Editor’s Pick: 5 Customised Metal Wardrobe Design Ideas

by Pallabi Bose | February 11, 2024 | 3 mins read

Metal wardrobe design ideas for your home

Our metal wardrobe design ideas are perfect for when you want a wardrobe that’s durable and pretty at the same time.

Traditionally loved and Gen Z approved – metal wardrobes don’t have to be a storage necessity. They can be designed to be a statement piece too. Here, we have brought you some ultra-innovative yet budget-friendly steel and iron almirah designs that you can give your home a showstopper vibe. Read on!

Boho-Style Open Iron Almirah Designs For Small Spaces

For those living in shoe-size or studio apartments, you barely have any space left in the room to bring in a full-size almirah or wardrobe after placing the bed. You risk making the room look smaller than it really is by doing so. So, what’s the solution? Try an open iron wardrobe. The open shelving system gives the sense of a bigger space. Sure, you have to keep your clothes folded neatly at all times, but it’s worth the hassle. Choose a design similar to the one we have in the image. It has open and covered drawers to keep confidential documents and items safe.

Open iron almirah design goes well with a bohemian-style bedroom
An open wardrobe goes well with a bohemian-style room

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Bar Rack Cum Wardrobe For The Balcony

Who said balconies could not have wardrobes? Try our design in the image. We have customised the cupboard with a covered portion below to store essentials and non-essential items that you may want out of sight. The upper part has been designed to display your alcohol collection. We opted for wrought iron over wood to prevent it from being damaged by direct sunlight and rain.

Bar rack cum metal wardrobe with wine storage in the balcony area
Multipurpose metal wardrobe design with wine storage
Complete home interiors with modular wardrobe solutions

Modern Glass And Iron Wardrobe Designs

Are you looking for a sleek wardrobe design that will make every guest envious? You are at the right place! Nothing can match the oomph of this ultra-chic wardrobe. It is made of a black iron frame and glass for racks. The interior lighting in the closet takes the beauty of this piece to a new level.

Iron wardrobe design with patterned glass doors makes every guest envious
Chic iron almirah designs for picture-perfect homes

Steel Wardrobe Design Paired With A TV Unit

Don’t have space for a separate TV or dresser unit? We’ve got you covered! Get a custom-made two-door steel almirah design attached with a TV unit. For the drawers, we have used laminates. It features a closed space to stow away items and clothes that you want out of plain sight and also an open shelving system to display decorative items.

Steel wardrobe design in grey next to the tv unit in a glossy finish
Two-door steel wardrobe with a modern spin

Modern Twist To The Traditional Four-Door Steel Almirah Designs

While some may be comfortable flaunting their clothes collection with a shutterless wardrobe, others may not find it pleasant. This is where frosted glass wardrobe designs come to the rescue. Metal wardrobes with designer frosted glass do two jobs for a bedroom — keep the contents of your wardrobe hidden and make a statement piece at the same time. They speak for themselves. Take inspiration from the metal wardrobe design in the image below!

4-door steel almirah design in Brown with frosted glass in the bedroom
An elegant frosted glass steel wardrobe design

We hope we have given you some great ideas on how you can customise your boring old metal wardrobe design. But you need skilful hands to pull off such designs so book a free consultation with our design experts today! Don’t forget to check out our blog section for more home interior design ideas.

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