Celebrating The Lives Of Urban Women Of Today with Sangeeta! A Lady With A Sweet Voice And Strong Willpower

by Sreya Dasgupta | January 30, 2024 | 4 mins read

“She loves her life, and her life lovers her right back.”

Sangeeta, an accomplished multilingual playback singer and artist is one of the most positive women you will encounter. Her beautiful voice touches the hearts of millions while her take on life inspires us to be fearless and never give up whatever be the situation. She is one of our esteemed clients at Design Cafe. We are honored to get this opportunity to know her as  a woman, a talented singer, and a loving daughter. Here is the story of a lady who celebrates life every single day!

Her Biggest Source Of Satisfaction At This Stage In Life

Starting from nothing, today Sangeeta is an established singer and performer doing what she loves to do. She has learnt to be patient and started enjoying her success and accepting life as it comes. This journey of success both in professional and personal arenas gives her an immense level of satisfaction.

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How Would You Define Your Relationship With Yourself?

Her answer was quite simple and straightforward. She understands how important it is to love oneself, and with a smile, she replied, “I love myself.”

This Is What Home Means To Her

Home to her means her family, and family to her is Sangeeta’s mom. This answer gives us a peek into her deep-rooted family values, her love and attachment to her parents. She is a perfect example of a modern woman who has all abilities to conquer the world without forgetting her roots or family values. Her strong bond with her family gives her the power and courage to fly high and achieve whatever she wants in life.

Her Views On The Role Of Women In Transforming A House Into A Loving Home

“The love and care a woman brings to a home is beyond comparison,” she says. Sangeeta firmly believes that it is a woman who has an immense capability to transform a house into a beautiful home.

Her Views On The Evolving Role Women Play Today In Home Purchases

When it comes to home interiors design, selection of colours, furniture, and decor women have an extraordinary sense of aesthetics that is needed to build a beautiful home. Her trust for women’s sense of beautification is so strong that she trusts her mom and herself the most. She further reiterates this and said, “A house looks like a beautiful house only when a woman is involved.”

Her Views On Gender Roles And Stereotypes That Come Along With It

Sangeeta believes that the age we live in gender roles don’t matter much anymore. Women have come a long way from depending on men to buy a house and decorate it the way they want. Today’s self-made women are out there breaking all stereotypes and doing what their heart desires. It’s time we celebrate and support women to get accomplished and break all barriers of life in their own little ways.

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The Advice She Gives To Her 20-Year Old Self

Sangeeta candidly tells us that like many other girls her age she was directionless, immature, and lost most of the time. But she doesn’t regret any of it. She believes the mistakes that she made in her 20’s have shaped her into the strong and confident lady that she is today. She is absolutely unapologetic about the fact that whatever that phase was, she was happy, and till date, she is learning from that 20 years old Sangeeta.

Women like Sangeeta inspire us to be fearless and happy. She owns her mistakes like a pro and loves living her life on her terms. We are humbled to get a chance to design her home one that resonates with her personality. Design Cafe is proud to be part of her home interior journey where she transformed her apartment to a loving home.

Hope this women’s day special video of Sangeeta inspires young girls of today to chase their dreams and be the best versions of themselves. 

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Sreya Dasgupta is a content writer at DesignCafe

Sreya Dasgupta

Sreya Dasgupta is a content writer in DesignCafe who loves travelling, reading and archiving inspiring stories of life through her words. Her belief of finding something interesting in every nook & corner of this world, her passion for exploring new culture, culinary and lifestyle inspires her to write. When not working, she loves spending time with her Ukelele.

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