Discover Small Room Interior Design Tips With These Out-Of-The-Box Ideas

by Sneha Virmani | February 3, 2024 | 5 mins read

Small room interior design for the smallest rooms in the house

Small room interior design ideas to help you maximise every inch of the smallest room in your house.

Not everyone has the luxury of space, but don’t let that deter you from stylishly designing your home. 

Small room interior design is making waves and how. Yes, a small room does need more thought than bigger rooms because you need that little know-how to find purposeful pieces that work for you. 

Luckily, this article is about eliminating gaps to make more space in a small room. Do you want tips to make your living room seem more free-flowing or your bedroom to include functional furniture that doubles up in need? We’ve got you covered. Read on to discover some of the most intriguing ideas to make the smallest room in the house surprisingly stylish. 

Small MasterBedroom Interior Design 

It’s natural to panic when your master bedroom is also the smallest room in the house. But with the right knowledge and design ideas, you can make space while integrating sass into the room. A separate headboard is unnecessary when you have a stylish wall that doubles up as a bed back. With just enough room for two, large couches are a big no. But a cosy seat extended from the window is perfect for unwinding. 

Another great thing about this small bedroom design is the lack of clutter despite having everything a regular room must have. That’s because built-in lights create the illusion of a free-flowing area, while pendant light fixtures occupy space. 

Small master bedroom interior integrated with a stylish wall that doubles up as a bed back
Vertical lines in the room create the appearance of a higher ceiling

Small Drawing Room Interior Design 

When your living room is also the entrance area, you must improvise with design styles that make a great first impression. The key here is to keep the room clean and avoid overcrowding it with furniture. A stylish built-in TV cabinet works as a wall accent, while the sharp L-shaped couch ensures corners of the room are utilised. One accent leather chair is just the finishing touches the space needed to make a statement. Using the side table as a plant holder is genius and looks great, too! 

Small drawing room interior design with a built-in TV cabinet works as a wall accent
Framed artwork on a wall maximises empty wall space

Small Dining Room Interior Design 

Oh, did you know there was a difference between small and very small rooms? Well, it’s true, but we stand by the belief that there is no space too small for a stylish design, and this dining area is proof. A table for meal times and a piece of decor otherwise, this clever folding design serves the purpose and is excellently executed. With enough space for four people to comfortably enjoy meal times, this small dining room is ideal for nuclear families.  

Small dining room interior design incorporates a dining table that can accommodate up to four people
Keep the table free of clutter for an organised look
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Room Interior Design for Small Bedroom 

What was once a small TV room is now your growing boy’s bedroom. Use the extended TV console as a study table, the pull-out sofa as a couch by day, and a bed by night. A statement vibrant red printed wall is playful yet understatedly masculine. The blinds on the window are a much better alternative to heavy curtains that weigh down the room and lend an overcrowded vibe. An ottoman and a miniature coffee table finish the small room interior perfectly. Use the coffee table as a nightstand or accent furniture to amp up the room’s style quotient. 

Space-saving interior design for small bedroom with a TV unit that doubles as a study table
A tidy, useful area serves a dual purpose in small rooms

Interior Design for Small Living Room 

A clever way to make a small room appear spacious is to use mirrors. The optical illusion created by using a mirrored wall makes this small living space appear larger than it is. Apart from mirrors, the blue-hued couch adds a focal point and draws attention away from the floor space. Flowing through the entire living area, the blue upholstery is used for an ottoman and the window bench, binding different spaces. 

Interior design for small living room with mirrored wall and blue-hued couch creating an illusion of spaciousness
Built-in decor consoles maximise wall space

Small-room interior design indeed requires creative colour choices and flexible furniture. But these stunning design ideas cleverly maximise space, proving that design is not dictated by square per metre. Introduce your mind to new possibilities, and if you need help, we’re just a shout away. 

FAQs About Small Room Interior Design

1. How do I create a visually appealing and clutter-free small room design?

The trick behind creating a visually appealing and clutter-free small room is to maximise wall and corner spaces. Use furniture that serves a dual purpose and keep decor accents minimal. Your colour palette must also be in sync with other rooms to promote a free-flowing space. 

2. Can I use vertical storage solutions to maximise space in a small room?

Vertical storage solutions are a brilliant hack to maximise space in a small room. Built-in sliding door shutter cupboard with storage on top works well for bedrooms and kitchens. 

3. What are some common mistakes to avoid in small room interior design?

When doing up your small room interior design, avoid the following mistakes: 

  • Adding too many colours, prints and textures can make the space feel overcrowded
  • Choose blinds or sheers to allow natural light in
  • Keep the floors for essential furniture, and use the walls for decor 
  • Opt for vertical storage instead of horizontal designs 

4. How do I select the right furniture and accessories for a small room?

Furniture and accessories in a lighter colour or tone make the space look and feel airy. While dark furniture absorbs light and makes your small room appear tinier. Also, use clean lines and structured furniture instead of bulky ones. 

5. Can I use open shelving instead of cabinets in a small room?

While open shelves hold fewer items than cabinets, they do make a room feel more airy. Plus, with everything on display, you will adapt to the more organised style of life.

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