Sleek But Expansive: 3-Door Wardrobe Designs For Your Home

by Pooja Dara | January 22, 2024 | 6 mins read

3 door wardrobe designs for your home

Have a look at these latest 3-door wardrobe designs once and we guarantee that you’ll fall in love with at least one of them. They are a perfect blend of style and functionality that will give your bedroom great visual appeal

As the name suggests, a 3-door wardrobe design is one that has 3 doors and provides abundant storage capacity (vertical as well as horizontal) for accommodating all your essentials. Some 3-door wardrobe designs also come in a variety of customisable options such as with mirrors, drawers, attached dressing table or study table, etc.

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Not only this, they are extremely versatile and available in different colours, materials, styles and 3-door wardrobe inside designs to suit the personality, needs and preferences of prospective homeowners. A few more benefits of a 3-door wardrobe design are:

  • It has dedicated sections (drawers and compartments) for organising each item (light or bulky).
  • It is affordable and gives your bedroom a sleek and classy appearance without compromising on efficiency and functionality.
  • It can be incorporated both in large bedrooms (hinged 3-door wardrobe design) and small bedrooms (sliding 3-door wardrobe design).

What Factors Do You Need To Keep In Mind While Buying A 3-Door Wardrobe Design?

  • The quality of the material to be used for the wardrobe’s exteriors and interiors. Opt for glass, wood, laminate or steel.
  • Size of the room in which the 3-door wardrobe design has to be built or kept.  
  • A warranty of a minimum of 2 years on the wardrobe so that replacements can be made, just in case. 
  • The load-bearing capacity of the 3-door wardrobe and the frequency of its usage. 
  • The size of the wardrobe and the design aesthetics of the existing bedroom.
  • Your budget and the price of the 3-door wardrobe. It varies according to the material used, size required and other additions like table, mirror and drawers in it.

Now, let’s finally dive into our amazing collection of 3-door wardrobe designs.

3-Door Laminate Wardrobe Design

This 3-door laminate wardrobe design with drawers below is the perfect option for those who need extra space, other than their main wardrobe, to store knickknacks and smaller items safely. This wardrobe design smartly uses the space in the bedroom and also looks symmetrical and luxurious with the dark grey and white colour combination and pattern.

Modern 3 door wardrobe design with drawers below and laminates in dark grey and white colour combination looks luxurious.
This simple 3-door wardrobe design pairs well with the white, brown and beige theme of the bedroom, and looks opulent owing to the shiny finish

3-Door Sliding Wardrobe Design

This 3-door sliding wardrobe design is a win-win bedroom storage solution. It not only helps you accommodate all your bulky items neatly but also saves on the existing floor space in the room as the doors open sideways instead of outwards. This wardrobe design looks timeless and pleasing to the eye; however, you’ll only be able to view sections of the wardrobe (and not a full view) at a time because of the sliding mechanism.

3 door sliding wardrobe design with a two-tone finish in the bedroom looks timeless and pleasing to the eye.
This 3-door sliding wardrobe design works well in small spaces, is easy and convenient to access and also doesn’t hinder the flow of traffic in the bedroom

3-Door Wardrobe Design With Attached Study Table

Want to opt for a storage solution that can also double up as a study/work corner for your child? If yes, then this 3-door wardrobe design with an attached study table is the ideal choice for you. It is compact and can easily be adapted to a small bedroom. It is also a creative amalgamation of function and form and comes with extra loft space.

3 door wardrobe design with an attached study table in the wooden finish is a compact and space-saving design.
This wardrobe design is space-saving and also complements the other multifunctional furniture pieces in the bedroom
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3-Door Wardrobe Design With Mirror

This 3-door wardrobe design with a mirror can be a great addition to your bedroom as it serves multiple purposes without taking up too much space in the bedroom and minimises clutter. The presence of the mirror on the wardrobe allows you to get ready quickly without having to run here and there, and also makes the room look larger (owing to the reflection of light).

3 door wardrobe with mirror design in minimalist evaluates and enhances the look of the room.
This wardrobe with a mirror elevates the look of the bedroom and blends well with the existing decor of the bedroom

3-Door Wardrobe Design With Translucent Doors

If you want to have a brief look into what’s inside your wardrobe before even opening it, then choose this 3-door wardrobe design with translucent doors. It looks smart, bold and is extremely durable in nature. The middle door is also framed with reflective glass that further accentuates the beauty and elegance of the wardrobe.

3 door wardrobe design with translucent doors in the small bedroom lends beauty and elegance to space.
This wardrobe design looks exquisite and makes a bold statement in this small bedroom

3-Door Wooden Wardrobe Design

Nothing can beat the rich, sophisticated and classy appeal of a 3-door wooden wardrobe design. It looks timeless, gives a homely feel and is much more durable than other wardrobe materials. It also ties the whole look and feel of the bedroom together paired with the wood panelling behind the bed.

3 door wooden wardrobe design with white doors gives the bedroom a sophisticated and classy appeal.
The combination of wood and white doors on this wardrobe gives the bedroom a very opulent feel and is also soothing to the eye

Simple 3-Door Wardrobe Design

This simple 3-door wardrobe inside design fulfils all your major wardrobe needs. It has a strong built and the sliding door mechanism makes it easier to navigate inside your wardrobe without obstructing the traffic in your bedroom. It has ample storage capacity and comes with added lofts so that you can sort your clothes and all in a breeze.

Simple 3 door wardrobe design in dark brown and white colour combination lends a cosy vibe to the bedroom.
This dark brown- and white-coloured wardrobe design stands out in stark contrast against the white interiors of this bedroom and also lends a cosy vibe to space

All in all, modern 3-door wardrobe designs have become a popular trend in homes and apartments these days as they’re excellent for storing and sorting your wardrobe essentials in an organised manner. In fact, the 3-door design concept has also been incorporated into other pieces of furniture for the home like living room showcases, sideboards, pantry cabinets and the like.

So, if you’re planning to revamp your bedroom storage then please reach out to us at Design Cafe, and our team will help you choose the perfect 3-door wardrobe design for your space.

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