How To Plan Kid’s Bedroom Furniture For Your First Kid? Find Out Here

by Sreya Dasgupta | February 7, 2024 | 8 mins read

Kids bedroom interior design for your 1st child

Everything you need to know about kid’s room interior design which is perfect for your first child.

Home is where your heart lies. It is a place where you spend most of your life’s personal moments. With every big step in your life, you try to change some of your home interiors to fit with your present lifestyle. For example, a bachelor’s pad is much different from a working couple’s home or a joint family. But the concept of home interiors changes totally when you start planning for your first kid. Gone are the days when kid’s bedroom furniture was all about adding a small cradle in the corner of the master bedroom. Home interiors are a lifetime investment and when you are thinking about revamping your home for your first kid, it is crucial to think in advance about your kid’s eventual growing needs.

Having a separate space for themselves from a tender age helps kids with their mental and emotional growth too. It teaches them to be confident, take charge of cleaning their space and become responsible. These values are quite important, especially for kids of today’s generation. So, here we have got you some tips and tricks to help you design your first kid’s room that will not only cater to their current needs but their future needs as well.

Purpose Of A Kid’s Room

A kid’s room is a multifunctional space where your child can play, sleep and study. It’s also a place they can call their own. As they grow up, the space grows with them. It plays an important role in housing not just their toys and clothes but their imagination, creativity and memories that they can come back to once they are all grown up. So, the interior design of the kid’s room plays a crucial role in building their character and helping them create a space where they feel comfortable and happy. Small details like a spacious and clutter-free room, multifunctional furniture, ample lights and choice of colours go a long way in building the perfect space for your first kid. So, when thinking of building the perfect kid’s room in your home, be mindful of these details and you are good to go.

Kids room designed by DesignCafe at bangalore
A kid’s room at Ele Vana, Bangalore by DesignCafe
Want a playful kid's room for your munchkin

Essential Furniture For A Kid’s Bedroom

When you start designing your kid’s bedroom, here are a few pieces of furniture you should never forget to include. But make sure to leave ample floor space so your kids can play around freely, especially during their early days.

A Comfortable Bed: Good sleep is essential for your child’s development. So make sure to add a comfortable bed where they can rest peacefully. You can opt for a bed with hidden storage space to house their toys, clothes and other knick-knacks.

A Functional Wardrobe: A functional wardrobe is crucial in keeping all your kid’s clothes, toys, books and other knick-knacks. It helps in keeping your kid’s room tidy and saves ample floor space too. 

A Study Corner: Though having a study corner at an early age might seem unnecessary, but trust us, time flies and you will not realise when your child has started going to play school. The initial few years go by in a jiffy. But still, if you don’t want to occupy the space with a full-fledged study corner right now, choose a wardrobe with a study pull-out. This is a sustainable and space-saving option. These won’t take up any extra space, yet keep you ready way ahead of time.

Window Bay Seater With Storage: A window bay seater is an excellent addition to your kid’s bedroom. You can sit with them here and enjoy the outside view. Add some drawers beneath so you get extra storage space for their diapers, towels, clothes and other essentials.

Kids' bedroom furniture with a comfortable bed design for your 1st chil
Kids' designer bedroom furniture with functional wardrobe helps keep a room tidy
Kid-friendly furniture wardrobe with a study pull-out is ideal for your 1st child
Kids' bedroom furniture with window bay seater features hidden storage
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Kid-Friendly Colour Options For The Bedroom

Colours have a huge impact on livening up home interiors. You can add some vibrant colours to your kid’s room for a joyous vibe, add a thematic wallpaper or choose pastel shades and accentuate it with a pop of colour. Here are a few options for you:

Choose Vibrant Colours: Brighten up your kid’s room with some vibrant colour schemes. You can choose a single pastel colour or play with different shades to create the beautiful kid’s room of their dreams.

Eco-Friendly Washable Colours: It is very important to choose eco-friendly paint when you have kids around. These are safe for your kids and easy to maintain. Even if they mess up the walls, just wipe it with a sponge and a mild soap solution and you will be good to go.

