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9 Simple Yet Savvy DIY Valentine’s Day Decor Ideas For Celebrations At Home

DIY valentine’s day room decor ideas for your home

Make your at-home Valentine’s Day celebrations unique and unforgettable with these awesome DIY Valentine’s Day room decor ideas!

Oh, how wonderful it is to have a day for romance!

Every year on February 14th, couples across the world celebrate Valentine’s Day in their unique ways. While some like to arrange perfect dinner dates in restaurants, others choose to go on a quick getaway to find their haven of romance. However, with a pandemic still on the loose, arranging a romantic rendezvous outside home is both tricky and unsafe. But that doesn’t mean you love birds can’t enjoy, because we got you some amazing Valentine’s Day room decor ideas to celebrate the romantic day at home! These are easy and affordable DIY Valentine’s Day room decor ideas that are surely going to raise the bar of at-home dates. From charming front porch decor to cosy bedroom setups – pick your favourite or try all of these from our list here. We bet you, the fourth one is going to work magic for the evenings!

Pep Up Your Home Entrance With DIY Valentine’s Day Room Decor

As the saying goes, “Two things remain irretrievable – time and first impressions.” You must not overlook the prominence of front porches for romantic decor ideas. If you have a view outside your front porch then you ought to utilise it. This Valentine’s Day room decor should start right from your door.

It’s unexpected, romantic and doesn’t even require much preparation time. If you’d ask us, all you need to do is have a simple wooden patio bench, some flower decorations on the door and the background wall. You can go for natural creeper plants or flowering vines on the front door to create a fresh ambience that can also double up as the perfect setting for a breakfast date. You can also add a DIY heart decoration with a floral wreath on the door to add to the Valentine’s Day vibe.

DIY valentines decorations for home entrance, front porches decorated with wooden patio bench and flowers on a red wall.

Valentine’s Day Room Decor Ideas For Your Living Area

Living rooms are where the most amazing conversations happen. So, in our checklist of Valentine’s Day decor ideas, living room DIY decorations play a crucial role. If you have a comfortable couch or a tufted sofa in your living room then you are sorted with the main decor element! Just add some pink or pastel cushions to the couch and complement the setup with some decor for the room. If you have a centre table, you can arrange some flowers and place some memorable photos on it too.

Next, you can work on the couch’s background, where you can hang some handmade heart-shaped artwork or origami in the shape of birds and flowers to lighten up the mood. You can also buy a ‘Happy Valentine’s centrepiece for the living room. While you can go with your regular light shade curtains for the living room, anything in lavender or pink will do wonders for your Valentine’s Day room decorations.

DIY valentine’s day decoration ideas for your home
Exquisite coffee table decor, sign art, flowers are perfect for an intimate Valentine’s Day decoration at home
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Sweep Them Off Their Feet With DIY Tablescape Ideas

Now, we all know the stomach is the way to someone’s heart. So, don’t forget to value the importance of good food in your DIY Valentine’s Day room decor list! However, along with good food, you need to set up an appealing tablescape decor. If you are someone who believes in all things subtle and understated then this one’s for you. Set up your dining table with flowers and a pastel-coloured tablescape. Rose candlesticks, floral centrepiece, classy dinnerware together make a perfect ensemble for this. 

But if you are on the dramatic side, feel free to add vibrant red as accents or decor to the table. You can also twist things up with the right set of dim and romantic table lighting to create a restaurant-style cosy dinner setting. You can also remodel your dining chairs by adding matching table and chair covers with some comfortable cushions. For a breakfast or lunch date, you can choose to opt for a subtler Valentine’s Day room decor setup but if you are looking at an evening dinner date, don’t hesitate to include some dramatic surprises.

DIY valentine's day decorations, the white dining room decorated with flowers and candles on the dining table.

Romanticise The Balconies Too With Our DIY Valentine’s Day Decor

We know this might be a little too specific considering all of us may not have the luxury of a beautiful balcony. But, if you have one, add it top in the list of your homemade Valentine’s Day room decorations! Flowers, plants, fairy lights, a cosy couch, quirky table lamps – you can have it all! Bring nature to your balcony with hanging flower pots and flowering vines. If your balcony is wide enough to fit a small bed, arrange a canopy style bed decoration to set up your perfect private corner!

