6 Upholstered Bed Designs to Make Your Eyes Pop

by Juhi Advani | February 6, 2024 | 5 mins read

Upholstered bed designs that combine sophistication and coziness

Understanding the comfort & luxury of upholstered bed designs in 6 beautiful designs

When it comes to bedroom decor, your choice of bed sets the stage for the entire room. Upholstered beds are all about combining comfort and style. But what exactly are they? These furniture pieces feature a fabric-covered headboard and, often, a footboard and side rails. They come in various materials, from cloth-wrapped to leather. They are known for their cosy feel, stylish looks, and a wide range of design options. Whether you love reading, have little ones who enjoy bedtime stories, or simply want to upgrade your bedroom’s aesthetics, upholstered beds have you covered. In this blog, we will explore their versatility, design choices, and the many benefits they bring. Read on.

Modern Upholstered Bed Designs

A modern bedroom incorporates neutral colours, sophisticated furniture, clutter-free space and an elegant bed. This gorgeous space highlights multiple luxurious elements: a laminate finish bed with a stunning tufted headboard in a beige shade that looks opulent and provides ultimate comfort. With an accent wall and a regal chandelier, this bedroom is perfect for a modern couple. 

Bedroom with modern upholstered bed in napa colour, exuding sophistication and style
Neutral tones complement bedrooms

Clutter-free Living: Upholstered Storage Bed 

Imagine having a bed that offers a comfortable night’s sleep and keeps your room impeccably organised. This magnificent floor-to-ceiling tufted bed, adorned in a soothing palette of grey and white, is more than just a comfy spot to rest your head. It is a versatile storage solution. You will find spacious drawers hidden beneath, perfect for stowing away blankets, shoes, clothes, and more. It is the ideal choice to maximise your bedroom’s style and functionality. Say goodbye to clutter and hello to a beautifully organised living space with this upholstered storage bed. 

Grey and white tufted upholstered storage bed, reaching from floor to ceiling
A multifunctional bed is perfect for small and big spaces

Sleep Like Royalty: King-Size Upholstered Bed

King-size upholstered beds are the epitome of luxury. Their generous size provides ample space for relaxation and a grand, royal-like appearance. These beds often feature heavily padded headboards and premium upholstery, offering ultimate comfort and style quotient. This serene space features a king-size bed with a gorgeous tufted headboard that extends into a large wooden frame with floral wallpaper. To maintain a sense of symmetry and balance, two side tables have been thoughtfully placed. The pendant lights provide an exquisite touch that completes this lavish and harmonious design. 

King-size upholstered bed with plush headboard for ultimate comfort and style
The chandelier adds a quirky element to the room
Customise your bed and enjoy up to 25 year warranty

Perfect Fit: Queen Size Upholstered Bed

Queen-size upholstered beds strike the perfect balance between space-saving and luxury. They are well-suited for various-sized bedrooms, offering comfort and style without overwhelming the space. Check out this bedroom transformation with a touch of regal charm and a unique colour scheme. The wooden bed boasts a lavish curved cushion headboard design. Make it perfect by adding cosy pillows and soft linens, ensuring a comfortable and restful night’s sleep.

Queen-size upholstered bed, a stylish and cosy addition to your bedroom decor
Queen-size bed fit better in compact spaces

Compact Spaces: L Shaped Upholstered Bed Headboard

The L-shaped tufted headboard of the regular storage bed is strategically positioned in the corner, effectively utilising the two adjacent walls. This innovative design maximises space in compact bedrooms while providing the benefits of a stylish and functional sleeping area. Families with children can especially appreciate the added protection and extra floor space, allowing kids to play and move freely within the room.

L-shaped upholstered bed headboard in dark olive green
An out-of-the-box headboard design

Clever Storage: Upholstered Bed With Hydraulic Storage

Upholstered beds with hydraulic storage are an intelligent solution for those needing extra storage but don’t want to struggle with the labour. A hydraulic lift mechanism effortlessly reveals concealed storage beneath the mattress. This combination of style and functionality helps maintain a clutter-free bedroom. For instance, look at this room designed to evoke a tranquil ambience, achieved through a neutral colour palette that permeates the space. The room’s centrepiece is a hydraulic bed with a pristine white tufted headboard. This bed provides comfort and discreet storage to keep the room organised.

Grey upholstered bed with hydraulic storage compartments for easy organization
Hydraulic storage beds are the next level of comfort

Upholstered beds offer a perfect blend of comfort, style, and functionality, allowing you to transform your bedroom into a luxurious haven. Whether you prefer a king-size bed fit for royalty, a space-saving queen-size bed, or a cleverly designed hydraulic storage bed, upholstered beds come in various styles and materials to match your preferences. These beds add a touch of elegance and organisation to your bedroom, ensuring you sleep like royalty every night. Ready to transform your bedroom with an upholstered bed fit for royalty? Connect with one of our designers today and turn your dream interior into reality. Book a free consultation.

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FAQs Upholstered Bed Designs

1. What materials are commonly used for the upholstery of beds?

Common materials used for bed upholstery include linen, velvet, leather, and cotton.

2. How do I choose the suitable upholstery fabric for my bed?

Choose upholstery fabric based on your style and practicality: velvet for luxury, linen for a casual look, and leather for durability.

3. Can I customise the upholstery colour and pattern for my bed to match my bedroom decor?

Yes, you can customise the upholstery colour and pattern to match your bedroom decor with multiple design options.

4. How can I incorporate an upholstered bed into a minimalist or modern bedroom design?

Incorporate an upholstered bed into a minimalist or modern design by selecting one with clean lines, solid colours, and minimalistic headboard designs.

5. Are there eco-friendly and sustainable options available for upholstered beds?

Yes, eco-friendly options are available, such as beds with sustainable materials, non-toxic dyes, and environmentally conscious manufacturing processes.

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