6 Classic Pink Kitchen Designs For A Refreshing Home Makeover

by Nikita Raikwar | February 1, 2024 | 5 mins read

Purple and pink kitchen design ideas for your home

Make the most of your favourite corner of the house a.k.a the kitchen with our pink kitchen designs.

Our kitchens get the most traffic at home. It’s where we not just nourish our bodies but also find a meditative space to work in. For someone that loves to be in the kitchen, finding a messy, unorganised kitchen to yourself each day can be nothing less than a problem of the present. However, you don’t need to worry about that anymore. These pink colour kitchen designs will truly fascinate the home interior enthusiast in you and make you want the kitchen makeover of your dreams.

A Straight Pink Kitchen With A Kitchen Island

Eyeing pink kitchen designs can be a herculean task, especially when you have been on the hunt for one for quite some time. This straight kitchen comes in a pastel pink design and features a stunning kitchen island to go with it. If you own a compact 1 BHK or 2 BHK home, then straight kitchens are one you could work with. With an island, you increase the potential of storage space in the kitchen as well. 

What’s more, the subtle touch of indoor plants and pendant lighting alongside an art frame on the accent wall of this kitchen makes this no less than a decor enthusiast’s haven. 

What we love: We love how the pantry space perfectly blends into the rest of the kitchen space.

Straight pink kitchen design with kitchen island
A straight pink kitchen for compact homes

A Terracotta Pink L-Shaped Kitchen With Breakfast Counter For Two

If you are a newly-wed couple looking for a kitchen that is not only accessible but also functional with smart features like a breakfast counter, this terracotta pink kitchen space is one you should definitely consider. This L-shaped kitchen, as seen in the image, features white modular cabinets with oven and refrigerator space alongside overhead cabinets for extra storage.

What’s more, its breakfast counter can double up as a coffee or tea counter for days when you’d like to sit and enjoy a hearty cuppa whilst running errands.

What we love: We love how the barstool-styled chairs add an aesthetic touch to the kitchen’s layout.

Pink l-shaped kitchen with breakfast counter for modern homes
A spacious L-shaped pink kitchen for modern homes
Modular kitchen solutions for indian homes with 20% extra storage

A Pinterest-Inspired Yellow, Green And Pink Kitchen Design

If you are one that loves to create mood boards and collect inspiration whilst browsing through Pinterest, then this kitchen will definitely make you go ga-ga over it. It features a lovely yellow backsplash complimenting a pastel pink C-shaped kitchen. The C-shaped countertop extends into a tiled table top alongside two aesthetic bar stools with green upholstery. The kitchen also features a quoted wall frame, pendant lighting and the cutest green SMEG refrigerator.

What we love: We love how all three colours complement each other and blend into the space effortlessly whilst creating a pastel paradise worth working in!

Pink kitchen design inspired by pinterest
Pinterest-inspired pastel pink kitchen design

Hot Pink L-Shaped Kitchen With Off-White Overhead Cabinets

If pastel colours and terracotta pink aren’t your best friends, heading into a striking pop of colour with this hot pink L-shaped kitchen can be a fine choice for you. It also comes with a dual combination of an off-white finish for its overhead cabinets and a few accent drawers on the base cabinets. 

This space features a luxurious hob unit that’s paired with a state-of-the-art chimney design. This kitchen is perfect for large joint families that require extra storage space and a pantry area in the kitchen.

What we love: We love how this hot pink kitchen isn’t too overpowering and offers a great alternative to pastel kitchen designs.

Pink color kitchen design in l-shaped for large families
A hot pink L-shaped kitchen for large families

Warm Pink Parallel Kitchen With Doctor Blue Overhead Cabinets

Parallel kitchens are one of the most common kitchen layouts in Indian homes. This beautiful kitchen is designed in a dual combination of warm pink and doctor blue finishes making it a lovely choice for nuclear families and couples. As shown in the image, this kitchen offers additional counter space for preparation across the cooking area and houses the stainless steel refrigerator and microwave oven set effortlessly.

What we love: We love the aesthetic and dramatic countertop design and enjoy the extra pantry space the overhead cabinets offer.

Pink kitchen in parallel shape with blue overhead cabinets
A dual-colour parallel kitchen for nuclear families

Two-Colour Pink And White Modern Kitchen

This kitchen is so similar to our terracotta pink L-shaped kitchen with breakfast counter for two in layout yet has its own distinct style and design aesthetics. This kitchen comes with a lovely patterned backsplash, pink base cabinets and white overhead wall cabinets. The L-shaped kitchen extends into a breakfast counter and features comfortable cafe-style barstool for when you need some me-time.

What we love: We love the backlit open box shelves between the overhead cabinets for displaying your favourite set of crockeries.

Modern pink kitchen design in l shaped
A modern L-shaped kitchen in pink and white

And this brings us to an end of some of the finest pink kitchen designs for your home. Which of these kitchen designs did you love? Feel free to let us know.

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