5 Grey Two Colour Combination For Bedroom Walls To Liven Up Your Space

by Henna Achhpal | February 25, 2024 | 5 mins read

Grey colour combination for bedroom walls

There’s a reason decorators swear by a grey colour combination wall

You’ll be excused for baulking at the idea of grey walls in your home. After all, the colour grey is infamous for its association with low moods, ‘feeling grey’ and grey clouds foreshadowing stormy weather. However, the shade is, in fact, a favourite with interior designers. Grey offers an exciting alternative on the neutral palette when you don’t want to go for the more common white or beige. Its versatility allows it to blend in perfectly for any grey colour combination wall.

It may be a simple blend of black and white, but when the two shades are used in varying tones, it results in a palette of more than just fifty shades of grey. The grey spectrum offers something for everyone from softer shades like silver and ash to bolder options like charcoal and gunmetal. Choosing grey inspires debate which further adds character to the shade. Grey lends an enigmatic personality to the space, making it more appealing than its popular cousins, white and beige, on the neutral palette.

Whether you’re planning a grey two colour combination for bedroom walls or looking for ideas to upgrade an existing grey wall in your home, these design hacks show you the best combination with grey wall colour.

Yellow Grey Colour Combination For Wall

Yellow makes for a great colour combination with grey wall. Mellow grey balances the cheeriness of yellow, making for a grey colour combination for wall that offers the best of both worlds. Instead of a whole yellow wall or painting it entirely grey, give it a paint wash with both shades in equal measure. You achieve a space that’s sophisticated but not dull and exudes enthusiasm without being in your face. Complete the bedroom’s look with furnishings in pale wood or tan and white accessories for decor.

Bedroom in yellow grey colour combination wall perfectly balances bright shades and lends vibrant.
Mellow grey perfectly balances bright shades like yellow on bedroom walls
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Pastels For Wall Colour Grey Combination

Introduce pastel elements in your room for the perfect combination with grey wall colour. Pastel shades can often end up giving a space too much of a candy- or fantasy-like look. Grey is an excellent choice to offset the softness of a pastel colour theme. Even better if you already have grey walls in your bedroom. Take the opportunity to accentuate your room with furnishings in mint and coral that will stand out against the grey walls. This wall colour combination with grey lends the space a calming and soothing ambience.

Wall colour grey combination with pastel shade for bedroom lends the space a calming and soothing ambience.
Grey bedroom walls are the perfect opportunity to experiment with pastel colours

Blue-Grey Two Colour Combination For Bedroom Walls

Blue colour combination with grey wall is the ideal way to achieve an understated look for your bedroom without it ending up feeling too dull. Grey doesn’t always have to be contrasted with a brighter colour. You can also look at the blue palette for inspiration for a good wall colour combination with grey. Go for deeper blues like navy or indigo. You won’t have to do much to refresh the room’s look. Simply get ceiling-to-floor curtains in navy blue and wrap the bed in blue linen.

The blue-grey two colour combination for bedroom walls gives an elegant look to space.
Serious grey paired with deep blues gives the bedroom a subtly elegant look

Teal Is A Striking Combination With Grey Wall Colour

Matching your grey colour combination wall with teal gives your room an instant bold upgrade. When put together, both teal and grey make for a stunning and attention-grabbing palette. You can get a teal and grey two colour combination for bedroom walls or install a statement upholstered headboard in teal. The combination exudes luxury and makes the headboard an effortless focal point for the room. Furniture in deep mahogany will complete the bedroom’s discerning theme.

Combination with grey wall colour bedroom with teal headboard lends a striking look to space.
Grey walls as the backdrop allow you to make a statement with a teal headboard
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Green Grey Colour Combination Wall

Light green is another shade that matches well with a grey colour combination wall. Pair light grey walls in your bedroom with a bed in a light green fabric and a statement headboard to match. Keep the colour palette of the room minimal by sticking to white bed linen. Use pillow covers and window curtains to add more hints of green and maintain the room’s natural theme.

A grey colour combination wall with green curtains and a bed in the bedroom brings a nature vibe.
Create a dramatic look with grey bedroom walls and green furnishings

Grey’s versatility makes it suitable for every bedroom, no matter who is the occupant – children, adults or guests. Mixing and matching grey with different colours also offer many colour palette options that will be agreeable to different personalities. If you want to make a statement, go minimal or achieve a contemporary industrial look, the possibilities are endless with a grey colour combination wall.

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