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Home Theater Room Design Ideas

home theater design ideas for your home.

Movie buffs time to pop some corn! Love the idea of home theatres? But don’t know where to start? Do not fear Design Cafe is here with home theater room design ideas just for you! Find out more now.

For those of you who don’t know, movies originated back in the 19th century when illusions of motion had been discovered, and photography was becoming a thing. 

Before we give you insights on Home Theater Room Design Ideas lets have some fun! Here are some fun facts about movies that we at Design Cafe wanted to share with you.

  • There Were 10,297 balloons in the movie Up the animators created every balloon individually.
  • Those scary noises you heard made by the raptors in Jurassic Park were actually recordings of tortoises mating.
  • Pet rats became a  thing after the hit of the 2007 movie Ratatouille

Let’s not forget we wouldn’t have any such thing as movie theatres if it weren’t for the invention of movies. This blog is all about home theater room design ideas. You can now watch your favourite movies at home. Read more!

A Simple Yet Sweet Selection

Like to keep things simple and sweet? Well well, mademoiselle we have something you might be interested in. This home theatre is made for two. Introverts alert! If you want to enjoy a movie with just your best bud and no one else, well you can’t fuss about this home theatre interior design. With only two daybeds, you can’t afford to accommodate more people. So choose your best wisely. This home theatre design is made with a soundproof wall in air force blue and to go with the look, the theatre has matching curtains and daybeds!

An airforce blue home theatre room design looks elegant and straightforward.
A airforce blue home theatre a soundproof wall with matching curtains and daybeds

Date Night Or Movie Night? How About Both!

You whoo love birds! 

For those of you who go together like peanut butter and jelly, salt and pepper, milk and cookies, this home theatre design is perfect for a nice snuggle, and some private display of affection. A classically designed home theatre with luxurious, silky curtains and a purple velvet sidewall this home theatre has an antique oval tea table with a luxurious sofa set which makes this home space no less than a five- star date night.

Classic home theatre interior design is perfect for a nice snuggle and looks luxurious.
A royal home theatre with rich colours of cream and purple for a five-star experience

Roses Are Red But So Are These Day Beds!

Movie night can be a buzzkill if it’s not done right! But with some wine, a good dine and a fantastic movie it can’t go wrong, especially when you have a home theatre design idea like this. With double daybeds in the romantic colour of red and walls of grey, this look takes me backs to the novels of Mills And Boon and of course 50 Shades Of Grey! Are you ready to crack open a bottle of champion?