9 Creative Wardrobe Decor Ideas For Your Bedroom

by Pooja Dara | January 30, 2024 | 6 mins read

wardrobe decoration ideas for your bedroom

Give your wardrobe the much-needed aesthetic facelift with some creative wardrobe decoration ideas. Have a quick look at our latest collection and get inspired to do the makeover

Well-decorated wardrobes have the potential to become the focal point of attraction in a bedroom, be it the kid’s room, master bedroom or your own private one. It is also a static fixture as compared to the other pieces of furniture and decor in the space which can be replaced/changed once you feel bored with their looks. Finally, wardrobes can also increase the resale value of your property once you have decided to shift out, owing to the amount of storage space that’s available. The more it is, the merrier it is for potential home buyers!

How Do You Go About Designing Your Dream Bedroom Wardrobe?

Designing a bedroom wardrobe is not as easy as it sounds, though it can be taken up as a wardrobe decoration DIY project as well. You need to consider a number of factors before taking the final step. To spare you the hassle, we’ve prepared a quick checklist for you to read and keep handy so that you choose the right wardrobe for yourself.

  • Type of wardrobe: Built-in wardrobe (fixed feature) or a free-standing wardrobe (movable feature) that does not block any source of light in the bedroom
  • Size of wardrobe: The size of the wardrobe depends upon the amount of storage space you want for your clothes and accessories and the way you want to keep them. Different stuff in your bedroom wardrobe requires different heights to be neatly accommodated, so check the amount of floor space and wall space available. For starters, the ideal wardrobe height for children can be 15 inches while it can be 45 inches for an adult. Check out more wardrobe interior design ideas here
  • Style of the wardrobe and wardrobe door: The style and colour of the bedroom wardrobe should complement the interiors of the bedroom and other pieces of decor. It shouldn’t dull down the overall vibe of the room. If you’re looking for modern wardrobe decoration, you can also experiment with sliding doors instead of swing or hinge ones as they’re quite a trend these days. Here too, you will need to measure the space around the wardrobe to ensure that there’s enough for free movement around the room. Skim through more wardrobe door design ideas here.
  • There are a few more pointers to keep in mind, so check them out right here
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How to decorate your wardrobe? Here are nine creative ideas you can try.

Wardrobe Decoration That Is A Piece Of Art

This navy blue and white check-patterned wardrobe is a piece of art and will surely win compliments from your friends and visitors. You can get this look by either using two different kinds of laminates or creatively using pieces of self-adhesive and easy-to-remove wallpaper on the wardrobe doors.

Navy blue and white check patterned wardrobe decoration in the bedroom.
This wardrobe lends a cool and stylish vibe to the bedroom space

Animate The Doors For A Quintessential Wardrobe Decoration

This is one of the easiest ways of doing DIY wardrobe decoration for your little girl’s bedroom. Instantly bring life to the wardrobe doors, that too without spending much, by using animated stickers or painting them.

White and pink coloured wardrobe door decorated with animated stickers in the kids' bedroom, wardrobe decoration DIY.
This butterfly wardrobe decor creates visual drama in the bedroom and evokes your child’s creative imagination

Novel Wardrobe Decoration Ideas: Door Knobs Can Also Make A Statement

Find funky door knobs/handles for your plain white wardrobe to blend it with the overall theme of the bedroom. It adds a pop of bright colour and a fun ambience to the room without being too bold or overwhelming.

White wardrobe door knobs decorated in yellow house shape is how to decorate the wardrobe in kid bedroom.
The yellow door handles are in complete sync and symmetry with the room’s wallpaper and decor

Experiment With Decorative Laminates

Incorporate interesting patterns on your wardrobe using decorative laminates instead of the solid colours. Laminates are also a popular alternative to the typical wooden wardrobes doors and are currently trending. In this context, check out some laminate wardrobe design ideas here.

Bedroom wardrobe door decorated in beige floral patterns is decorative laminate for wardrobe.
This floral beige laminate wardrobe looks elegant and sophisticated in this bedroom

Mirror Mirror On The Wall

This wardrobe decoration with crystal clear decorative mirror panels visually maximises the bedroom space and oozes opulence and sophistication. The panels also reflect the light, hence making the room look brighter and airier.

Wardrobe decoration idea, wardrobe doors decorated with crystal clear mirror panels look airy in the blue bedroom.
The room’s blue walls, lightwood flooring along with the mirrors transport you to a tropical beach

Now I’m There…Now I’m Not

Opt for a separate ‘his and her’ wardrobe to maximise the space and configure the storage of items according to your individual needs and lifestyle. Use patterned/etched glass to beautify the doors and create some visual symmetry in the bedroom space.

Bedroom decorated wardrobe doors with patterned glass look gorgeous.
These patterned mirror doors give you much-needed privacy

Slide Away

This black and silver sliding door wardrobe looks bold and moody and also lends a luxurious ambience to the bedroom. Sliding doors are a boon for small bedrooms as they don’t take up much floor space and can be easily handled on a day-to-day basis. Check out more sliding wardrobe design ideas here.

Home decor sliding wardrobe doors in black and silver lamination looks bold in the white bedroom.
Sliding wardrobe doors look modern and are great space-savers as well
Eyeing modular wardrobes for your smart home?

Trims Offer A Neater Look

Architectural wooden trims on standard wardrobe doors allow for a beautiful combination of textures and patterns. They instantly accentuate the wardrobe’s exteriors and also mimic the royal look and match the room’s interiors.

Wardrobe decoration idea, Lavender-coloured wardrobe door decorated in textures and patterns looks royal in the bedroom.
The trims on this lavender-coloured wardrobe give it a completely new and fresh look

Wardrobes Can Have Secrets Too

Add extra storage spaces for all those items that are small and not very frequently used in unconventional places in your wardrobe, like this secret side compartment. You can even add a mirror on the inside so that it makes for a space-saving dressing area as well.

Home decor wardrobe, Grey coloured wardrobe designed with a secret side compartment in the bedroom.
The grey wardrobe is a perfect fit in this bedroom

Decorating your bedroom wardrobe can actually give you an opportunity to give a personal touch to your bedroom and transform it into a style statement. Give us a call or email us if you want more guidance for your wardrobe decoration project. Good luck!

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