Your Guide To Decorating With Plants In The Living Room

by Sreya Dasgupta | January 29, 2024 | 5 mins read

plant decoration in living room to embrace natural greens in your home

Embrace natural greens in your home with these unique plant decor ideas for the living room.

Every home is a reflection of its residents — their tastes, preferences and lifestyle. Biophilic home interiors are not just aesthetically beautiful, but they also add a holistic approach to your haven. Plant decoration in your living room can help you embrace the deep-rooted connection of humans with nature.

In modern times, especially after the pandemic, we spend a lot of time indoors in the comfort of our homes. So, the latest trends in home interiors have been about finding ways to bring nature closer to us. Here are some simple ideas for indoor plants decorations in the living room. They are versatile and blend with modern home interiors seamlessly.

Some of the most common indoor plants that are readily available and are quite low maintenance include spider plant, money plant, fiddle-leaf fig, jade mint, areca palm, broken heart plant, monstera deliciosa, snake plant, bird of paradise, and dracaena coffee plant. These will allow you to enjoy a splash of green in your living area without needing to dedicate too much time from your schedule for their upkeep. Now, here are some expert-approved plant decor ideas for the living room. 

Decorating With Tall Plants In The Living Room

Tall plants are excellent for adding a style statement to your modern home interiors. You can place it in any of the room’s corners and turn the blind spot into a tranquil zone. This living room is designed with modern design sensibilities for clutter-free living. The grey wallpaper creates a striking contrast to the green of the tall indoor plant. Opt for wood-like laminates for the cabinets of your entertainment unit to bring a warm vibe to your home. 

Decorating with tall plant decoration in living room which looks beautiful against a grey wall
The tall plant looks beautiful against a grey wall

Money Plant Decoration In The Living Room’s Window Bay

Money plants are considered auspicious and known to add a positive vibe to the home. Place a small pot of money plant on the window bay in your living room to create a peaceful space. You can add an accent chair and a glass top coffee table to curate a cosy nook for yourself. We have also placed a floor lamp beside the single sofa to accentuate the beauty of the living room.

Money plant decoration in living room window bay add a positive vibe to the home
Money plant decoration in the living room

Tranquil Plant Decor Ideas For The Living Room

You can make your living room ooze tranquillity with thoughtful decor accents. The tinted glass wall panelling, with a Buddha design, adds a divine touch to modern living room interiors. The sectional sofa unit provides ample space to spend quality time with your friends and family, while the high gloss laminates on the cabinets add a pop of colour to the living room. A tall areca palm plant on the side perfectly completes the entire look and brings a fresh vibe to the space.

Tranquil plant decoration in living room with tall indoor plants
Tall indoor plants decoration in the living room

Unique Plant Decor Ideas For The Living Room

If you’re looking for some budget-friendly ideas for indoor plants decoration in the living room, you will love this design. The living room has a wall-mounted TV unit and a small bar counter with two tall chairs. The turfgrass wall highlights the bar counter and adds a natural element to the space. The intricate wallpaper on the accent wall matches the design theme, while the flowers add a dash of freshness. To stitch the look together, we have added a potted bird of paradise plant, an excellent substitute for banana plant decoration in the living room. These are low maintenance and grow well in an indoor setup.

Unique plant decoration in living room with soothing green design
Soothing green design ideas for the living room

Shelves Are Great For Decorating With Plants In The Living Room

If you don’t have enough space to place more than one tall plant in your living room yet want a biophilic designed home, we have a solution for you. Utilise the shelves of your book cabinet or floating shelves to place some small succulents, money plants or creepers. They will easily fit in any corner and act as a showpiece too. You can also use hanging planters near the window to save floor space. You can add one tall pant next to the sofa if space permits. You can also use some sleek ladders to place your potted plants. This will act as a modern accent to your home interiors. Choose muted colours for the wall and wooden flooring to draw all the attention to the natural green decor of your living room.

Shelves are great for decorating with plant decoration in living room
Use shelves and ladders for small potted plants
Do you want a living room that is lively and livable

Now that you know the ways to decorate your living room with indoor plants, let’s tell you about Money Plant Vastu Tips For Your Home. If you need some expert help in revamping your home with functional furniture and space-saving designs, book a free consultation today. Our expert designers will help you with personalised designs that suit your budget and lifestyle. To get more inspiration on home interiors and decor ideas, check our blog and guide section now.

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