Make Your Drawing Room Stand Out With These Stunning POP Ceiling Designs

by Pooja Dara | January 9, 2024 | 9 mins read

False ceiling pop design for drawing room

A drawing room is a formal space in your home where you entertain your guests. So, the look and feel of the drawing room needs to give an everlasting first impression. Give your drawing room’s fifth and often overlooked wall a beautiful makeover with the latest POP design for ceiling drawing room  

In modern houses and apartments, a drawing room is often used interchangeably with the living room or guest room. Installing a POP ceiling (a type of false ceiling) in this formal space can give it a remarkable and sophisticated facelift for the better. Why? Because it needs to reflect your personality and lifestyle. 

Now, let’s cover some basics and answer some FAQs first before we head to the crux of the blog post.

What Is A POP Ceiling And What Are Its Benefits And Downsides?

A POP ceiling is just one of the most popular kinds of false ceilings (based on material) followed by gypsum and wood. The other kinds of materials that are used for making false ceilings designs are PVC (flexible/solid), glass, fibre, synthetic leather and metal, though they are not as popular. POP ceilings are usually mounted at a minimum gap of 8-9 inches from the original ceiling. 

We’ve listed a few benefits and downsides of POP ceilings for you so that you are equipped to make an informed choice when designing one for your drawing room. Here they are: 


  • They are versatile as they can be moulded to any shape and size depending upon the kind of vibe you want to achieve in the drawing room and can perfectly fit awkward corners. The most common designs of POP ceilings are box-style, intricate lattice-style, geometric-style, peripheral-style or inverted cove-style 
  • POP ceilings are extremely durable and can last for years if properly taken care of. POP (plaster of Paris) is Calcium sulphate that is available in powdered form. When mixed with water, it rehydrates and forms a paste that can be given a specific shape till it turns hard again. This process increases the overall hardness and strength of the material 
  • They transform the drawing room into a stunning focal point that looks quite opulent and grand or minimalistic yet elegant depending upon the design you choose
  • They offer great acoustics since they act as an additional layer to the original ceiling of the room 
  • They are lighter and more cost-effective as compared to gypsum boards. They provide a smooth, easy and a more adhesive surface to apply colour and fibre as well 
  • They help hide any imperfections in the original ceiling such as pipes, wires and network cables and also don’t shrink while setting. They end up giving a shiny, sleek and polished look as well 
  • They provide a good amount of insulation to the room as they trap the air between the gap and cools it down. POP ceilings are a perfect option for those whose drawing rooms are directly below the terrace and face the heat of the summer sun. They also optimise the functioning of air conditioners and reduce your electricity bills 
  • They help restore correct proportions (in case you have a lofty vertical space) by bringing the original ceiling even lower. You can also add to or modify the design of the POP ceiling even after the installation process 


  • POP ceilings need to be installed by a professional to get the full worth/value of the invested money. It also takes more time to get installed as the paste has to be fully dry first 
  • They are comparatively more expensive than cement lime plaster or plain cement as they require a higher level of precision and a higher labour cost 
  • They require constant maintenance as they are prone to discolouration, dust, sagging and discolouration after a certain period 
  • They also cannot be used effectively in moist conditions as they’re prone to the breeding of pests if some gaps/cracks develop on them 
  • They are unsafe for your home if they are not properly installed by professionals, so ensure that you get a quality check done after installation to confirm the sturdiness and strength 
  • They are not at all feasible for low ceilings as they will lend a heavy, smaller and claustrophobic feel in the space. The original ceiling/height of the room should be at least 11 inches to incorporate a POP ceiling. Alternatively, you can use POP ceilings to partially cover the drawing room instead of its full length to create a balance

What Is The Approximate Cost Of A POP Design In Drawing Room?

The approximate cost of a POP ceiling may vary depending upon several factors such as the local availability, quality and pricing of the material, how elaborate the design is, the total area to be covered, the cost of professional installation and the additional costs of light surface finishes and light fixtures.

On average, the cost of a POP false ceiling can be anywhere between Rs 60 and Rs 160 per square foot. Higher the area to be covered, the more economical it will be since you’ll be ordering the material in bulk. 

