7 Wooden Bed Design Ideas You Must Consider For Your Bedroom This Year

by Pooja Dara | February 8, 2024 | 9 mins read

Wooden bed design ideas for your bedroom

A wooden bed design gives your bedroom a classic yet luxurious touch. Check out our latest collection and get inspired for your next purchase. 

A wooden bed design is manufactured out of solid, lightweight wood, then coloured/polished with a paint/chemical of your choice to give it a smooth touch. It is strong, looks aesthetic, combines compactness and comfort and is also multifunctional. It is an essential piece of furniture in the bedroom that can make a huge difference to your good night’s sleep. There are many configurations of wooden beds available such as round, folding bed, and wooden diwan bed designs, etc.

Now, let’s explore the latest collection of wooden bed designs growing popular by the day. 

A Distinctively-Designed King-Size Wooden Bed Design 

This king-size wooden bed design looks simple yet gorgeous, with a large window on one side and an extended platform and table on the other. Here, it can also be used as an alternative seating arrangement in the bedroom. The decor on the wall and the green plants add charm to the bedroom.

King-sized wooden bed with a unique design features an extended platform and table
A white-brick wall and wooden beams on the ceiling lend an industrial vibe
Customise your bed and enjoy up to 25 year warranty

Modern & Stylish Wooden Bed Design

This modern and stylish wooden bed design complements the minimalistic decor of the room perfectly. It ties all the elements in the bedroom together and makes it look like one unit. The black headboard gives a bold feel, and the sleek wall shelving behind it gives an exquisite feel to the bedroom.

wooden bed design with a sleek headboard creates a stunning bedroom
Sheer curtains help you regulate the amount of sunlight in the room

A Traditional Wooden Bed Design 

This pseudo-poster wooden bed design looks quite traditional. The mustard colour/polish of the bed resembles the sandy and sunny deserts, giving the space a rustic vibe. This type of design works well in a medium to large-sized room with less clutter.

Pseudo-poster wooden bed design looks traditional with rustic mustard colour
Pendant lights and side tables make the wooden bed setup more comfortable

Two-Level Wooden Bunk Bed Design Ideal Gives Privacy

This two-level wooden bunk bed is the go-to option for people with a small bedroom. It offers a spacious private space to 2 people – one on the top and the other on the bottom – interconnected by an access ladder on the side. Ideally, it can be placed in the kids’ bedrooms so they can sleep comfortably.

Two-level wooden bunk bed design comes with a ladder on the side for easy access
The wooden bed design contrasts nicely with the white walls and flooring

A Low Wooden Bed Design Without Storage

This platform-style wooden bed design without storage is low in height and provides a solid, flat base for excellent mattress support. It also gives your bedroom a pretty, clean, sophisticated look and feel. The platform bed also provides optimum back support to the whole body and gives you good-quality sleep.

Low wooden bed design for bedroom that offers both comfort and elegance
The pendant lights accentuate the beauty of this bed design
Looking for functional bedroom design ideas?

Wooden Double Bed Design With Storage Is a Treat

This wooden double bed design with storage is a treat to sore eyes. It provides the bedroom with an optimum blend of economy, style and comfort. It has a set of deep storage drawers underneath to store extra blankets, pillows and linens that would otherwise have created a messy atmosphere in the bedroom.

Wooden double bed design with storage drawers underneath to store extra blankets
The wooden bed, along with the grey and green accent wall, adds character

Wooden Head Box Bed Design For Rustic Vibes

This wooden head box bed design oozes the energy of a countryside farmhouse. It amps up the vintage charm of the bedroom along with the stone-tiled accent wall and the light beige wooden flooring. The existing decor and the lighting of the bedroom also pair well with this wooden bed design.

Wooden head box bed design elevates a soft look with a stone-tiled accent wall and light beige wooden flooring
Keep the bedding neutral or white to give the room an overall soft look

We hope this blog on the latest wooden bed design ideas has given you enough inspiration and motivation to make an informed purchase for your bedroom transformation. If you have any unsolved queries, contact the interior designers’ team at DesignCafe via call or email, and they’ll gladly assist you.


1. What Are The Features of Wooden Bed Designs?

  1. They are more natural and do not suffer from rusting/erosion. 
  2. They are more costly as compared to metal beds.
  3. They are more prone to swelling when the moisture in the air is high. 
  4. They are heavier in weight as compared to metal beds.
  5. They score better on the cost-benefit scale. 
  6. They are stronger and more durable. 
  7. They have a higher resale value.

2. Which Wood Is Best For A Wooden Bed Design As Per Vastu? 

  1. Walnut – Reasonably-Priced | Rustic Touch | Highly Durable | Rare Availability | Medium Maintenance
  2. Sheesham – Easy Maintenance | Termite-Resistant | Affordable & Economical
  3. Oak – High Quality | Versatile | Easily Customisable | Grain & Colour Options Are Available 
  4. Rosewood – Rare Availability | Intricate Designs | High Durability| High Maintenance 
  5. Mahogany – Very Expensive | Luxurious Touch | High Maintenance | High Strength 
  6. Teakwood – Exceptionally Strong | Zero Maintenance | Weather-Resistant | Highly Durable 

As per Vastu, wooden bed designs made from Sheesham and Teawood are the best, as they bring auspicious and positive vibes into your home and daily life.

