Northwest-Facing House Vastu Tips: Usher In Positive Vibes And Abundance

by Pulkit Singh | February 4, 2024 | 5 mins read

North west facing house vastu tips

Follow our best northwest-facing house Vastu tips for easy living. 

Moving into your new home? Is it in the northwest direction? Did friends and relatives give you negative feedback about it? Are you debating the reliability of your decision? Stop. Take a moment and read our northwest-facing house Vastu tips. They are well-researched and will help you navigate through all the brouhaha about northwest-facing homes. 

Northwest-Facing House Vastu: Why Is It Good For You?

North-facing houses with west entrances have got some bad press. There are positives to everything, and these homes are no different. In combination with other Vastu guidelines, they can turn out to be good deals. 

Vastu believes that the northwest direction is ruled by ‘Vayu’, the God of wind and the Moon. According to Vastu scholars, the northwest symbolically illustrates the perpetual flow of air or movement. The moon waxes and wanes, and the wind changes direction and intensity often. How you fare in a northwest-facing home depends on your lifestyle. 

There is promise of an active social life and effortless prosperity. Still, if the other Vastu elements are not in harmony, it can easily lead to disagreements, legal complications and an accelerated downfall. Those who stay in well-constructed northwest-facing homes can become famous and achieve immense material prosperity.

Vastu shastra north west facing house is ruled by Vayu, the God of wind and the Moon
Northwest facing house Vastu tips for you
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Northwest-Facing House Vastu Pitfalls

Vastu experts believe it is tough to maintain mental, emotional and material equilibrium in a northwest-facing house. This direction affects the mental health of all occupants in the home. Apart from this, it also influences fetal development and the birth of newborns. Improper Vastu principles could lead to frequent abortions, unnecessary travel, senseless expenditures and massive debts.

Northwest facing house vastu affects the mental health of all occupants in the home
You can rectify most drawbacks with Vastu guidelines

Tips For A North-Facing House With West Entrance

DesignCafe offers you a few suggestions to help you usher in positivity and prosperity in your northwest-facing house.

For the entrance, bare walls are associated with loneliness. According to Vastu, placing an idol or photo of Lord Ganesha chases away negativity. Positioning a Trishul, Swastik or Om on either side of the entrance of a northwest-facing house is a Vastu tip often given to owners of these homes. Plants play an essential role in dispelling bad vibes. Placing them in pots or creating a small garden near the front door is also beneficial.

North facing house with west entrance vastu placing an idol or photo of Lord Ganesha chases away negativity
Entrance to a northwest house with beautiful plants

Northwest-Facing House Vastu Tips For The Living Room

A living room in the northwest corner of the house is a great idea. This direction is also conducive for guest rooms. Because of the transient nature of ‘Vayu’, the ruler of the northwest direction, keeping the entertaining corners in this direction ensures easy and continuous circulation of guests.

Living room in corner of northwest-facing house vastu is a great idea and also conducive for guest rooms
A living room in the northwest direction

Vastu Tips For The Master Bedroom Of A Northwest-Facing House

The master bedroom should always be in the southwest corner. Those who stay in the southwest corner dictate the house and its issues. So, the owners should always stay in this direction. A bedroom in the northwest direction is suitable for newlyweds only if there are elders in the house.

Vastu shastra for northwest-facing house for master bedroom is not an ideal direction
Southwest is ideal for the master bedroom
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Northwest-Facing House Vastu Tips For The Kids’ Room

The kid’s room can easily be accommodated in the northwest direction. It is more beneficial to the girls in the family so the daughter’s room should ideally be in the northwest direction.

Kids room in north west facing house vastu is okay in this direction
Kids’ rooms are okay in a northwest-facing house

Northwest-Facing House Vastu Tips For The Kitchen

The kitchen in the northwest direction is considered auspicious. The food cooked here influences the health of the house members positively. Reap additional benefits by placing heavy heating instruments like stoves, ovens and induction tops specifically in the northwest direction. If you cannot place the kitchen in this area, it can be constructed in the southeast direction.

Kitchen vastu of north west facing house is considered auspicious
Northwest is recommended for kitchens

Some Miscellaneous Vastu Tips For A Northwest-Facing House

Ensure the house has an even number of doors and windows. If your home has a staircase, place it in a southern or western direction. Ideally, the balcony or the patio should be located in the north or east. The pooja room is best in the north, northeast and east. Mandir in the south is a big no-no. 

Install wooden doors instead of metal ones in your washrooms. Metal attracts negative energy and can have an adverse impact on the health of family members. Avoid homes with water bodies around them as they create financial hassles, according to Vastu. 

Generously employ windchimes, Vastu helix made of brass, healthy and aromatic plants and pyramids to stave off the harmful effects in northwest-facing houses.

Miscellaneous vastu tips for north west facing house
Balcony in the north is good for the house

No home can be tailor-made in compliance with all the rules of Vastu. Besides, Vastu consultants agree that no direction is entirely good or bad. There are always ways to work around and incorporate solutions to the problems beset by rooms in unorthodox directions.

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