Stimulating And Energising: Red Dining Room Ideas For Your Home

by Pooja Dara | February 8, 2024 | 5 mins read

Stunning red dining room ideas for your home

Red seems to be the perfect colour choice for your dining room. Why? Because a dining room is primarily where we have our meals with the family and the colour increases your energy levels, enthusiasm, appetite and metabolism

Make a bold and dynamic statement with a red dining room in your home, as this colour never goes out of style. The shades of red have long been established to increase our feeling of hunger and metabolism, which is probably why it is used extensively in restaurants and the food packaging industry.

Let’s go through some of the benefits of using red as an accent colour in your dining room:

  • It acts as a focal point that induces visual drama and looks quite elegant because of its warm undertones. 
  • It is available in multiple hues (scarlet red, Tuscan red, cardinal red, deep red, etc.), so you can choose based on the kind of mood/ambience you want to create.
  • It conveys enthusiasm, passion, high energy, power, life, emotion and vitality and represents the ‘fire element’ as per Vastu experts. So, it can be considered a good Vastu colour for your home’s dining area. 

Things To Keep In Mind While Using Red Colour In Your Dining Space

  • Use deeper reds in larger dining rooms as they absorb the light and brighter reds for smaller dining rooms as they reflect the light. 
  • Don’t use too much red as it is a delicate colour to work with, and an overdose of it can be quite overstimulating and overwhelming.
  • Use it as an accent wall colour or even on your curtains, decor, furniture, flooring, etc. but in moderation. Display your artwork/photographs in red frames on the wall for an impressive contrast.
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Now, it is time to dig into five dining room designs with a touch of red that will make you rethink the space. Happy eating!

Dining Room With Glass Table And Red Velvet Dining Chairs

This light grey and off-white theme dining room with a six-seater glass-top dining table and red velvet upholstered metal dining room chairs instantly glams up the space. It pairs well with the medium-tone wood flooring and the pair of industrial pendant lights. The framed glass partition on the side and the light grey rug helps demarcate the dining space from the living room.

The glass table and red dining chairs in the dining room paired well with the medium-tone wood flooring.
This dining area looks complete and wholesome with the white crockery unit, the wooden bar cabinet and the washbasin with a floating cabinet underneath

Dining Room With Red Chairs And A White Dining Table

See how wonderfully the different shades of red creatively blend together in this open-plan apartment and instantly turn it into a masterpiece. The accent wall has been tinted in olive green colour and decorated with a silver sunburst wall clock. The dining chairs, the kitchen utensils and the lounge sofa cushions are of a slightly brighter red shade, thus inducing some depth and visual drama in the space.

Open white kitchen cum dining area features red chairs and a white dining table.
This open-plan apartment features a mini-kitchen, a round white dining table with red chairs in the middle and the living room on the side. The patterned rug helps anchor the whole area together

Dining Room With Red Dining Table Runner

This dining room with a cream and yellow wall colour scheme looks so elegant and bright. The rectangular recessed ceiling features a fancy chandelier. The light wood square dining table with rattan chairs is covered with a bold and stunning red runner. It instantly ties the whole look of the dining area together.

Dining room has a wooden table with rattan chairs covered with a stunning red dining table runner.
The wooden dining table set contrasts well with the grey floor rug, and looks even warmer and inviting with the bright light falling in from the window

Red Dining Room With Red Upholstered Dining Chairs

This dining room with a medium-sized oval dining table and a set of six red upholstered wooden dining chairs look new yet vintage and classy. The set-up complements the grey accent wall and the beige stone flooring, and the window with light brown and white sheer curtains further enhances the overall vibe of the space.

Dining room with an oval dining table and red upholstered dining chairs look new yet classy.
The white ceiling visually increases the vertical space in the room while the mustard-shaded coasters add a pop of bright colour in the room
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Dining Room With Black And Red Dining Table Set And Red Placemats

This open-plan dining space features a long, rectangular red and black dining table set with deep red fabric dining chairs that look absolutely gorgeous. It stands out in contrast to the white walls and the large grey rug on the floor. The red dining table placemats complement the chairs while the fancy chandelier above provides the right amount of light.

Rectangular black and red dining set in the white dining room with a fancy chandelier.
This dining table set instantly makes the simple white-walled room look luxurious and classy

That’s all there is! Red can act as an ideal accent colour for your dining room as it brings attention to the eye and makes your space look vibrant. Use it in moderation with other complementing colours and see your dining room undergo a magical transformation.

Do you fancy any of the red dining room ideas above? Please let us know your views or ideas in the comment box below. We’re waiting to hear from you. Also, find more such helpful interior design guides in the blog section or guides section of the website.

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