Viva Magenta: Upgrade Your Home With 2023’s Pantone Colour Of The Year

by Nikita Raikwar | January 17, 2024 | 5 mins read

Pantone colour 2023 for your home

Want to change the canvas of your home? Try out Viva Magenta Pantone colour of the year 2023 for your home’s interiors and decor.

With 2022 being all about striking a balance between the physical world and the digital world, Pantone’s colour of the year 2023 highlights our current hybrid state, with its Viva Magenta shade. It’s a crimson red tone that shares the equation between warm and cool, pulsating a colour that promotes a joyous and optimistic celebration of expression, vigour and the idea of writing our own narrative.

This year’s Pantone colour of the year exuberates a powerful and empowering shade of reddish-purple that’s worth experimenting with, is electrifying in its overarching rebellious spirit and is full of audacious wit and inclusivity. 

With that being said, here are six ways you can introduce Pantone colour Viva Magenta in your homes in 2023.

Try The 2023 Pantone Colour Of The Year For Upholstered Dining Room Chairs

While not everyone may be a fan of bright pops of reds and crimsons in their home, 2023 Pantone colour Viva Magenta can happily nestle in our hearts via the dining room. This dining space features a palatial design in all whites, right from the crockery unit to the floor cabinet. It pairs well with the Viva Magenta tones of the dining mats and the upholstered armchairs. The room can be better accentuated with Viva Magenta via subtle decor elements such as the faux floral arrangement, as seen on the mantle of the cabinet, in this image.

2023 Pantone colour for dining room chairs
2023 Pantone colour for dining room seating

Viva Magenta For Your Home’s Walls As A Popular Pantone Colour

Indian homes are known for their bright pops of colours and vibrant hues, time and again. It’s the classic Indian trait to accentuate our spaces with our very vibrant personalities. With that being said, many homes can make the most of this 2023 Pantone colour via their bathroom walls and bathroom rugs, as seen in the image. To tone down the bright reddish-purple hue of Viva Magenta, you can play with varied shades of pink and red or simply strike a contrast with our favourite white tiles.

2023 Pantone colour for your Bathroom’s wall
Viva Magenta as the 2023 Pantone colour for your Bathroom wall
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Go For Couches In Pantone Colour Viva Magenta With Complementing Orange Rugs

For homes that love a happy bohemian colour arrangement, 2023 Pantone colour Viva Magenta can also be used via living room accent walls (as seen in the image) or through the seating. We are talking about all things Viva Magenta with a vibrant coral combination through the shades of orange and peach. This living space welcomes hues of crimson reds and cantaloupe-y orange via its bulky mid-century seats. The orange accent chairs play magic with the decorative pillows on the Viva Magenta three-seater couch.

Couches in 2023 Pantone colour Viva Magenta
Viva Magenta and coral hues make a playful match

Introduce Viva Magenta In The Bedroom With Airy Curtains And Faux Rugs

For homeowners that love to play with different designs and colours for their homes, Viva Magenta can well work its magic into your bedrooms via heavy curtains and faux fur rugs. We designed this bedroom to incorporate the 2023 Pantone colour effortlessly into the setting of the space. What’s fun about this bedroom is that each of these elements can easily be replaced with other colours to pair well with the white walls, white bed frame, and white modular side tables amongst other decor elements.

2023 Pantone colour Viva Magenta for your bedroom
Viva Magenta fills a stunning canvas of whites

Consider An Upgrade With Viva Magenta Kitchen Cabinets

Dual-tone finish combinations for the kitchen are all the buzz in the home interior solutions industry, and any two contrasting colour combinations can strike a chord with homeowners easily. With that being said, why not give the overhead grey cabinets a classy touch by pairing them with the 2023 Pantone colour of the year Viva Magenta for the base cabinets and breakfast counter. The crimson cabinets help break the monotony of the space with their bold and brave entrance into the space.

Pantone Colour Viva Magenta for kitchen Cabinets
Experience a bold rendezvous in your Indian kitchen
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Experiment With A Floor-To-Ceiling Headboard In The Pantone 2023 Colour Of The Year

While curtains, rugs and art murals can easily be integrated with Viva Magenta, the 2023 Pantone colour of the year, what’s an even better option is eyeing a floor-to-ceiling headboard that seamlessly blends in as a conversation starter. This master bedroom features a delectable design with Viva Magenta easing through the statement centrepiece — the floor-to-ceiling headboard. It’s also the primary placeholder for colours in the space with the rugs, curtains and the day blanket making an entrance in the same reddish-purple hues of Viva Magenta.

2023 Pantone colour Viva Magenta for a floor-to-ceiling headboard
Create drama with a floor-to-ceiling headboard

2023 is all about experimentation the hybrid way, right from choosing the colours of your home to accentuating it with your vibrant personality. Let Viva Magenta, the 2023 Pantone colour of the year, do the magic on your behalf with homes that spark joy.

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