Interior Design Trends: How The Pandemic Changed Our Homes Forever

by Shubhankar Adhikari | January 20, 2024 | 5 mins read

Current interior design trends for your home

The latest interior design trends for 2021 are here to stay. Read on to know more about the trends that matter in a past-pandemic world.

Not many of us knew what lay ahead of us when the lockdown was announced in March 2020. Months into the pandemic, we are still waiting for restrictions to be lifted, meet family and friends in a safe space and to start travelling for fun again. 

Over the months, we have learnt how to adjust to living within the restricted perimeter of our homes. We have spent hours on Zoom meetings, socialised on long-distance calls and have been working from home within the confines of our four walls. Our homes have become a school for our kids, a place to entertain friends for a socially distanced get-together and where we unwind. This has led many of us to spice up our surroundings and sparked interest in how to redesign our homes to create a livelier atmosphere.

Though working from home began as a response to the pandemic it is here to stay for many of us. Naturally, the focus is on creating a comfortable work environment at home and this is at the heart of the interior design trends for 2021. What does this mean for interior design? We asked Swati Santani, VP – Design R&D, Design Cafe, for her inputs on how the health crisis might shape homes in the future and create adaptable spaces. Here’s what she said.

Interior Design Trends For 2021 Are All About Warm Colours And Textures 

As people stay confined to home during the pandemic homes need a certain level of warmth. As a result interior design trends have moved to warm colours and textures. This trend is seen throughout the home more so in the living room that has become a critical space for everyone. Homeowners want all elements-  furniture, upholstery, lighting and decor – in the home to come together to create a warm space keeping with the interior design trends for 2021.

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A Grey And Ivory Colour Scheme For The Kitchen Is The Latest Interior Design Trend 

In keeping with the new interior design trends homeowners are picking all-grey kitchens or offsetting a dark charcoal grey with ivory. This Kitchen interior design trend has been visible for the past few months. All white and all grey are the boldest of choices today. For those looking to break the monotony you can use the darker colour at the base and the lighter shade on top. Hence, dark charcoal grey at the base and ivory white at the top is a popular choice today for kitchens. 

Latest interior design trends offsetting a dark charcoal grey with ivory
Ivory and grey are a great colour combination for your kitchen in 2021

Accents In Bright Colours Are Passé 

Interior designers in 2021 are seeing an increasing number of clients asking for a small proportion of warm wood as accents. Gone are the days of bright-coloured accents. Look at this stunning room in the image here. The area has been designed with a mostly neutral colour scheme. A wooden display unit adds warmth to space. No bright colours have been used for the accent here. 

Interior design trends 2021 which adds warmth to the space
Smartly designed, the wooden display unit is an integral part of the design of this space

A Mixture Of Textures Is An Interior Design Trend For 2021

Another recent trend has been the use of a mix of textures involving rustic/natural with neutral hues. Think soft fabrics and muted textures and not heavy florals or damask. There has also been a shift towards the use of natural materials such as bamboo and cotton fibres in 2021.

Mixture of texture as interior design trends involving rustic/natural with neutral hues
Soft fabrics and muted textures are highlights of the current interior design trends. Heavy floral or damask designs have not been used in this bedroom

Multifunctional Spaces Dominate 2021 Interior Design Trends

Dedicated storage units for TV and the dining space are set to become obsolete in the future. Smart TVs and compact music players will not need the entire paraphernalia unless they are made specifically for the home theatre room. Spaces like the dining room and bar will become multifunctional as apartments become smaller. And with more people reading on devices book storages will not be as large anymore. The focus will shift from using spaces for storage and display to those that allow work and study.

Space-Saving Workstations Are Trending This Year

The key to designing a great workstation is flexibility. There is a need for new workstations in our homes and in 2021 wall-mounted tables and desks or those that can be tucked away when not in use are being preferred by homeowners. This type of furniture keeps spaces clutter-free and organised. As more people remain indoors they will continue to crave personal spaces and that is why nooks are going to get more importance. 

Although many of us hope for life to go back to a pre-COVID era where we could meet freely in person, some changes brought about by the pandemic are here to stay. These include the interior design trends we have discussed here. As designers look to serve their clients and make their vision a reality what will result is an elevated experience in interior design. In this journey, Design Cafe will continue to be there for its customers to provide matchless design options.

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Shubhankar is a content writer at DesignCafe

Shubhankar Adhikari

Shubhankar Adhikari is a copy editor at DesignCafe. He has over 11 years of experience in working for large media houses. He loves playing with his dog, reading and writing.

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