7 Balcony Lighting Ideas To Elevate Your Space Instantly

by Nikita Raikwar | February 19, 2024 | 5 mins read

Balcony lighting ideas to enhance the space

Having a balcony in your home is no less a luxury and adding the right lights simply uplifts the mood of this space.

A dedicated balcony in an Indian home is a rare sight these days. And while quite a few still get to enjoy the luxury of balcony space in their apartments, it’s even more difficult to maintain and design one that’s perfect for the needs of all at home. With that in mind, we have curated seven commonly-used balcony lighting ideas for your Indian home. 

Antique Lamp Post-Inspired Light For A Biophilic Balcony

Wall sconces like this antique-inspired light are a fine balcony lighting idea, especially for a small balcony. It’s a great choice if you aren’t someone who likes to go overboard with too many lights. They are playful, tiny and enough to light up your balcony space. 

These lights can be used both indoors and outdoors and can be paired with LED strips or fairy lights, if not enough. However, they carry their own vintage charm and if you are someone who loves an antique eclectic vibe, these antique-inspired modern lights are a perfect balcony lighting idea for your home.

Wall light decoration ideas for balcony in an antique-inspired style
Try stylish wall lights for your balcony

Balcony Ceiling Lighting Ideas With A Large Pendant Light And LED Spotlights

If you need a little more than just ambient lights, you can switch up the antique wall lights with something more powerful and well-lit. A large pendant light on the ceiling and a bunch of LED spotlights are a match made in heaven.

They are a perfect balcony lighting idea and set the right mood for evenings with your friends and family — whether you want to sip your favourite wine, read a book or simply chit-chat with old friends.

Balcony ceiling lighting ideas with ample pendant light and led spotlights set the right mood for the evening
Balcony lighting ideas for setting the right mood

Balcony String Lighting Ideas With Paper Lamps

String lights have time and again been a favourite amongst Indian homes, especially for outdoor and balcony lighting ideas. They are perfect, with or without any occasion. Even better are these classic Edison bulbs hung casually around the walls of the balcony, as seen in the image.

The paper lamps add a striking balance between the string lights and floor lamps, a.k.a, DIY lights in a bottle and are simply synonymous to perfection as a balcony string lighting idea for your home. Isn’t this a magical space to spend time with your loved ones?

Balcony string lighting ideas with paper lamp blends well
Balcony lighting ideas for a romantic evening
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Balcony Ceiling Lighting Ideas With Cane Lamps

Minimalist, charming and one that’s evergreen in-home interior lighting are cane covers as ceiling lights. These cane lanterns add a rustic character to your balcony space. 

If you are eyeing balcony light decoration ideas and want something that’s neat, clean and easy on the eyes, these cane lamps do the job well. You can also complement them with more DIY lighting, string lights or LED strips of your choice.

Balcony ceiling lighting ideas with cane lamp adds a rustic touch to the space
Cane lamps add a rustic touch to your balcony

Balcony Fairy Light Ideas And Floor Lamps For House Parties And Celebrations

Being party-ready and hosting your friends and family over your large balcony is a sleek move for individuals who love to socialise. This balcony features a blend of different balcony lighting ideas with cosy floor lights, seating arrangements and ceiling-hung plants.

To start with, choose an Edison bulb string light of your choice and hang them onto the ceiling as well as the balcony’s railings. You can go the boho way with dreamcatchers, cosy decorative pillows and candles to complete the look.

Balcony fairy light ideas with floor lamps are ideal for house parties
A boho balcony perfect for house parties

LED Up-Down Lighting Ideas For Your Balcony

Modern in nature, the trend of uplights and downlights have only recently taken the home interiors world by the storm. They look perfect on panelled walls like this stunning wood panel and dark wood slats. You can also use them to beautify brick-clad walls and bare-brick balcony designs.

These LED Up-Down lighters are a fine choice for your balcony and can be accompanied by a vertical garden, grass floor and plants alongside cane seats and a table.

Small balcony lighting ideas with LED up-down lighting
LED up-down lights for a biophilic balcony space

Wall Sconce Balcony Lighting Idea With LED Backlit Shelves

When all else fails, wall sconces like these balcony lights fitted on the wood-panelled wall is a choice you’d love to try. These wall sconces never go out of style and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

You can also choose to have multiple wall sconces for your balcony lighting idea instead of one. Pair them with LED spotlights or ceiling lights of a similar design, and you are good to go.

Wall sconce balcony lighting ideas with led backlit shelves
Wall sconces for an evergreen balcony vibe

Choosing lights for your balcony can be a herculean task, but we hope these 7 gorgeous balcony lighting ideas help you make a decision.

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