8 Bunk Beds with Desks: Ideal Solution for Boys and Girls

by Pooja Dara | February 11, 2024 | 7 mins read

Bunk bed with desk for your kids bedroom

A bunk bed with a desk is often associated with children’s bedrooms, and rightly so. Read the blog to know more.

A bunk bed with desk and drawers is an excellent furniture piece comprising two beds, one on top of the other. They offer multiple benefits to homeowners, such as:

  • They encourage strong bonding between friends and siblings. 
  • They provide extra storage for additional stuff.
  • They save on the floor space and are economical.
  • They add an element of adventure and fun to the room.
  • They are versatile as they come in a variety of configurations.

The Difference Between A Bunk Bed and A Loft Bed With A Desk

Bunk beds and loft beds are used interchangeably these days, but there is a difference between the two:

Bunk Bed With Desk

  • It has a top mattress and a lower mattress stacked on top of each other, and the desk is attached to the side. 
  • It provides an ample sleeping area without taking up double up floor space. 
  • It comes with the provision of a ladder either in the front or at the side.
  • It comes with a railing on the top bunk for safety reasons.
  • It is available in different types – Twin over twin bunk bed | Twin over full bunk bed | Twin over queen bunk bed | L-shaped bunk bed | Trundle bunk bed | Triple bunk bed | Futon bunk bed.
  • It is more affordable as compared to buying two single beds. 
  • It provides privacy to the kids in the bedroom.

Loft Bed With Desk

  • It is a double-level bed with only one mattress on the top bunk. 
  • The top bunk is for sleeping purposes, and the lower bunk’s usage is versatile.
  • It provides less sleeping space than bunk beds owing to its unique configuration.
  • It provides a high level of customisation as the lower bed level can be used as a children’s study/play nook.
  • It is available in different types – Queen-size loft bed | Full-size loft bed | Twin-size loft bed | Low loft bed | Mid loft bed | High loft bed | Study loft bed | Play loft bed

When it comes to finalising the bunk bed of your choice, the two most popular materials are:

Hardwood Bunk Bed

  • It provides aesthetic design options.
  • It is more expensive than the metal bunk bed.
  • It is customisable. 
  • It is sturdy and comes in different shades. 

Metal Bunk Bed

  • It is built for longevity and gives a more industrial look.
  • It is lightweight and can wobble under a specific situation.
  • It is less expensive than the hardwood bunk bed.
  • It has lesser versatility in terms of designs.
Customise your bed and enjoy up to 25 year warranty

Here are a few popular bunk beds with desk designs that you can get inspired from and plan your next purchase.    

Bunk Bed With Desk Underneath and Stairs

This bed with a desk is quite trendy. The blue and white colour scheme of the bedroom emits calm and cool vibes, which helps the child when he/she studies. The creative wooden ladder and railing combo for the top bunk looks impressive and practical. 

Blue and white bunk bed with a desk underneath and stairs in brown colour emits relaxed vibe
The soft toys and cushions enhance the aesthetics

Bunk Bed With Desk & Drawers

This bunk bed with desk and drawers looks quite luxurious and elegant in this bedroom. It has sturdy stairs with a railing on the side of the bed, giving the child easy access to the top bunk. The desk, shelves and drawers are strategically placed to maximise the study area and storage capabilities. 

Bunk bed with desk and drawers integrated into stairs to maximise the space
Each step on the stairs has a drawer to store stuff

Girls’ Bunk Bed With Desk

This girls’ bunk bed with desk looks mesmerising. The yellow colour brings in brightness and positivity, and the white colour represents purity. The playfulness in the bedroom’s design and decor makes studying a unique and fun experience for your child. 

Girls bunk bed with desk and wardrobe resembles the style of Lego blocks
The cheque-patterned area rug creates visual drama

Double Loft Bunk Bed With Desks Underneath & Stairs

If you have two children, especially a boy and a girl, then this double loft bunk bed with stairs and a desk underneath is your go-to choice. This symmetric setup literally oozes prince and princess vibes with the personalised colour coding and decor. The steps to the upper bunk provide exclusive storage drawers for each child.