Go For Chalkboard Paint: If cleaning the walls regularly seems too tiring for you, go for chalkboard paint for a section of the walls. This will give your kid a dedicated space to explore their doodling skills and make learning fun while saving your walls from the unnecessary mess.

Thematic Wallpaper: If you want thematic interiors for your kid’s room, wallpaper can add a lot of value to the design. These are easy to install and comparatively cheaper than wall paint. But be mindful to treat the corners well to avoid ugly peel-offs.

Vibrant kids' bedroom colors will create the beautiful room of your 1st child's dreams
Washable kid-friendly color schemes are safe for your kids and easy to maintain
Chalkboard kid-friendly color paint gives your 1st child a dedicated space to explore their doodling skills
Kids' bedroom colors with thematic wallpaper can add value to the design
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Safety Measures To Keep In Mind For A Kid’s Bedroom’s Interior Design

Homes with kids around need thoughtfully-designed smart modular furniture that helps create a safe environment for your kids to play around. It should also be easy to clean and maintain to make your life hassle-free. So, here are a few tips for you.

Round And Curved Corners: Avoid sharp edges as they might hurt your kid while moving around. Rather, opt for round tables and curved corners. This lends a seamless look and takes care of safety.

Choose Cushioned Upholstery: You can go for cushion upholstery to double up the safety of your kid’s bedroom. You can choose a winged accent chair to protect your kids from walling off.

Furniture With Storage: Make sure the sofa, ottoman, bed and other furniture have concealed storage. This will help to arrange all your kid’s toys, clothes, diapers and other essentials in a clutter-free manner while making your home look neat and tidy.

Wall-Mounted Bookshelf: Avoid a free-standing bookshelf when you have kids at home. Your kid can try to pull something out of the bookshelf and hurt themselves in the process. So, it is better to have a wall-mounted bookshelf so you can keep your books, artefacts and potted plants out of the reach of your little one. This will also free up the floor space for your kid to play around. You can check out our detailed guide on kid-friendly living room designs for more details.

Bedroom safety for kids with round and curved corners might not hurt your kid while moving around
Cushioned upholstery is bedroom safety for kids and protects them from walling off
Furniture with storage is bedroom safety for kids that helps to arrange all your kid’s toys and other essentials
Bedroom safety for kids with a wall-mounted bookshelf can keep books and artifacts out of the reach of little ones
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Tips To Make Your Kid’s Room’s Interiors Sustainable

Your kid’s room grows with your kid. So, having home interiors that will sustain you through the growing age of your child is a must. While designing your kid’s room, make sure to incorporate elements that may not be needed immediately but in due course of time. This way, you can be prepared for what’s coming in the future. Here are a few tips that will help you plan a sustainable kid’s room for your first child.

Ample Storage Options: Your kid’s room needs a lot of storage options so you must go with furniture that has ample storage space. A functional wardrobe, multiple drawers, a side cabinet with storage and a window bay seater with storage will go a long way. As your kid grows, the need for extra storage space will grow exponentially, so having functional furniture with storage units is a must for your kid’s room.

An Activity Corner: Physical activity is essential for your kid’s mental and physical health. So, adding an activity corner plays a crucial part in the interiors of your kid’s room. Though they might not use it right now, this corner will create inquisitiveness in their mind. And once they grow up a little, you can slowly assist them in using it. This way, you will inculcate some healthy habits in your kids from a tender age and also create a nice bond with your little one.

A Sturdy Bed: Every kid’s room needs a bed where they can sleep comfortably and this need never changes even when they’re all grown up. So, invest in a comfortable bed that will help them have their resting time and wake up fresh and energetic.

Kids room design with ample storage oiptions
Kids' room interior with an activity corner helps kids' mental and physical health
Kids room interior with sturdy bed
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We hope this blog answers all your questions about designing the perfect kid’s room for your first baby. If you still have queries or want experts to help you plan and design your home interiors, book a free consultation with us today. Our personalised, space-saving, modular home interiors are curated to fit your budget and lifestyle seamlessly. So what are you waiting for? Call us now and let’s get started and ready your home interiors for your munchkin. Here’s wishing you wonderful parenthood from the entire team of DesignCafe!

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