Heart To Home: In Conversation With Design Cafe’s Senior Sales Manager, Chandana

by Mehnaz Farooque | January 30, 2024 | 4 mins read

Let’s continue to celebrate the sisterhood of inspiration with our Senior Sales Manager, Chandana as she shares about her life and home with us.

Continuing the celebration of women in Design Cafe, here’s another encouraging video conversation with our Senior Sales Manager, Chandana. She shares glimpses of her remarkable life and her motion pictures-inspired home interior design. 

The perception of women in society has changed tremendously. And it is quite visible in the home interior industry, where the involvement of women in designing and making decisions for their home has increased. Chandana throws some light on such women-centric questions while giving us a quick peek at how she’s celebrating life with a full-time bustling career. So, let’s checkout Chandana’s Women’s Day interview, and get inspired. 

How She Celebrates Life

Being a senior sales manager at an established firm comes with many responsibilities, but that doesn’t stop Chandana from enjoying life. A firm believer of ‘work hard and party hard’, she takes life as it comes and doesn’t forget to celebrate its nuances.

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Her Biggest Satisfaction At The Current Stage Of Her Life

Like any other working woman, Chandana reflects on how life can get hectic, and people might forget to maintain their work-life balance. So, when we asked about her most significant source of satisfaction, she shared that it’s her contentment with life and work that keeps her sorted and happy with where she is. Her gratification for her life echoes in her home’s interiors too. It’s a place where the interiors bring in a sense of calm.

What’s Chandana’s Home Means To Her

Chandana told us about the real essence of her home. She described her home as a constant partner to her personal achievement. ‘My home has seen everything, from my happiness to my sadness.’, says Chandana. It reveals how personal and intimate a home can be. It’s a place that sees you evolve through time and let you be yourself. This shows how a home’s interiors must be unique and personal to everyone; just the way Chandana’s place exhibits her unique love for TV shows and movies.

Her Take On Women’s Role In Making A Home

Chandana, a believer in equality, thinks both men and women can make their homes. However, she does accept that a woman brings cheerful and nurturing vibes that make a home warm and welcoming. And we couldn’t agree with this more! Design Cafe has witnessed women clients’ influence over interior decisions through the years of designing people’s dream homes. In a way, the women clients have always been our allies in creating homes.

She Talks About How Women’s Involvement In Buying Homes And Interiors Has Evolved

Here Chandana speaks about how the whole perception of women’s involvement in buying a house and owning their own things has changed. She shares her industry insights on how more and more women are becoming independent and owning their own properties. This shows us how Indian millennial women have started a new age of home interiors where women are both on the design side as well as on the client-side.

She also says how today’s women are taking charge of deciding almost everything about their homes. From colours to themes to design firms, every woman is now at the forefront in deciding how they want their homes.

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Her Views On Gender Roles And Stereotyping

Chandana tells us that stereotyping has always been there in some form or the other. However, she is certain that things are changing, and women are going to stay here for long. She shares an encouraging picture of an imminent future that doesn’t believe in stereotyping and gender roles.

Our interview with Chandana helped us know how the lives of Indian women are transforming and how it is affecting everything around us, including home interiors. She gave us a glimpse of an independent women’s era that will witness amazing changes. And this will all begin at home. Design Cafe has been a constant admirer of how women’s involvement in the industry has evolved. So, Women’s Day isn’t just about a single day, it’s about a constant process for us to uplift women in our lives. Chandana has been an absolute inspiration for all of us at Design Cafe, and we hope she’s been a motivation to you too.

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