Double The Comfort With These Modern Double Bed Designs

by Anugraha Venugopal | January 20, 2024 | 5 mins read

Double bed design ideas for bedroom

Here’s a guide on what to look for when choosing modern double bed designs for your home. 

A double bed design can be a game-changer for the bedroom depending on the purpose you foresee. For instance, adults who need more bedroom space for furniture like a bigger wardrobe or an additional wardrobe could find a double bed optimal for them. Folks who want a cosy yet comfortable sleeping arrangement too would benefit from such a bed as opposed to a single bed. For homes with young children, a double bed can be highly useful during a sleepover or even just offer more comfort for a growing child. Given the choices in material, style, and space optimisation, there are so many designs of double beds one can explore. Let’s start.

Corner Double Bed Designs For Children

Consider a corner double bed design for the children’s bedroom but add a twist. Make the bed interesting with a headboard and sideboard such that they demarcate the sleeping arrangement from the rest of the room. For instance, in this design, the boards separate the bed from the study area and the play area. They also prevent the walls from getting stained. An added benefit is that the corners don’t look boring. Explore our recommendations for kid’s bedroom furniture designs

Corner double bed designs for children's bedroom
Double bed designs that accentuate corners
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Diwan-Style Modern Double Bed Design

A modern double bed with a headboard that offers the look and feel of a traditional diwan, that’s what we love about this design. This type of bed works well for a compact bedroom that also has a TV unit. The pendant lights, wall panelling and side tables make this diwan setup more comfortable. Check out these sofa cum bed designs for more diwan-style beds.

Modern double bed designs in diwan-style
Diwan-style bed for a bedroom cum living room

Simple Double Bed Design With Wall Storage

The best part of a bed is turning it into a storage space. If the bed doesn’t offer storage, then you could consider turning the wall into a wardrobe that blends with the aesthetics of the bed. While setting up such a wardrobe or storage rack, choose a floating one for more floor space. The floating storage also offers space for elements such as a rug or carpet that enhance the look of your double bed.

Simple double bed design with wall storage in bedroom
Simple double bed that blends into a wall storage

Double Bed Design With Storage Box

Most modern homeowners would love to have additional space which is also concealed. That’s why we love this latest style of wooden double bed design that comes with multiple in-built storage boxes. This is ideal for those who have a compact bedroom or those who prefer to keep the room’s layout minimalist. To complete such a setup, choose elements such as wooden tiles and side tables that complement the wood finish of the bed. Explore more storage bed design ideas for your double bed.

Modern double bed design with multiple in-built storage boxes
A double bed with storage for optimal space
Eying fun and functional bedroom interiors

Wooden Canopy Double Bed Design

When looking for double bed designs in wood, you can also explore canopy-style beds. The canopy style has stood the test of time and so, this is a classic addition to your modern bedroom. As seen here, you can amp up the vintage charm of the space with wooden flooring, hanging lights, a rugged wall finish, a rustic side table and so on. For that balance of modernity, opt for elements like a luxurious barrel chair. Check out more canopy bed designs.

Wooden Double bed design in canopy-style
Classic canopy-style double bed design in wood

Double Bed Design With A Wide Headboard

Back in the day, the headboard’s main function was to block the cold drafts during the night. But now it has evolved into offering a backrest while sitting, protecting the wall from damage, and more commonly, holding useful things. While the headboard itself can be designed with floating storage options, it’s also sufficient to have a wide headboard to fulfil the purpose. The additional width creates space for side tables which can then accommodate necessary things. So, when exploring the latest double bed designs, do note that a wide headboard bed is a trendy and practical option.

Double bed design with a wide headboard
Double bed with a wide headboard offers utility

Double Bed Design With A Splendid Headboard

Headboards come in a variety of options — wood, metal, fabrics like cotton, linen, and synthetic fabrics and also opulent materials like leatherette, leather and velvet. The designs are also endless. If you’re looking to give your bedroom a sophisticated vibe, then choosing velvet or leather is a fantastic option. For a plush look that’s also cost-effective, go for leatherette. And of course, wood is always a good choice if you want to keep things rustic. For more low-cost options, choose fabric ones. But don’t forget to look at the maintenance aspects before selecting the material. Explore further stylish headboard designs.

Double bed with a splendid headboard
Double bed with a splendid headboard

Those are some of the options for double bed designs that you can explore for your bedroom. In this list, we have covered utility, style, grandeur and comfort. Now that you have some ideas buffering, why not talk to our team and see what happens? Book your appointment here to talk to our expert team.

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