What Are The Factors That You Need To Keep In Mind While Selecting A POP Ceiling Design For Drawing Room? 

  • The height of the drawing room (original ceiling) needs to be checked first and only after it is approved for POP ceiling installation, you can proceed with the next steps 
  • The exact area for the installation of the POP ceiling needs to be determined and also a decision needs to be taken on whether you want the room to be covered fully or partially. This will also help you fix your budget accordingly
  • Certain other aspects also need to be planned before the process of installation of the POP false ceiling starts. These aspects cover the lighting layout, the length of the fan rod, wiring, the existing decor and colour scheme of the room, etc. This will help you choose the right design
  • As a thumb rule, remember to maximise larger spaces with unconventional/unique or double-layered POP ceilings and minimise frills and complex designs for smaller spaces to give it a fuller and warmer look. Use brighter shades to make the space look larger and airier 
  • The sturdiness and strength of the material and structure of the POP false ceiling need to be rechecked after installation; only then the final safety clearance should be given for the installation of light fixtures. For added support to the false ceiling, you can install a piece of plywood right above the POP ceiling

It’s finally time to dive right into our collection of the best POP ceiling designs for the drawing room.

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Pop Design In Drawing Room With Wooden Panels

This rectangular POP ceiling design (with two wooden panels in between) running along the periphery of the drawing room effectively balances out the wooden and rustic texture on the walls with its soft and sleek shape. It gives a minimalistic and airier vibe to the space.

POP ceiling design for drawing room with wooden panels in rectangular shape
POP ceilings help accentuate the existing colour scheme of the space if chosen carefully

Designer Circular POP Ceiling Design For Drawing Room

This designer doughnut-shaped POP ceiling design is a perfect choice for larger and more luxurious drawing rooms. It can serve as a great focal point and a conversation starter. It breaks the symmetry and adds a touch of boldness to the space. The blue-toned lighting also lends some coolness.

Circular POP ceiling design for drawing room with blue-toned lighting to lend some coolness
The circular POP ceiling design with glass in the middle does not make the space look stuffy or claustrophobic as it reflects the light

POP Design For Drawing Room Divided Into Two Sections

This uniquely shaped POP ceiling design accentuates the look of this brown-toned drawing room. The shape of the ceiling visually divides the room into separate sections and also lends some drama to the area. The big recessed lights evenly spread across the space provide ample illumination in the room.

POP false ceiling design for brown-toned drawing room with recessed lights
The bold look of this false ceiling blends well with the wooden flooring and the natural elements in the room

POP Design For Drawing Room That Lets You Experience The Disco Vibes

This POP ceiling design with sophisticated lighting acts as a perfect setting for hosting parties at home. It also completes the look of this contemporary and extra-spacious drawing room and pairs well with the golden curtains, grey innovative couch and hardwood floor.

A simple pop design for a drawing room with sophisticated lighting which gives disco vibes
Doesn’t this POP ceiling design make you experience disco vibes in the space?

POP Design For Drawing Room That Flows Into The Wall

This POP ceiling design is your go-to choice for drawing rooms that don’t have too much height. It partially covers the drawing room and flows onto the sidewall, as a result of which the room doesn’t look eaten up on the height and it also gives you the option to create ambient/mood lighting.

Pop design for the drawing room flows into the sidewall with modern center chandelier lighting.
This POP ceiling design complements the existing decor and colour scheme of the room perfectly

Who Needs A Separate Ceiling Light?

This POP ceiling design makes it easier to install cove lighting in the drawing room. With lighting fitted into the false ceiling, you don’t need to worry about the lighting on the walls. This POP ceiling design frames the drawing room and helps you visually demarcate the space from other spaces in the house.

White pop ceiling design for the drawing room fitted with cove lights
This POP ceiling design complements the white-themed interiors of this open-plan drawing room and contrasts well against the dark grey carpet

All in all, a POP ceiling provides your drawing room with the much-needed style and balance and brings more life to it. And what’s more? It also lowers your energy bills, which is great! So, don’t wait; take the plunge today.

If you’re looking for expert guidance on how to install a POP false ceiling design for your drawing room, then the DesignCafe team is always happy to step in!

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