Double loft bunk bed in blue and pink with desk underneath
Add green plants to bring in nature

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Kids’ Bunk Bed With Desk

Choose this pull-down wall bed and bunk bed combo for your kid if you want extra seating and sleeping space in your bedroom. The sea green and white colour scheme visually transports you to the sandy beaches and the seaside. The bunk bed has built-in shelves and drawers for displaying your items. 

Green and white kids' bunk bed with desk and pull-down wall bed visually transports you to the beach
A delightful bedroom welcomes you!

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King-Size Bunk Bed With Desk

This king-size bunk bed with a desk gives a nautical feel to the bedroom. The bedroom decor, delicate wooden ladder, table and chair blend beautifully and tie the whole bedroom together. The white walls soften the darker colour tones in the bedroom.

White and blue king-size bunk bed with a desk and wooden ladder
Install artwork to accentuate the vibrancy in the room

Solid Wood Bunk Bed With Desk

This solid wood bunk bed design with a wide desk helps you make the most of your kids’ bedroom design. The top and lower bunk are placed smartly at a ninety-degree angle to maximise the sleeping space and utilise the corners. The area below is utilised well by a study desk for two kids. 

Solid wood bunk bed integrated with desk underneath and spider-man-themed wall
The bedroom wallpaper acts as a stunning focal point

Loft Bunk Bed With Desk

This loft bunk bed design with a desk is gaining immense popularity with urban homeowners owing to its distinctive design. The wooden elements and the grey bedding bring a sense of intimacy and homeliness to the bedroom. You can incorporate a camping feel with the small tent bed. 

Loft bunk bed with a desk in minimalist design
The minimalist design makes the space look larger

Once you have chosen the ideal design, you must follow specific guidelines to ensure proper lighting and ventilation around the desk area to utilise the furniture piece to its fullest potential. Here are a few pointers to keep in mind:

  • Adequate natural lighting through the room’s windows will reduce the use of artificial lights during the day. 
  • Use adjustable artificial lighting during the night time to regulate the glare. 
  • The right lighting system enhances the aesthetics and reduces the risk of accidents. 
  • Proper ventilation increases the health of the inhabitants.

We hope you could grasp adequate information on the different types of bunk bed with desk designs through the blog. Go ahead and make a well-informed purchase for your home. Good Luck! Also, don’t forget that DesignCafe will be happy to resolve all your queries. 

FAQS on Bunk Beds With Desk

1. What factors do you need to consider when choosing a bunk bed with a desk?

  • Bedroom Size (Ensure that the top bunk is not close to the ceiling and there is ample floor space)
  • Configuration (Bunk bed with desk underneath or on the side)
  • Functionality (Incorporate multifunctional features like drawers and ladders to increase resale value)
  • Budget (Consider your needs, make price comparisons between beds and finalise your budget.) 
  • Occupant/User (kids/toddlers = shorter/lower bunk bed with guardrails/ladder, adults = bigger/medium-height bunk bed with/without guardrails/ladder)

2. How to make your bunk bed with a desk look luxurious and beautiful?

  • Use a minimalist design approach so that the bedroom feels more open and less visually cluttered.
  • Add wall light sconces beside the bed.
  • Choose a bunk bed with built-in drawers or shelves.  
  • Use textures as a decor element.
  • Accessorise with colourful bedding/cushions and interesting wallpaper. 
  • Opt for lower bunk beds if you have a small bedroom (as you get more headroom) and loft bunk beds if you have a high ceiling in the bedroom. 

3. How to clean & maintain bunk beds with a desk?

  • Dust the bed regularly. 
  • Do not use harsh chemical cleaners, as it can damage the finish of the bed. 
  • Use a mattress protector to protect from stains. Flip the mattress regularly.
  • Keep a check on the bunk bed frame and the screws that hold it together.

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