6 Bay Window Seat Ideas For The Ultimate Luxury

by Pooja Dara | February 2, 2024 | 8 mins read

Bay window seat ideas for your home

A bay window seat idea is one of the most coveted design elements in the home. Read further to know more about it.  

Introduction: A bay window seat is typically defined as a window sill that protrudes outwards from the wall, typically in a bay window. It is bordered on both sides by the narrow walls and nestled against the window glass. We can use this space for spending time with oneself, family, and guests. It can also be customised or personalised to fit specific room designs or dimensions.

What Are the Advantages of a Bay Window Seat Design?  

  • It helps you optimally utilise the otherwise unused space under the window.
  • It can accentuate the beauty of the room when it is complemented with fluffed cushions, a comfy blanket, etc.  
  • It can be used as a relaxation area, a day bed or a reading nook as per your need and mood. 
  • It introduces warmth and colour to the specified room and makes it look welcoming.  
  • It adds to your home’s ‘resale value’ by making it more appealing to potential buyers. 
  • It can serve as a functional space, too, if it has the provision of under-seat storage like drawers or cabinets. 
  • It offers additional seating space in whichever room it is used.   
  • It is quite affordable, though the price also depends upon the material and size of the bay window seat and whether you do it yourself (DIY) or hire a carpenter to execute it. Additional features like reading lights, built-in bookcases or storage cabinets can also increase the overall cost.
  • It is versatile as it comes in all sizes, shapes and storage configurations like square, rectangle, semi-circular, curved, big, small, narrow, wide, freestanding, built-in, etc. 

How to Build A Bay Window Seat?

You require 5 main ingredients to build a bay window seat. They are:

  • Top – The top of the bay window seat base is flat, made up of concrete, stone or marble. 
  • Bottom – It is the frame base that the bay window seat design is built from or the part you use. 
  • Mattress – A good quality mattress is an excellent addition to the seating space to make it more personal. 
  • Blanket – A blanket is an indispensable part of a bay window seat design, along with cushions/pillows. 
  • Cushions/Pillows – They decorate the space and also enhance your afternoon nap or book-reading experience. 

Address certain important questions to choose or build the best bay window seat design for yourself:

  • How much exposure does the bay window seat get?
  • What kind of outdoor view do you want to look at?
  • Which part of your home has an under-utilised window space? 
  • Whether you want the bay window seat to have storage capabilities or not?
  • What kind of function do you want your bay window seat to serve? It can be designed as a green oasis, cosy reading nook, study corner, breakfast nook, window seat with storage or a meditation spot. 
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Are There Any Safety Concerns With Installing A Bay Window Seat?

A bay window seat is very safe, but you must keep in mind the ‘basics’ to maintain that safety level. Ensure that the height of the bay window seat is ‘just right’, that is, not very low nor very high than the bottom of the window. If it is too low, you won’t be able to get up easily; if it is too high, you may have a bigger fall. The bay window seat dimensions will vary according to the available space near the window.

What Are Some Popular Materials Used For Bay Window Seats? 

The bay window seat cushions are available in three types – feather-filled cushions (reasonably priced), fibre-filled cushions (most expensive) and foam-filled cushions (least expensive). Cotton, linen, polyester and wool are the most common fabrics used for making bay window seat cushions.

You must check the durability of the fabric before you finalise it. The most durable fabric will be one that can be easily cleaned and withstand regular use and UV exposure. If you are looking for aesthetic beauty, then velvet and canvas fabrics are your best choice for your bay window seat design.

Choosing the right bay window seat material will depend upon how it will be used. The majority of bay window bench seats (with/without storage) are made up of manufactured wood, particle board, and wood veneers as they absorb the heat from the bay window.

How Do You Incorporate Storage Into A Bay Window Seat Design? 

A bay window seat becomes multifunctional and more attractive to current and prospective homeowners if it has the provision for extra storage. 

The exact amount and the type of storage space you want to incorporate into your bay window seat will depend upon- 

(1) What exactly do you want to store in it? 

(2) Does it have a provision for future expansion? (3) Do you want front drawers, open/closed cabinets or a lift top with a box underneath?

The ideal solution would be to hire a professional to build a bay window seat with storage for you. You need to follow certain steps like:

  • Sketch how you want your window bay seat to look, along with the measurements.
  • Once you are ready with the sketch, cut your battens for the bay window seat frame.
  • Use a mitre saw to trim and size the various parts of the bay window seat frame. 
  • Build the frame using an online detailed DIY guide, wood filler, MDF cladding, spirit level, screws and wood glue. 
  • Position all the elements in place and paint them before fitting them to avoid any difficulties later on. 
  • Decorate your bay window seat with curtains to facilitate light control, privacy, and colourful cushions and pillows to bring fun into the space. 
  • Avoid using dark and saturated colours and stick to lighter shades, textures and fabrics when choosing the colour scheme for the bay window seat. 

Body: Here are a few popular bay window seat ideas from which you can take inspiration and design the perfect relaxation space for your home. 

Curved Bay Window Seat With Storage

This curved bay window seat with storage recessed between the cupboard and study/office desk is the ultimate relaxation spot for evening coffee and tea. You can use this window seat for sleeping since there is extra leg space. The bay window seat has closed storage cabinets underneath where you can store your favourite books and personal stuff.

Bay window seat with curved design provides both storage and comfortable space for relaxation or work
The bay window seat contrasts well with the glossy white flooring.

Small Bay Window Seat

The small bay window seat serves as an extension to the queen-size bed. The bay window seat mattress is made up of high-quality fabric. The large window above the wooden window seat brings in ample sunlight and brightens up the bedroom. The orange cushions and the blue area rug lends a splash of colour to the bedroom.

Small bay window seat for bedroom that extends to the queen-size bed
Add some interesting artwork to create visual drama in the bedroom.

Square Bay Window Seat

A square bay window seat is the go-to option for small children since they love to sit on the windowsill looking for something on the street. Enclosed between a vertical shelf and a single bed, this square bay window seat is a private space that’s meant for just one. It comes with a pair of open cabinets below for additional storage.

Child-friendly square bay window seat infused with a comfortable nook and storage cabinets
The simplistic design makes the bedroom look orderly and uncluttered.
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Bay Window Bench Seat For Dining Area

The bay window bench seat in this dining room is classy and elegant. It is freestanding and an ultimate space saver around the kitchen island, plus a dining table design. The pendant lights hanging from the ceiling illuminate the entire area and allow you to view items on the table clearly.

Elegant dining room has a bay window bench seat with dining table
Bay window dining seating complements the kitchen space.

Bay Window Seat With Storage Slots

This bay window seat with storage slots works harmoniously with the bedroom’s decor and furniture style. The light blue and white colour theme of the bedroom gives it a breezy and cool vibe. The large window with roller blinds helps you regulate the sunlight entering the bedroom and gives privacy.

Bay window seat with storage slots in a light blue and white themed bedroom
Sit by the window sill and enjoy listening to good music.

Bay Window Seat For The Living Room

A built-in wide space in a bay window offers extra seating for the guests in this living room. The living room with the light grey sofa and similar-themed walls makes a formal and bold statement. The accent wall with thin gold panelling in between gives it a modern and contemporary touch.

Light grey living room has a spacious bay window seat and modern gold-accented walls
Add green plants in the living room to bring nature indoors.

Wrapping Up

We hope this blog on bay window seat ideas has inspired you to spruce up your comfy corner in your home where you can sip a cup of coffee and completely relax. So, what are you waiting for? Get the ball rolling now.

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