7 Grey Bathroom Ideas For A Grey-t Finish

by Anugraha Venugopal | February 18, 2024 | 5 mins read

Grey bathroom ideas for your home

How do you design a grey bathroom without making it dull or intense? Find the answers here.

Grey is considered versatile due to its plenty of shades. So, grey bathroom ideas can be as minimal or as extravagant as you want them to be. In other words, you’ll be spoilt for choice. That’s why you’ll need an expert design team like ours to help you narrow down the right kind of grey for the design in your mind. In this blog, we share ideas that range from fixing one key element of the bathroom in grey, pairing it with other shades to covering the space entirely in this versatile shade. Explore them and choose what you think works best for your ideal bathroom.

Grey Bathroom Ideas With Vanity Sinks

Whether it’s for essential hygiene routines or elaborate skincare like the popular Korean seven-step skincare method, the bathroom sink is much used. Turn it into a vanity sink, not one but two as is in this design. Space optimisation makes this compact bathroom with grey wall tiles appear larger and functional. The flooring too maintains the grey tone, albeit a different shade. For more ideas, check out our vanity sink designs.

Grey bathroom tiles appears larger and functional with two vanity sinks
A grey bathroom design with two vanity sinks
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Grey Biophilic Bathroom Designs

This design shows how different elements can combine to create a biophilic bathroom. Although nature is the theme, it still rocks in an unusual shade like grey as the bath area with floral-patterned tiles forms the focal element. These tiles are also included in the vanity unit where wood is another stunning design element. Additionally, this bathroom scores high for the inclusion of indoor plants and a wicker basket. Now you know how to create a biophilic bathroom with a variety of elements in fabulous grey!

Grey bathroom designs with floral-patterned tiles form the focal element
A grey bathroom turned biophilic with mosaic tiles

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Compact Grey And White Bathroom

When the bathroom is compact, partitioning the shower and other sections creates the illusion of larger floor space in addition to preventing slips and falls. Grey tiles have been used thoughtfully for the walls, floor and backsplash, and nicely contrast the white space. The wall rack in the bath section makes efficient use of available space. When looking for grey bathroom designs, you can include vanity sinks with a wooden touch and indoor plants for a sophisticated look. These vanity units provide additional storage space. Read more on how to include storage cabinets in a small bathroom.

A compact grey bathroom with white colour combination and indoor plants lends a sophisticated look
Compact grey bathroom designs with white

Modern Grey Bathroom With A Contrast Yellow Wall

Being one of the most personal spaces in a home, the bathroom deserves more than just monochrome. That’s why we love this modern grey bathroom with a refreshing pop of colour. Grey is used here in contrast with vibrant yellow to set the tone for the dry areas of the bathroom. The wet section, i.e., the shower area is set up distinctly with patterned wall tiles. The black and white shades also contrast the palette well. The raised shower area helps contain water on the floor. Explore similar bathroom tile trends.

Modern grey bathroom with a vibrant yellow wall breaks the monochrome
A grey bathroom with cheery yellow for contrast

Orange Vanity Unit For A Grey Bathroom

Colours in the bathroom don’t always have to be through wall tiles or paint. For a change, try setting up bathroom furniture in a dashing shade like orange. In this bathroom design, grey is maintained throughout the walls and the flooring. Yet, the vanity unit turns into the focal element because of its popping shade. Thereby, it balances the dull vibe of grey. Pendant lights like the ones seen here are also an excellent choice for grey bathroom accessories.

Grey bathroom design ideas with an orange vanity unit turn into the focal element
Bright furniture and accessories in a grey bathroom
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Play Around With The Greyness

Wondering what grey bathroom ideas to explore when you’re a stickler for monochrome? We recommend varying the shades and textures of grey as seen here. This is similar to the grey and white bathroom idea discussed earlier in the blog. However, instead of two shades, we use the same grey in different shades and textures for the dry and wet areas. The floor-to-ceiling wardrobe and the in-built wardrobe ensure that the space is fully utilized for various purposes. The sink in grey also adds to the richness in grey.

Grey bathroom in different shades and textures adds richness to the grey
Use different shades of grey in your bathroom

Go Light With Grey And Warm Wood

Here’s another elegant way to go grey — using it with light wood. This design shows how the floors, vanity unit and cabinets have a wood finish. It blends well with the grey walls. The closed and open storage units ensure that the bathroom is organised and functional. Greige, a combination of grey and beige, is another colour that can be used instead of light wood in a grey bathroom.

Grey bathroom idea with the grey walls with a wooden finish vanity unit and cabinets
Grey and light wood combination for the bathroom

These are some fine examples of how grey can modify the look of the bathroom when used in different ways. An expert design team can gauge your requirements and suggest the best possible way to achieve the look you have in mind. If you’re ready with your grey bathroom design preferences and want to talk to our team, book your appointment now.

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