Spice Up Your Living Room With 14 Topnotch Corner Table Designs

by Sreya Dasgupta | January 30, 2024 | 7 mins read

Stunning corner table designs for living room

Accessorise your living room with these dynamic corner tables of modern time

Corner tables are small but are versatile and extremely useful. They add style to your living room while adding to the functionality of the space. Gone are the days where corner tables were used only for your tea or coffee cups. Now with modern interior designs getting dearer in most Indian homes and corner table designs and utility are evolving. Here we bring to your beautiful corner table for your living room with multiple utilities. You can use them as a bookshelf, hidden storage space, showcase your designer lamps or home decor elements. These trendy and fashionable corner tables can also be used as a showpiece to elevate the beauty of your living room.

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Sleek Marble Top Corner Table

We all know that marble adds grandeur to our living space. Now if you want to get your entire living room tiled with marble it can be pretty expensive and slippery. This is an excellent way of adding an element of grandeur to your living space. A marble top corner table design for your living room makes it blend with  Indian culture. You can place some beautiful showpieces on it to make your living room even more beautiful.

A marble top corner table for living room in minimal style lends a chic look
A unique and budget-friendly way of adding grandeur to your space

C-Shaped Glass Corner Table For Living Room

This glass corner tabletop is trendy and unconventional perfect for giving your living room a chic look. Glass reflects light beautifully and placing a lamp is an intelligent way of illuminating your space. Be mindful that glass tops can be prone to damage, so do not place any heavy item instead place your favorite photo frame or small decor items and let this small corner table be the showstopper of your living room.

A c-shaped glass corner table for living room made from stainless steel
There is nothing like a rustic element in your living room

A Rustic Wooden Corner Table

Add a rustic look to your living room with this wooden corner table. These are excellent if you like rustic style home interiors. The beauty of this sustainable corner table adds a modern, organic, and zen vibe to your living room. This is a perfectly unique nature-inspired corner table for modern home interiors.

Corner table design for living room made from wood with a rustic look.
There is nothing like a rustic element in your living room

Replace The Corner Table With A Shelf For Extra Space

Is the size of your living room stopping you from buying a corner table? Think creative. You can go for a trendy shelf instead. This will add storage and display space to your living room while helping you fill the awkward corner beside your living room sofa.

A corner end table for living room replaced with a shelf will add storage and display space.
Add space to your living room effortlessly with a corner shelf

Corner Table With Shelves And Drawers

Rectangular corner tables with running drawers and open a shelf execute a rich character to your living room interiors while adding to the storage and display space. The clean lines add depth to your living room seamlessly and make it look stunning too.

Rectangular corner table design for living room India with open shelf and drawer adds stunning look.
A multifunctional corner table that suits your taste
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A Small Wooden Corner Table With Pendant Light

If you are looking for a minimalistic yet fashionable piece of furniture for your living room, this wooden corner table is just for you. This doesn’t take up much of your space yet is intelligently designed to fit the two most beautiful home decor elements effortlessly. You can use the tabletop to place your favorite indoor plant for some freshness and the attached lamp helps illuminate your living room beautifully.

A small corner table for living room made from wood with an attached lamp.
A trendy corner table that suffices all your design needs

Corner Table With A Bookshelf

Do you love reading books and have a beautiful collection? It’s time to show off your book collection without adding a dedicated book rack in your living room. You can add a corner table to organise your books and use it as a bookshelf.

Corner table design for living room with an open bookshelf adds beauty to the area.
A smart choice for all book lovers is this corner table

A Small Corner Table For Your Living Room With A Unique Design

If you want to bring some style to your living room, this gorgeous cornet table will match your taste. The geometric pattern adds finesse to your interiors while the glossy finish adds a luxurious touch. So if you want something unique and intricate, you must definitely try a strikingly different corner table like this one.

A small corner table for living room made from stainless steel in a unique style adds a luxurious touch.
Small corner table that makes a unique style statement

Twisted Wooden Corner Table

Gone are the days when corner tables came in just one pattern and size now you will be surprised to see the array of choices in the market. This wooden corner table is a piece of art in itself. The wood adds warmth to your living room and the funky design saves your floor space while adding a quirky vibe to the living space. It is both elegant and refreshing. You can use it to place your teacup, decor element, or use this piece of furniture itself as a decor element.

A wooden corner table for living room in a funky design adds a quirky vibe.
A modern and quirky corner table design to make your space look funky

Corner Table in Gold For The Ultimate Royal Look

Lend a touch of gold to your living space with a golden corner table. The golden shine will shimmer up your living room while adding to the aesthetic vibe. Be mindful while choosing the metal so that it is strong, easy to maintain, and doesn’t weather out or get rusted easily. Gold is timeless, and a sleek golden corner table can lend a rich look if maintained with care.

A golden corner table for living room made from metal lends a rich look to the classic space.
You can never go wrong with gold for a corner table

A Black Small Corner Table For Your Living Room

Want to add a bold statement with a small corner table for your living room? Black is a no-brainer. The black corner table makes the mark yet doesn’t grab too much attention. So if you want a simple corner table that will accentuate your corner space and make your living room look sophisticated but not too glamorous, try a small black corner table. It will match seamlessly with other furniture pieces in your living room and lens an element of elegance to your space.

A black small corner table for white living room looks sophisticated and elegant.
The magic of black will never go out of fashion in your living room

Corner Table With A Granite Top

If you like natural stones and want to incorporate subtle elements of natural stones in your living space, corner tables with granite are a wise option. The black or emerald colour will add grandeur to your living room. You can keep and let the granite be the center of attraction or use it to flaunt your delicate and expensive showpieces.

Corner table design for living room India with a granite top in a hexagon shape.
Use granite for a seamlessly elegant vibe to your living room

Scandinavian Style Corner Table With Storage

Scandinavian-style corner table encompasses coherence, minimalism, and functionality for your home. This Mid Century style corner table adds a clean and refreshing look to your living room while giving your ample storage space. The wooden finish adds a warm vibe and blends with your interiors effortlessly. If stylish urban and simplicity is your style, you are sure to fall in love with this Scandinavian-style corner table.

Corner table design for living room made from wood in Scandinavian style adds a clean and refreshing look.
Sometimes simple designs make a striking difference

Transform An Old Trunk Into A Boho Style Corner Table

Reuse and recycle being the new mantra of this generation transforming an old trunk into a modern and chic corner table is a unique idea. This gives a boho look to your entire living space and adds ample storage space as well. So be creative, design your old trunk the way your heart desires and get ready to give your living room a modern makeover.

A corner table for living room india reused from an old trunk with storage gives a boho look.
Transform an old trunk into a chic corner table with colossal storage

Hope your search for “corner table for living room,” “corner table design for living room India,” or “small corner table for living room” ends here. Choose the corner table that suits best with your home interiors, and if you have any queries regarding home interiors, please book a consultation with our experienced designers. We will be happy to help you transform your house into your dream home. And for more such interior design ideas, check our blog section.

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