If you have a balcony swing, decorate it with plant creepers and fairy lights. Balcony dates can be great for daytime picnics as well as intimate conversations. And yes, don’t forget to include a piece of slow romantic music in the background. Always remember fragrance and music play key roles in creating romantic Valentine’s Day room decorations.

Balcony decorated for valentine day with flowers, plants, fairy lights and table lamps is DIY valentine decorations.

Special Valentine’s Day Room Decor Ideas For The Sleeping Haven

Your bedroom is where you can go over the top with romantic decoration. Go with pretty bed linen in red or lavender. You can also go for lace or floral printed bedspreads with flower petals and candles as surrounding design elements. You can even add a soft textured floor carpet in the same colour as in the bedspread.

In our list of DIY Valentine’s Day room decor ideas, we bring to you bedroom decor that is both easy and impressive. A pastel toned room decor with DIY heart-shaped table crafts can never go wrong. You can choose an old school study table lamp along with hand-printed lampshades. Don’t forget to match the bedroom curtains with the rest of the setup. There are many other ways you can detail your romantic bedroom decorations as per your taste and personality. A quick tip: try adding decorative elements that would feel more personal to your relationship.

Valentine’s day decoration ideas for your home to get inspired Caption: Decorate your bedroom or dining table with these pretty V-Day ideas

Try Some DIY Valentine’s Day Decor Art Pieces To Woo Your Partner

Nothing looks more romantic than handmade craft pieces. So make your partner feel extra special with DIY art pieces for homemade Valentine’s Day decorations. While most room decorations for this special day will oversee the entire room’s setup, this point will accentuate the romance with detailing.

You can incorporate easy DIY craft design elements like a paper made ‘LOVE’ banner or some handmade love notes. You can also add greeting cards, love letters, paper lanterns, and tree branch crafts to set up the room with some simple decorations for Valentine’s Day. Though simple, handmade art will feel most personal to your partner!

The room decor with homemade red candles, paper lanterns, and tree branch is the Valentine room decoration idea.

Valentine’s Day Room Decor Ideas For The Walls

Walls are the most significant aspect of DIY room decorations. So let your walls speak, express and shower love! The best wall decoration ideas include hanging photos, frames with romantic quotes, abstract art and DIY heart decorations on the wall. In our selection of Valentine’s Day home decor, we thought of bringing something simple and easy to work at home. You can create metallic, wooden or even rubber-based heart frames to style up your walls. If you have light coloured walls, you can go with DIY red heart decoration frames for your living and bedroom walls.

The room decorated with roses on the table and heart frames on the wall is the valentine room decoration.

DIY Cards Are Great As Valentine’s Day Room Decor For The Bookshelves

Bookshelves and racks are great to decorate. You can place Valentine’s special handmade greeting cards and photo frames on the shelf. You can also add some books with pink and red covers to mellow up your room’s decoration. For the evening, decorate your bookshelf with some fairy lights. You can add candles and small lamps on the shelves too. The bookshelf will bring in a classy vibe to the rest of your DIY Valentine’s Day room decorations.

The room decorated with candles and fairy lights on the wall and bookshelves is the best room decoration for valentine.
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Valentine’s Room Decor Ideas With Lights

Light up the romance this Valentine’s Day with the perfect lights. Not too bright and not too dim. Choose lights that go along with your romantic flow. You can use some of your Christmas decoration lights, especially those copper string lights you tucked away after Xmas.

And if you are planning to go for some DIY lighting decorations, you can work on heart-shaped balloons and wrap them with wool and fairy lights. There are several ways to style your space with lights so feel free to explore and implement. You can also come up with some hand-painted lamps and handmade scented candles. For the dining area, you can use dimmer ceiling lights or hanging lamps with warm led lights. For your bedroom opt for wall hanging lights to decorate the area behind the headboard.

A bedroom decorated with fairy lights on a brick wall is a simple DIY room decoration ideas for valentine's day.

So, there you go! We just spiced up your 2022 Valentine’s plans with these simple yet quirky DIY Valentine’s Day room decor ideas for February 14th. Whether you like to keep things simple or pep things up a bit, we have given you some lovely handmade and romantic suggestions! So, start planning a little early and get ready to dress up your home for the big day. Lastly, a very Happy Valentine’s Day from us, don’t forget to send us some photos!

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