Budget-Friendly, Brilliant Indian Kitchen Decor Ideas for Your Home

by Mohita Adhvaryu | February 19, 2024 | 4 mins read

Indian kitchen decorating ideas for your kitchen

Follow these easy tips on how to decorate a small Indian kitchen

Kitchen decor is pretty subjective and varies as per the homeowner’s sensibilities and tastes. Therefore, there is no one shoe that fits all. Especially when it comes to kitchens of Indian homes, there is simply so much that could be done! Despite the limitations of budget, location, you could pull off brilliant Indian kitchen decorating ideas. Yes, without burning any hole in your pocket. So, roll up your sleeves and get ready to overhaul your kitchen with our curated recommendations for the Indian cooking space. Have a look at these stunning Indian kitchen decorating ideas and  implement your favourite one this season:

Wall Art As Indian Kitchen Decor

Be it paintings, sculptures or metal frame wall art this decor idea has never let any connoisseurs down! If you are planning to create a modern cooking space with a touch of Indian principles then, by all means, use wall art. Choose metal as a material for it because its texture and sheen grant a stately touch – just what you have in mind for your Indian kitchen design, right?

Modern kitchen with metal wall art as Indian kitchen decor is how to decorate a small Indian kitchen.
Place wall art to make your Indian kitchen one of its kind

Elegant Vases As Indian Kitchen Decor

Your grandmama was right, as always – glass vases have a charm of their own. Both for the sake of nostalgia and contemporary trends, bring glass vases to your kitchen. It goes without saying that you include fresh, vivid flowers along with it to make your kitchen upbeat. You can also opt for statement metal vases, they would look equally befitting as Indian kitchen decor.

Indian kitchen decor with an elegant glass vase placed on the breakfast counter makes your kitchen upbeat.
Go for metal, glass vases and grant more elegance to your kitchen
Get a kitchen that's perfect for your dream home

Wallpaper As Indian Kitchen Decor

Come what may, wallpapers are here to stay. Include it in your Indian kitchen design and you can second us with a big smile. Be it because of its brilliant patterns or texture, wallpapers elevate your Indian kitchen without any hassles. Choose an indie, floral or geometric wallpaper for your kitchen and see how it grows on people.

Wallpaper makes the kitchen more interesting with patterns or texture is small Indian kitchen decorating ideas.
Make use of wallpapers to make your kitchen more interesting

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Statement Chandeliers

Like a minimalistic kitchen but want something iconic to make it impressive?  Go all out for glass or statement chandeliers. With their detail, texture and sheen they would make your Indian kitchen richer. This might be a slightly costly Indian kitchen decor idea, but you will pat yourself on the back for it – yes, it makes your kitchen that beautiful!

Minimalistic Indian decor kitchen with chandelier with texture and sheen makes your kitchen beautiful.
Include a majestic chandelier in your Indian kitchen decor plan and make a statement

Indoor Planters Make Great Kitchen Decor

Planters not only keep your cooking space pure and fresh but they also double up as a great decor focal point.  So, choose indoor plants that require minimal sunlight, maintenance and add a pop of green in your Indian kitchen.  Indoor plants are pretty economic, so don’t worry, you won’t have out to splurge at all.

Indian kitchen decor with indoor plants adds greenery and revitalises your kitchen, but they also double up as great decor.
Indoor plants add greenery and revitalise your kitchen

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Graphic Art As Kitchen Decor

Show your personality, your take on life, add some spice of wit and pep up otherwise plain corners of your Indian kitchen into a space that peps people up. Affordable posters and graphic art hangings can come to your rescue if that’s on your mind.

Posters and graphic art hanging on the wall refreshes your kitchen is Indian kitchen decorating ideas.
Framed posters, graphic art refreshes your kitchen with their catchy messages

Aren’t all these ideas worth implementing right away for your Indian kitchen? So, tell us, which one you loved the most and how soon are you planning the overhaul? BTW, Diwali is just around the corner, so you got just the right excuse to do so. Need some personalized assistance? Rely on our consultation, we would be happy to hold your hand for the same!

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