What Colours Match With Blue For Your Home

by Devna Tiwari | February 11, 2024 | 5 mins read

What colors match with blue for your home

If you love blue but can’t decide what colours match with it you have come to the right place, here’s a list of some beautiful colours that match with blue flawlessly!

The colour blue is a popular cool colour and the first shade that comes into mind for those looking for calming space that is easy on the eyes and not too jarring. Blue symbolises serenity, stability, calmness and reliability. A preferred choice for both interiors and exteriors by civilizations all across the world, there are whole cities that are painted blue. These are Chefchaouen in Morocco, Jodhpur in Rajasthan, Oia in Greece and Juzcar in Spain to name a few. Though blue is well known for its soothing effects on the mind, it is also associated with melancholy and grief. And hence it is crucial to the pair the colour blue used in interiors with a bright and peppy colour to keep everyone’s spirits up. In this article, we will see some of the colours that balance the negative associations of the colour blue for your interiors.

Blue And Rich Browns

A combination that never runs out of style and one that is unanimously liked by everyone are shades of blue with rich browns. The colour blue and its shades pairs well with browns helping the brown stand out creating a stark contrast to any design. A blue wall with dark brown furniture can never go wrong. A dark wood floor of walnut or wenge creates a classy and elegant look on a wall with a blue patterned wallpaper or paint textures. This is a combination that is best suited for those looking to use traditional solid wood furniture with modern elements. A perfect blend of old and new. 

Rich brown and blue contrast colour in this living cum dining room combination that never runs out of style.
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Blue And Yellow

Now, this combination is best reserved for those who prefer a bit of pop in their life and like eclectic designs. Different shades of blue can pair wonderfully with correspondingly intense bright colours like yellow. Add character to a muted blue wall by placing photo frames with a picture painted in bright yellow. You can also add bright decor pieces like pillows, nicknacks, vases and more. to create islands of colour in a sea of blue. This will balance out the melancholy of blue with bright and fun energy of yellow.

What colors match with blue is yellow furniture brightens the room colors that go with blue to create islands of colour in a sea of blue.

Blue And White

Blue and white have been a timeless classic since Victorian times and still has many fans. The colour can be considered as the ultimate pairing for blue, as white is a great neutral colour that compliments the cool and fresh vibe of blue. A great way to use white with blue is to use white mouldings, cornices and skirtings on a blue wall. This contrasts well with blue bringing your space to life. Alternatively, you can try blue and white wallpapers to find balance in your interior design.

White and navy blue contrast colour walls and furniture brings a cool and fresh vibe to the room.

Blue And Peach

Now if you are someone who thinks white is a little too boring to pair with blue you can try peach. Whether with light blues or dark blues the colour peach pairs nicely with blue to create a subtle yet striking contrast. If you are going with lighter shades you can pair sky blue, peach and light green to give your interiors a pastel colour scheme. This scheme keeps the ambience feeling light, fresh and airy. This will be ideal for a children’s bedroom with a playful vibe and will remind you of the Powerpuff Girls. On the other hand, if you prefer more grown-up colours for a master bedroom or living room, you can use deep blue that has a hint of grey in them and pair it with peach to render a minimalist and modern look that’s also ultra-luxurious.

Peach wall and blue matching colour sofas a minimalist and modern look that's also ultra-luxurious.
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Blue And Pinks

Now, this is again for you eclectics out there who like bold and flashy designs. Depending on how much you score on the eclectic-o-meter, you can choose to make one or the other colour to cover most of your space. If you like bold colours but might think that a Hot Pink room is too loud for your sanity you can keep blue as the majority colour and use pink to bring in pop and only on decor pieces. And if you like a colour scheme that screams energy use hot pink across your interiors and pair it with blue accessories to anchor the loudness of this colour.

Pink-coloured bed and curtain against blue looks eclectic is the best combination with blue colour.

These are just a few of the colours that we think match well with blue. Now all these colours may not be to your liking and hence you must try a colour scheme that works for you. If you have a colour you think that may work well with blue but are unsure how it will look you can always paint samples on a wall with the colours side by side. Who knows maybe you might discover a new combination that matches blue better than any other colour out there.

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