3. What Factors Do You Need To Keep In Mind When Buying A Wooden Bed Design?

  • The quality of wood used for its construction.
  • The exact dimensions of the wooden bed design.
  • The existing decor and colour theme of the bedroom. 
  • The exact layout of the bedroom where it is to be placed.
  • The placement and position of the bed as per Vastu in the bedroom. 
  • The longevity and durability of the bed design 

4. Which Type of Bed Frame Is Better – Wooden Bed Design or Metal Bed Design (Iron Bed)?

  • Metal Bed/Iron Bed Design 
  1. The bed structure is less soundproof since there is metal friction between the joints. 
  2. The metal bed is prone to rust if it is exposed to moisture and is not regularly cleaned. 
  3. The metal bed frame does not have custom-tailoring and personalisation capabilities. 
  4. It is comparatively less comfortable as it is stiff and impossible to adjust.
  5. The metal bed is less long-lasting as it is more prone to creaking.  
  6. It gives a minimalist and sleek look to the bedroom.  
  7. It is lighter in weight as compared to wooden bed frames.
  8. It is heat and fire-resistant and is difficult to recycle.   
  9. It can damage your health by exposing you to electromagnetic waves and electrical pollution. 
  • Wooden Bed Design
  1. The bed structure is firmer and more soundproof, which ensures a quieter night’s sleep.
  2. The wooden bed is low maintenance and highly durable if not exposed to moisture. 
  3. It is easily recyclable but is not fire-resistant and can rot when exposed to high moisture.  
  4. The wooden bed frame has custom-tailoring and personalisation capabilities. 
  5. The frame is available in a variety of colours, sizes and designs  
  6. It is more long-lasting as it requires less or no replacements. 
  7. It gives a more warm and more comfortable look to the bedroom. 
  8. It is heavier in weight as compared to metal bed frames. 
  9. It cannot damage your health as it doesn’t cause any electrical pollution. 

Keeping these pointers in mind, choosing the perfect bed design – wooden bed design versus metal bed design – will ultimately come down to which factors you consider more important, including the existing decor style in the bedroom and your sleeping preferences.   

5. How Can You Make Your Bed Look Luxurious On A Budget?

  • Play around with the colour theme of the bedroom but keep the bed colour neutral or toned down.
  • Layer the bed sheets, pillows, cushions and weighted blankets to create visual depth and drama. 
  • Opt for a stunning headboard for your wooden bed design to make it more personalised. 
  • Make your bed daily so your bedroom looks less cluttered and more refined. 
  • Do not use a fitted sheet on your bed. Instead, use an oversized flat sheet. 
  • The right lighting options will help you accentuate the features of your bed. 
  • Invest in a quality mattress that is good for your health and a good night’s sleep. 
  • Treat your feet to a large fluffy rug as you treat yourself to a good mattress. 

6. Which Side Should The Wooden Bed Not Face As Per Vastu Principles?

The bed placement, according to Vastu in the bedroom, is significant as it influences the health and sleep quality of the family. The ideal bed direction is with the head towards the south or east so that the legs are towards the north or west direction while sleeping. The other directions may create mental and emotional disturbances in your life.

As per Vastu Shastra, the wooden bed design should ideally be without storage. However, if you have one with storage capacity below the bed, avoid keeping leather and metal items in it. It hampers the circulation of positive energies around the bedroom. Also, ensure that the wooden bed design is not placed right opposite the bedroom door. 

7. Which Type of Bed (Mattress) Is Good for the Human Body?

  • Latex Mattress – Superior Bounciness | Easy Breathability | Good Responsiveness | Great Overall Support | Ideal for Lightweight Stomach Sleepers
  • Innerspring Mattress – Made Up of Thin Layers of Foam & Coil | Firmer Feel | Ideal For Stomach Sleepers & Heavier Sleepers 
  • Memory Foam Mattress – Enhances Blood Circulation During Sleep | Anti-Microbial & Anti-Mite Properties | Soft Material That Relieves Joint Pains | Ideal For Light Sleepers
  • Pillow Top Mattress – Similar To Innerspring Mattress But Has An Additional Comfort Layer | Keeps Your Spine Properly Aligned | Ideal for Most of the Body Types
  • Hybrid Mattress – Combines The Best Qualities of Foam or Innerspring Mattresses But Has A Thicker Comfort Layer | Motion Isolation | Ideal for Most of The Body Types

All in all, you can opt for a firm mattress if you suffer from joint pains and want to keep your spine aligned. It is also better at temperature control and more durable. On the other hand, a soft mattress helps you with overall pressure relief from your body. 

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