially Indian design. Their popularity is resurging, and the variety of options available to new homeowners is staggering. Jali main doors are best used with either blinds or secondary doors to maintain privacy unless you have a private porch.

Wooden jali design for main door gives traditional Indian touch
Jalis add a design element to your wooden main door

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Wooden Main Double Door Design Inspired By French Doors

French door enthusiasts can balance beauty and safety using wooden main double doors with only one-half covered with glass panels. Considering the security concerns, this design is best suited to the subcontinent.

French-inspired wooden main double door design with glass panels and black metal hardware
Welcome the world, French style
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Wooden Main Door Design With Sidelights

Adding sidelights to the wooden main door scores at two levels — aesthetic and functionality. They reduce the need for artificial lighting. You let in more light without compromising on the opacity of the door. Privacy concerns can be addressed with the use of stained or frosted glass.

Wooden main door design with sidelights, adds aesthetic and functionality
Who doesn’t love sidelights?

Basic Wooden Main Door Design

Come home to an uncomplicated wooden main door. No matter how new, old, modern, or vintage a home is, a basic wooden main door can do no wrong. Their neutrality is them making a statement.

Basic wooden main door with a simple design yet stylish
Keeping it basic but stylish

Practical, well-designed wooden main doors can effortlessly dress up your entrance. The ho-hum main doors that lack personality are yesterday’s news. Now your home can begin to look stylish from the word go. Talk to our interior design experts to create a cohesive ‘main door’ look and score more brownie points than the neighbours.

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