6 Charming Ways To Recreate Nordic Interior Design In Your Home

by Mehnaz Farooque | January 20, 2024 | 5 mins read

Create cosy and inviting nordic interior design

Transform your place into a beautiful Scandinavian haven with these amazing Nordic interior design fundamentals. 

The term ‘Nordic’ refers to the region that comprises Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Iceland, including the Faroe Islands, Greenland and Ålandis. In interior design, the term is often used synonymously for Scandinavian designs. Simplicity and minimalism characterise Nordic interior design. Although often perceived as a minimalist theme, Nordic-style interiors have a separate identity highlighted with designs that are not bare minimal but are functional, purposeful and natural. It is, therefore, a design style that creates spaces that are free of clutter and ornamentation. Nordic interior design can also be termed as a way of living. Thus, it is quite popular in the home interior industry and still relevant in the latest trends. 

Some fundamental elements make up Nordic interior design. In Nordic-style interiors, you will find the maximum use of sunlight, multi-functional furniture, simple accent designs and cosy interiors. This design theme also uses colours to pep up the space, rooms are usually designed to be spacious and clutter-free. You will also find several biophilic elements in Nordic home interiors. So, here are some ideas that weave in the principles and elements of Nordic interior design. 

Embrace Ample Sunlight With Nordic Interior Design

One of the main elements of Nordic interior design is the maximisation of natural light. Hence, if you are thinking of going Nordic for your home interiors, use big and expansive windows to bring in a lot of sunlight. The Nordic-style interior is all about embracing nature inside the house to create a healthy and organic lifestyle that promotes the right way of living. Ample sunlight inside the house is therefore fundamental in Nordic home interiors. To obtain the maximum sunlight, use light curtains in white or off-white that don’t block the natural light. You can plan your sitting arrangements around the windows to let the natural light rule the interiors. 

A Nordic-style living room design with ample sunlight with nordic interior design
A Nordic-style living room design with ample sunlight

Nordic Home Interiors Are All About Multi-functional Furnishings

The Nordic-style interior is known for its functionality. This design style promotes practical interiors that facilitate living. Therefore, space-saving and multi-functional furniture pieces are a big yes for Nordic interior design. You can go for multi-functional, modular wardrobes with extra storage and attached dressing units or beds with storage or a modular TV unit with additional shelves to keep things clutter-free and organised. So, if you are looking to recreate your home with a Nordic interior design, choose multi-functional furnishings. 

Nordic interior design are all about multifunctional furnishings
Multipurpose furniture dominates Nordic interiors

Use Simple Accents For Nordic Interior Design

Accent elements are always in trend. But if you want to follow a Nordic interior design, you must take care of the accent elements you are using. For this type of interior theme, go with simple accents like light colour accent walls that are not too bold for the interiors. For example, this bedroom features a light lavender wall colour that creates a simple but impressionistic accent design. It is accentuated by Nordic-style furniture like low-lying wooden beds and multifunctional wall-mounted bedside tables with an attached study unit. 

Use simple accents for nordic interior design to create simple but impressionistic accent design elements
Create simple but impressionistic accent design elements for nordic design

Implement Hygge For Nordic Interior Design

Hygge is a quality of cosiness that allows you to feel content and warm in the space. And hygge is a fundamental factor of Nordic-style interiors. This is also one of the factors that make Nordic interior design different from minimalist interior design. While the former follows a design style that is more warm and cosy, the latter follows a simple style that often looks a bit cold. Therefore, bring in the hygge in your interiors with warm rugs, wooden flooring, cosy seating arrangements with throws and quilts. You can also create a cosy interior setup with warm lighting. 

Implement hygge for nordic interior design and add cosines with rugs and wooden flooring
Add cosines with rugs and wooden flooring

Bring In Some Vibrancy With A Twist To Nordic Interior Design 

Lately, Nordic interior design has been embracing many vibrant colours to make spaces more lively and warm. While Nordic interior design primarily focuses on neutral colours like white, off-white and cream, you can play around with some vibrant and peppy colours too. You can choose colours like mustard, pink, green and dark grey which are naturally warm and vibrant. The thumb rule here is to not go with the extreme bolder colour schemes, but instead use some of the peppy, warm colours in simple accents. 

Bring in some vibrancy with a twist to nordic interior design
Explore Nordic interior design with vibrant shades

Keeping Your Place Spacious And Woody For A Nordic Interior Design

The Nordic-style interior follows clean design lines, clutter-free furniture arrangements and open layouts. This means the Nordic interior design is all about spacious and neat interiors. So if you are up for a Nordic home setup, get rid of everything that creates clutter. Keep your rooms free of unnecessary furnishings and retain only the functional pieces so that you can move around easily. This spacious design style also comes from the belief that the more open rooms are, your energies can move around your place more easily. Here’s a spacious dining area with a simple wooden table and a wooden showcase unit. The beautiful wooden spiral staircase accentuates the Nordic style. 

Keeping your place spacious and woody for a nordic interior design where Clutter-free layouts are integral
Clutter-free layouts are integral to Nordic interiors

So, follow these fundamentals of Nordic interior design to reinvent your home’s interiors to be soothing, refreshing and natural. With Nordic interior design, the main rule is to keep things simple and functional. So, go ahead and create a beautiful home that is comfortable, warm and healthy to live in. You can check out our blog section for more ideas on such interior design styles.

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