How Much Does a False Ceiling Cost in Bangalore?

by Sneha Virmani | January 16, 2024 | 4 mins read

False ceiling cost in bangalore

Check out our guide on false ceiling costs in Bangalore and make a more informed purchase for your home.

The trend of false ceilings in India has been reigning for a while. It is needless to say, ceiling designs have never been more diverse, and homeowners today are opting for designs that enhance the aesthetic appeal of their homes. However, too many options and sellers in the market can be confusing. So before moving to the design, let’s find out about the false ceiling cost in Bangalore and the many variants available for appropriate rooms in a home. Available in POP or factory-manufactured gypsum boards, false ceilings cost per square foot and are subject to fluctuation, depending upon the time and region. 

If you are looking to add a false ceiling to your home in Bangalore, let’s do a rundown of design, cost, and material to help you make an informed decision: 

False Ceiling Cost Calculated by Area

Mounted at a minimum distance of 8 inches from the original ceiling, a false ceiling can be constructed in any room. The cost for a false ceiling in Bangalore is calculated after assessing the area of the room. Running along the perimeter of the room, the quantity of POP or gypsum required will determine the initial cost of the ceiling. Further, if you want to incorporate LED strip lights within the false ceiling, an area of the tray light is measured in feet basis the length of the room. 

False ceiling cost calculated by area in Bangalore
Simple designs complement the aesthetics of a home

Gypsum False Ceiling Design Cost 

A false ceiling cost in Bangalore, made using standard gypsum, falls anywhere between INR 75 to INR 125 per square foot. The cheapest material in the market, gypsum is readily available and is ideal for creating an illusion of an airy vibe. Made from calcium, these false ceilings are made in the form of boards that are light weighted and hung from iron or wooden frameworks. 

Gypsum false ceiling design cost in bangalore
Lightweight gypsum designs give a spacious vibe

POP False Ceiling Cost

Are you wondering how much it costs to make a false ceiling in a city like Bangalore? Start by first choosing a material. While gypsum is better for smaller homes due to its lightweight feature, a POP false ceiling is a long-lasting, weather-resistant choice. The cost of a POP false ceiling in Bangalore can range from anywhere between INR 75 to INR 120 per square foot, based on your design choice. The POP powder is mixed with water and moulded into a shape, as seen in the bedroom below. 

POP false ceiling cost in a city like bangalore
POP ceilings keep the area cool during the summers

Low-Cost Wood False Ceiling 

If you are one to stay on top of changing home decor trends, wooden false ceilings should be your go-to choice. Low maintenance but digging deep into your pockets, wooden false ceilings look spectacular in common areas of a home. The natural grain and texture add a warm touch to the space and reflect soft yellow light off its shiny base to create a zen ambience in the home. Being pricier than POP or gypsum, a wood false ceiling cost in Bangalore starts from INR 80 per square foot and goes up to INR 650, depending on the design and quality of the wood. 

Low-Cost Wood False Ceiling
Wood ceilings lend a luxe charm to the home
Complete home interiors with beautiful false ceiling designs

Additional Costs 

When determining how much a false ceiling costs in Bangalore, you must consider extra expenditures during installation. On average, false ceiling cost per square foot in Bangalore starts from INR 75, exclusive of these additional costs: 

  • Electrical wiring above the false ceiling for concealed lights, LED strips, and other fixtures. 
  • Cutting and finishing of the gypsum, POP, or wood ceiling to install the concealed lights. 
  • Paint, wallpaper, or polish the false ceiling before completion. 
Additional false ceiling costs involved in bangalore
Consider all factors when calculating costs.

One of the most sought-after home trends in India is false ceilings. Perfect for ambient lighting, even when the space in a home is scarce, false ceilings can make the area feel airy. But if you lack interest in researching false ceiling costs in Bangalore, just drop a hello to us at DesignCafe, and we’ll do the rest for you. 

FAQs On False Ceiling Design Cost In Bangalore

How much will it cost to make a false ceiling?
It can cost anywhere between INR 75 to INR 650 to make a false ceiling, depending on your chosen material and design.

Which is more costly, PVC or POP ceiling?
POP ceilings are costlier as compared to PVC ceiling panels.

Which false ceiling is the cheapest?
Standard gypsum is the cheapest false ceiling material in the market, with a starting cost of INR 75 per square foot.

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