Classic Chair Designs For Every Room In Your Home

by Pulkit Singh | February 8, 2024 | 4 mins read

Classic chair designs you’ll love it

Every room needs that show-stopper classic chair. We have you covered with our tips on how to style classic chair designs for your home. 

There are umpteen ways to offer a facelift to any room. While painting a wall, changing artwork or replacing upholstery and furnishings may transform a space, a more cost-effective way is to add a statement piece of furniture. Nothing spells ease, comfort and elegance like a classic chair. 

A relatively low-cost investment, classic chairs have a lot going for them. They are effortlessly versatile and are great companions to the couch, the bed, the corner, the table, the balcony and the patio. The assortment of styles, colours and shapes ensures one perfect chair for every room. Do more with these wonder kids of the furniture world. We share our savvy decorating know-how and favourite classic chair designs. Read on!

Classic Chair Designs For The Living Room

A classic chair can make or break the aesthetics of the room. Adding a chair that doesn’t complement the room will make it stand out like a sore thumb. Choose wisely, and it can elevate the space to five-star quality. 

Living rooms are the first recipients of a classic chair. Apart from providing extra seating, they add another layer to the decor. Since the chairs here would be used often, they should be stable with sturdy legs, comfortable seating and lovely fabric that holds well against wear and tear. If there are enough seating options in the living room, you could place design and style over comfort. The choice is yours.

Grey classic chair with a minimalist-style in living room
Two classic chairs cushioned in a white living room with a brick wall
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Classic Chair Designs For The Bedroom

Classic chairs are not just for the Monday morning quarterbacks. Your bedroom could do with them too. Be it a wingback in a pastel shade, an armchair with an interesting weave or a tufted chair for snuggling up with your favourite book and a cup of tea — each of these modern classic chairs will look great when matched with the room’s colour palette.

Keep in mind the proportions of the room and the rest of the furniture. Pretty is fine, but comfort is the primary requisite in the bedroom. Choosing fabulous over function will hurt in the long run.

Pastel shade classic chair design for a small bedroom
Green classic chair in a minimalist-style bedroom
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Classic Chair Designs For The Dining Room

The more, the merrier. Nevermore accurate than in the dining room. Uplevel your dining space with classic wooden chairs or cushy ones that you can sit on for hours after the meal is over. You could go for the same set of chairs or a combination of designs. You could also use cushions and throws to embellish the chair. Remember to balance the visuals — negative space is as important to not overwhelm a room. 

Four wooden chair design with classic style in a modern dining room
Wooden classic dining chair designs embellish in a white dining room
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Classic Bean Bag Chair Designs For Lazing

Bean bags have been around for ages. They are sensible, versatile and can be used for seating in a snap. Leatherette, velvet or plain ol’ rexine — they come in various materials. Yes, they take up some space and don’t fit well in smaller rooms, but you can use them in outdoor areas or expansive indoor rooms.

Football-themed classic bean bag chair next to study table in a kid's room
Aqua blue classic bean bag chair in a small living room fits well
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Classic Chair Designs For The Balcony

Balconies are the new living rooms. Ignored earlier but now having their moment in the spotlight, balconies are where most summer evening entertainment happens. A couple of classic chairs in a unique design will add drama to this space. Classic rocking chairs are also a great addition here.

Classic wooden rocking chairs in unique style for balcony adds drama
Classic wooden chair with bench and bookshelf in balcony
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Classic Chair Designs For Reading Nooks

Talk about classic chairs and forget the reading nooks of our homes? Never. Every home library deserves the comfiest chair to sink in for the hours of prospective unwinding. Add a soft rug to bring in an element of texture and another place to play with the kids. Add some greenery, and you have a place to spend quiet evenings.

Two classic chair designs in different textures next to a small bookshelf
Brown classic leather chair design with pillow for a reading nook
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Classic chairs breathe freshness into any room. Whether looking for a complete revamp or choosing to restyle only a corner, a strategically placed chair in eclectic taste will dazzle the area. Be it a modern minimal decor or an integrated live-work space — a chair will only enhance the vibe. You could use it to complement your home’s decor or add some tension with a contrasting palette. The objective is to enhance the space and not overpower it. So go explore the world of classic chairs. We promise you won’t be disappointed.

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