6 Special Onam Decoration Ideas To Bring Home The Festive Vibe

by Sreya Dasgupta | February 10, 2024 | 7 mins read

Onam decoration ideas for your home

These Onam decoration ideas will add a festive vibe to your home while filling your heart with joy.

Onam is a harvest festival celebrated in Kerala to honour King Mahabali, who is believed to visit every home during this time. It falls during the 1st month of the Malayalam calendar (Chengam) and lasts for ten days, celebrated with grandeur. The festivities include house decoration, wearing new clothes, enjoying delicious meals, and participating in cultural activities like tiger dances and boat races. This festival is quite a grand affair.

So here we bring to you some simple yet authentic Onam decoration ideas that will bring in the festive vibe to your home. Whether you live close to family or far away, you can still create the best possible festive feeling with our quick Onam decor hacks.

Add A Touch Of Tradition To Your Entryway With These Onam Decoration Ideas

A vibrantly decorated and designed entryway brings in a lot of positivity to a home. So choose the right decor for your foyer area this Onam and bring in the abundance. Start with a decorous floral rangoli called Pookalam. Place a tall brass lamp in the middle and surround it with beautiful oil lamps. Add Kathakali face art, a quintessential handicraft of the state, or wall hangings on the wall to enhance the festive vibe. Adorn your entryway with flowers and torans. And you are all set to welcome your guests and, most importantly, the spirit of King Mahabali.

Onam decoration for entryway with floral rangoli, tall brass lamp and Kathakali face
Beautify your foyer area with authentic Onam decoration

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Onam Decoration Ideas For A Perfect Onam Sadya

Food plays an essential role in most traditional Indian festivals. Do not forget to include a beautiful tablescape as part of your Onam decor checklist. Use a beautiful table runner to cover your dining table, place some flowers and lamps in the centre. Serve a delicious Sadya on fresh banana leaves for an authentic vibe. If getting fresh banana leaves seems difficult, use your favourite traditional brass dining set to serve and enjoy this gastronomic experience with friends and family. If you are looking for Onam decoration ideas to amp up your dining area, add a boat race wallpaper or Kathakali face art that represents Kerala beautifully.

Onam decoration idea, dining table decorated with flowers and lamps lends traditional vibe.
Onam Sadya Amidst Vibrant Onam Decorations
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Bring In The Touch Of Onam Theme Decoration To Your Bedroom

Decorate your bedroom with Onam theme decoration such as white and gold curtains, bedsheets and a bowl full of jasmine flowers. Jasmine flowers leave a lingering fragrance in your room – perfect if you want to spend quality time with your partner after your guests leave. You can get these curtains online or use a Kerala mundu and get them stitched as per your requirement from a local tailor. You can also place an Onam-themed table lamp on the bedside for a warm and inviting feeling. Some cushions with Kathakali faces are also a smart way to bring in layers to your festive decor. Place oil lamps on the side of the window to light up your bedroom this festive season.

Bedroom has white and gold curtains and cushions with Kathakali faces best decoration idea for Onam celebration.
Decoration ideas for Onam using Kerala Mundu

Onam Flower Decoration Ideas: Go Creative With Floral Arrangements  

One of the simplest and pocket-friendly ways to set a festive mood in your home is with floral decoration for Onam. Flowers are visually appealing, and their pleasant fragrance fills any space with a soothing vibe. For Onam Flower Decoration, you can use garlands, a toran made of fresh leaves or even origami to decorate your pooja room or living room. We also have a few Onam stage decor ideas for you. Bring in a couple of hanging lamps around the pooja room, make a small rangoli in front of the room and decorate it with diyas or place a bowl of flowers and floating lamps on top of it. Arrange all the pooja essentials, and you are all set to celebrate Onam with the sweet smell of flowers!

Onam flower decoration with hanging lamps around the pooja room brings festive vibe
Home decoration ideas in lights for Onam for this festive season

DIY Wall Onam Decoration Ideas: Handcrafted With Love

If you wish to bring in your creative touch this Onam, then DIY decor ideas are a perfect choice. A beautiful Kolam on the wall is an easy and simple hack to give your home a traditional touch. Kolam is believed to protect the house from the evil eye and bestow good luck and prosperity to its dwellers. If you are not great at paintings, opt for intricate Kolam wallpapers. They are easy to install and pocket-friendly as well. Add fairy lights and garlands to bring in the Onam vibe. Throw in colourful cushions, place a few potted indoor plants and a nice floor rug or carpet for a vibrant look in your living space.

DIY onam house decoration with intricate kolam wallpaper for an authentic Onam vibe
Kolam wallpaper for Onam Decoration vibes

Decoration Ideas For Onam That Are Minimalist And Fun To Try Out

Looking for a subtle and minimalistic decor for your room that is chic yet festive? If the answer is yes, you will fall in love with this simple Onam decor idea. Just add a small banana plant at the corner of your living room, a bowl of jasmine and a few floating candles on the coffee table. Yes, these simple decor elements together get you Onam ready! This design is perfect for people with hectic work schedules who love simple home decor yet want to enjoy the spirit of this auspicious day in their own little way.

Minimalistic decoration idea for Onam with simple elements creates a festive mood in a home.
Minimalistic Onam decoration ideas for your home
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Here you go, a beautifully curated list of Onam decoration ideas for both grand celebrations and simple affairs. Choose a decor idea that fits your requirement, and just enjoy the festival with all your heart. And if you want to renovate your home interiors or have always wanted your home to be designed by some expert designers, this is a perfect time. With our tailor-made designs, easy EMI options, a seamless design process and attractive offers, getting your dream home interiors is a cakewalk.

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FAQ about onam decoration

1. How can I decorate my home for Onam?

Decorate your home for Onam using beautiful Pookalams (floral rangolis) on the entrance, adding Torans on the doorways, and placing traditional lamps or diyas on the corners for a festive ambiance.

2. Are there any specific colours associated with Onam decor?

Specific colours associated with Onam decor typically involve vibrant colours like yellow, orange, red, and green, representing the spirit of joy, prosperity, and nature’s abundance during the harvest festival.

3. How can I create a floral rangoli for Onam?

To create a floral rangoli for Onam, gather fresh flower petals in different colours and carefully arrange them in intricate patterns on the floor to design a beautiful and auspicious Pookalam.

4. Can you suggest some DIY Onam decor ideas?

Some DIY Onam decor ideas include making paper lanterns in festive colours, banana leaf wall hangings, or creating your own flower garlands to add a personalised touch to your home’s festive decoration.

5. What are some ideas for decorating the dining table for Onam?

You can decorate your dining table for Onam by adding a colourful table runner and setting up a glass bowl with flower petals floating in the water as a centrepiece. For a traditional touch, lay out fresh banana leaves as a base and arrange an elaborate Onam Sadya (feast) with various delicious dishes served on different parts of the leaf, adding a cultural and mouthwatering element to your Onam celebration.

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