8 Loft Bedroom Design Ideas To Mesmerise You

by Mehnaz Farooque | February 15, 2024 | 8 mins read

Gorgeous loft bedroom ideas for your home

Loft bedrooms are a unique and creative way to utilise your attic

And up in the attic, there’s a whole new world of dreams and inspirations!

Lofts are the best ways to add space to your small homes. These are the spaces that usually remain vacant and, therefore, can be a great space maximising idea. These attics can be transformed into any useful room. You can create a simple study room in the attic or even a loft kitchen. However, today we are here to give you some attic interior tips for loft bedroom ideas. Yes! Lofts are perfect to set up cosy and tiny bedrooms. Loft bedrooms can be a unique bedroom set-up for your house that utilises the extra space available in the attic of your house. But designing a loft bedroom may not be as easy as it sounds. So we thought of guiding you through this process of creating the picture-perfect loft bedroom at your place.

A Rustic Wooden Loft Bedroom Design

This loft bedroom design idea is straight out of a storybook. Most attics have this kind of pitched ceilings that can be an integral interior element in your loft bedroom design. Use wooden beams and structures in the roof design to create a rustic country-style room. The floor of the loft bedroom needs to be finished in wood too. That way, you will create the ideal rustic look for your bedroom. The next step is to finalise the furniture elements, and our tip would be to keep things minimal. Choose a wooden bed that is not too big. Since there will be little room for big wardrobes, choose a bed with storage. You can bring a natural appeal to the bedroom with a skylight. If there is enough room, you can add a window bay seating for your loft bedroom. Use lightwood finishes in the roof and the flooring to keep the place bright.

A wooden loft bedroom with wooden beams and structures in the roof creates a rustic country-style room
You can decorate the loft bedroom with floor lamps

An All-White Minimal Loft Bedroom Design

Since lofts are usually small and low in height, try to make your loft bedroom simple and minimal. This way, you will not feel overwhelmed even in narrow attics. The trick is simple; use minimalist interiors to create an elegant but airy loft bedroom design. And the first step in creating a minimal loft bedroom design is to select a minimal colour scheme. If you’d ask us, we’d say: go with white. It is plain, simple and makes any place look spacious. Go for bright white if your attic doesn’t have natural light. You can also go with off white or cream white colour schemes. For the all-white look, maintain the same colour scheme in the furniture as well. Go for a white laminate finish bed, a white laminate finish study table etc.

All-white small loft bedroom in minimalist design lends an elegant but airy loft bedroom design
You can create accent elements in different colours to bring in some dimension to the interiors

A Super Chic Loft Bedroom With Glass

This loft bedroom is for modern studio apartments. The attic can be ideal for the bedroom as the rest of the space downstairs can be used as a living or dining space. This attic or loft bedroom is different from our regular loft spaces. As you can see, the bedroom is surrounded by transparent glass walls that add a modern and uber-cool appeal. Because of the see-through loft bedroom design, you ought to be careful about the bedroom’s interiors because it can create the impression of a messy house. So, keep the interiors simple and easy to maintain. You can have a modern wooden bed that centres the room and weaves the other interior elements around it. You can add your work desk in the bedroom with a small lounge place too.

Loft bedroom surrounded by transparent glass walls that adds a chic look
Use recessed ceiling lights to keep the loft bedroom bright
Want to know what kind of bedroom designs suits you

An Industrial-Style Loft Bedroom For Your Place

Loft interiors are generally referred to as industrial-style interiors. And for your loft bedroom, it can be an excellent design theme too. For your industrial loft bedroom, first, work on the ceiling design. Industrial interiors require exposed ceilings with a rugged and factory-finish look. So, go for corrugated metal ceilings or exposed dark wooden ceilings. You can use ducts or pipelines in the ceiling to add the factory look. The next is the flooring; go for concrete finish floor designs that give you the industrial feel. You can tweak the bedroom with a smart platform bed that will add dimension to the interiors. You can also use wooden beds with exposed legs to add appeal. Select a greyish colour scheme for the loft bedroom and complement it with track ceiling lights. You can also use an industrial-style floor lamp near the bed. The most critical design element in your industrial style bedroom has to be a brick cladding accent wall.

Industrial loft style bedroom has a study unit and brick cladding wall design
A brick cladding accent wall will complete the industrial theme and also add naturalness to the ambience

Loft Bedroom Design That Utilises The Attic’s Architecture

This loft bedroom design is a simple and easy way to recreate your attic space. Most attics have architectural bones and structures that remain concealed. However, you can use those architectural structures for your loft bedroom to create a new and unique design theme. For example, use the ceiling tin sheets as an exciting design element above your bed space. For this, use a low-floor bed so that there is enough height in the room. You can also use the attic’s staircase as a design element in your bedroom.

Small loft bedroom design with solid wood stairs creates a new and unique design theme
Use solid wood stairs that can also be a sitting place in your bedroom

A Library-Cum-Loft Bedroom Design

If you are a bibliophile, you will crave a reading corner at home. And now that going to libraries is on a halt due to the pandemic, you can recreate the cosy library book reading corners at home in your loft bedroom. For this, add a low wooden height and wall-length bookshelf where you can stack all your favourite novels and books. Right next to it, place a cosy and comfortable floor bed where you can lie down and read stories. The library can add a functional space to your loft bedroom. And even if it is not your master bedroom, you can use the loft bedroom as your spare corner for reading.

Library cum loft master bedroom in an all-white is a cosy and comfortable design
Include a skylight near the bed so that the attic remains naturally illuminated

An Uber Cool Loft Bedroom Design For Soothing Hours Of Sleep

You can make your loft bedroom your corner of rejuvenation at home. For this, go for an elegant, cosmopolitan-style interior design. Use a mild white colour scheme for your house and have the same colour for your loft bedroom. Use a modern, sleek staircase design, preferably floating style stairs, to connect seamlessly your living area and the bedroom. Add a small and cosy bed in the attic’s vaulted ceiling corner. You can add a small study table with a bucket chair at the end of the bed.

Loft bedroom design in cosmopolitan style with a small study table and floating stairs lends an airy vibe
To add some airy vibe, feel free to add a large floor mirror to your attic bedroom
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A Wabi-Sabi Loft Bedroom Design

Wabi-sabi is a Japanese interior design theme that exhibits all-natural designs with rustic simplicity. ‘Wabi’ — translated as rustic simplicity — brings a sense of simple living to interiors. And ‘sabi’ — translated as appreciating the old and the faded — reminds us to embrace the calmness of worn-out things around us. Thus, wabi-sabi celebrates the old and faded design aesthetics. For your wabi-sabi loft bedroom design, go with rustic and faded wooden furniture for your bed, study table, bookshelf, etc. You can use frayed furniture fabric to highlight the worn-out aesthetics of your design theme. Have a low-floor wooden bed and a worn-out wooden nightstand with an old-style table lamp to complete the look. Use mild colour curtains to add the worn-out natural appeal. Remember: wabi-sabi design is about recreating the world’s reality through designs that look faded, old and incomplete.

Loft master bedroom in wabi-sabi theme features study table, bookshelf and old-style lamps
You can also decorate your wabi-sabi loft bedroom with earthy and natural elements, handmade paintings, etc.

Loft bedrooms can be a great addition to your home. They are an integral part of modern studio apartments and old Indian houses; hence, these loft bedroom design ideas will surely help you create the most fantastic bedroom set up in your attic. If you need more assistance in coming up with the interior set-up for your place, hit us up and help you build your dream.

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