Master Bedroom Colour Combinations For The Perfect Dream Home Interiors!

by Nikita Raikwar | February 26, 2024 | 6 mins read

Master bedroom colour combinations for 2024

Master bedroom colour combinations may be plentiful, but these 8 colours have stolen our hearts. Take a peek inside to explore our finest selection of bedroom colour combinations to try out in 2024.

In the pursuit of creating spaces that are not just cosy retreats but also Instagram-worthy masterpieces, the master bedroom colour combination becomes a pivotal canvas. We understand how colours can make or break a space, and in this blog, we are sharing our top 8 picks for master bedroom colour combinations that enliven your space with a whole new level of chic sophistication. Ready to be inspired? Read along to get your hands on the perfect bedroom colour combinations for your personal haven. 

Purple Master Bedroom Colour Combination For An Opulent Bedroom Upgrade

If you are looking for a purple master bedroom two colour combination for bedroom walls this bedroom is spilling all the secrets. The purple colour gives a luxe vibe and pairs stunningly with gold and wood accents offering this bedroom space an instant luxury upgrade like no other. What’s more? A beige floor rug paired with a same coloured duvet adds to the vibrancy of your bedroom.

Purple master bedroom colour combination for an elegant and luxurious look
A purple bedroom for lovers of luxury and elegance

Master Bedroom Wall Colour Combination In White And Orange

Chasing trends is a thing of the past, this year focus on bringing in colours and combinations that suit your taste and style. Personalise your bedroom with this gorgeous white and orange colour combination of master bedroom that is stealing hearts over the internet. We love the subtle design with the orange arches grabbing attention towards the headboard of this bedroom space. Pair it with bohemian decor like the faux hay vase and abstract art, and you are good to go.

White and orange master bedroom colour combination in a bohemian look
A bohemian bedroom with orange arches as its statement piece

Blue Wall Colour Combination For Master Bedroom With White Accents

A stunning blue can never go wrong, especially when paired with glossy whites. This bedroom features a striking balance between the blue textured walls, glass finish wardrobes and twin side tables in white on either side. Pair it with dark fabrics like the duvet cover and the art frames in the image shown and add some neutral hues across to perfect this space.

Blue master bedroom wall colour combination with white accents for a dark cosy vibe
A blue wall colour for homes that love a dark cosy vibe
Master bedroom interiors for maximum comfort and space

An Elegant Pastel Green Master Bedroom Wall Colour Combination

Green is a serene and surreal colour that adds to the vitality of the space. This bedroom features a green accent wall with wooden trimmings in wainscoted in the same colour. It happily blends in with the wooden sliding door wardrobe and the curtains on the wall across it. Perfect for master bedrooms, the green in this space is subtle in appearance, and adds a sense of freshness to the space without overdoing on the colour. This truly is the best 2024 master bedroom wall colour combination you can ask for!

Pastel green master bedroom wall colour combination with wooden furnishing  for an elegant look
A refreshing green with wooden furnishings as a promising 2024 master bedroom colour combination

A Pink & Blue Master Bedroom Two Colour Combination For Bedroom Walls

Blushing over a cute compliment is truly what this blush hued bedroom is about to offer you. It’s perfect for a girly girl vibe but also has a feminine aesthetic that you’d love to own in your master bedroom.  Paired with a gorgeous blue tinge for the sliding door wardrobe, this bedroom is the epitome of femininity, grace, and all things couture. Play around with the hues and you’d be in with a room that embraces the blues and pinks in all its glory!

Pink and blue master bedroom colour combinations for a feminine look
A pink and blue dual finish bedroom design for a feminine design

Charcoal & Beige Master Bedroom Colour Combination For Industrial Vibe

Looking to add industrial interior design aesthetics to your bedroom, this master bedroom interior is all things classy, industrial, bare-boned and worth every penny. Pairing the charcoal grey floor to ceiling headboard wooden trimmings with grey walls and beige furnishings calls for a strong contender for our instagram-worthy master bedroom colour combinations. It’s perfect, chic, and oh-so-classy.

Charcoal and beige master bedroom colour combination or a classic industrial setting
A charcoal beige master bedroom colour combination for a classic industrial setting

Yellow Colour Combination Of Master Bedroom With Mirrored Accents:

And last but not least is this stunning mustard yellow master bedroom featuring mirrored accents for its wall decor as well as wardrobe design. It’s perfect for homes that love a good colour but also like them muted. It’s not too gaudy or popping to the eye, making mustard yellow a fabulous choice of colour combination of master bedroom interiors. P.S. you can pair it with greys, whites or blacks for the ultimate dual finish master bedroom colour combination.

Yellow master bedroom colour combination with mirrored accents for a warm look
A mustard yellow bedroom with muted tones for a cosy, warm setting

And with that we come to an end to our stunning instagram-worthy master bedroom colour combinations blog. If you love these, we are sure you’d love more of our blogs on bedroom colour combinations, read them below:

And while you are at it, do check out our FAQs on bedroom colour combinations

FAQs On Bedroom Colour Combinations 2024

What are some popular master bedroom colour combinations?
Choosing a master bedroom colour combination is a personal preference, but some popular choices include soft neutrals like beige and white, calming blues and greens, or warm tones like taupe and gold. Experiment with various combinations to find what suits your style and creates a relaxing atmosphere.

What should I consider when choosing a master bedroom colour combination?
When selecting a master bedroom colour combination, consider the size of the room, the amount of natural light it receives, and your personal taste. Harmonise the colours with the bedroom furniture and decor. Keep in mind the psychological effects of colours and opt for tones that promote relaxation and tranquillity. Additionally, you may want to follow guidelines such as those suggested by vastu principles for an optimal colour combination.

What is the most relaxing colour for the master bedroom?
For a relaxing master bedroom, consider using soft and muted colours. Many people find that shades of blue and green create a calming atmosphere. These colours are associated with serenity and can promote a restful sleep environment. Neutral tones like beige and lavender are also popular choices for a tranquil and soothing master bedroom.

What colours make a room look bigger and brighter?
To make a room appear bigger and brighter, opt for light and airy colours. Whites, creams, and pastels can create a sense of openness and brightness. Consider using mirrors to reflect light and choosing furniture with light colours. Another effective way is to use a monochromatic colour scheme with variations in lightness and darkness. This approach creates a cohesive and spacious feel in the master bedroom.

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