Designer Bedroom Design Ideas For Your Home

by Pooja Dara | September 24, 2021 | 5 mins read

Bedrooms designed by interior designers for your home

Putting together a luxurious bedroom design is no mammoth task. Adding only a few elements to your bedroom can take it to the next level, be it a designer chair, a designer bed, designer wallpaper or designer lights

A designer bedroom should reflect who you are, and at the same time, it should also serve as a functional and practical space. All of the elements of a designer bedroom — flooring, walls, furniture, decor, lighting, accessories — should be such that they blend harmoniously, enhance the design aesthetics and uplift your mood while you’re in your personal sanctuary.

However, you don’t always need to invest in expensive materials to achieve the ‘designer look’ for your bedroom. Instead, you can plan and purchase affordable decor/furniture/lighting and smartly organise it within your space to give it a more sophisticated appearance. Check out some cool bedroom designs and keep this bedroom interior design checklist handy if you’re planning to revamp your resting haven. 

Need some inspiration for creating your own designer bedroom? Worry not! We’ve curated a small collection of trending designer bedroom design ideas to spare you the hassle. 

Designer Bedroom Design Idea #1

This designer bedroom design features a herringbone-patterned wooden accent wall that looks absolutely gorgeous and brings warmth and depth to the space. A designer mirror panel placed right in the middle of this accent wall reflects the light and makes the room look larger. The statement pendant light accentuates the grey floor rug, light-brown upholstered headboard and the entire design theme of the bedroom and acts like the showstopper. The bedroom design lends a sense of formality, opulence and is a perfect choice for you if you’re a fan of neutrals.

Designer bed for bedroom with a herringbone-patterned wooden accent wall
This designer bedroom design can be achieved at a very pocket-friendly price

Designer Bedroom Design Idea #2

This designer bedroom design is an ideal choice for those looking for a black-and-white design theme for their resting space. It features a comfortable bed with a unique and modern upholstered black headboard that is wall-mounted and runs from wall to wall. If you carefully notice, the wall also features a white and grey patterned wallpaper that balances out the bold artwork and softens the room’s overall look. The multiple textures in the room add character and visual drama to the space, while the floating side cabinets save on floor space.

Designer grey bedroom bed with upholstered black headboard
The classic and bold black-and-white design theme for any space never runs out of style.
Love this design? Make it your own

Designer Bedroom Design Idea #3

Now here’s a designer bedroom design that knows how to set your mood right. It reflects a creative blend of modern and traditional styles. The wood-panelled accent walls (~long and medium strips of wood aligned vertically) act as a perfect backdrop for some of the designer bedroom accessories in this space, such as the bedside sconces the mustard upholstered long headboard and the floating shelves. The huge mirror behind the bed makes a statement and visually elongates the room, and the brightly coloured bed linens/plush cushions also add a pop of colour. 

Designer bed for bedroom sofa and the centre table with a glass tabletop
The sofa and the centre table with a glass tabletop near the window can act as a cosy reading nook or space to comfortably watch television.

Designer Bedroom Design Idea #4

This grey-and-white-themed designer bedroom design features a low platform bed with comfortable bed linen, a sizable metallic world map on the accent wall and above the bed, and a pair of stylish pendant lights on each side of the bed. The wall opposite the accent wall houses a cityscape artwork that is accentuated by the track lights on the shelf above. These designer elements come together in this bedroom to give it an overall cohesive and unified look. The bright-blue pouffe and bed cover also add some freshness to the area.

Designer bedroom features a low platform bed with an eclectic vibe
This bedroom design oozes an eclectic vibe and feel to the space

Designer Bedroom Design Idea #5

This designer bedroom design features a blue-grey-white wall colour scheme that is contrasted with sleek black frames/shelves all over the space. The tiled panel work behind the bed acts as a stunning focal point in the room and also as an exciting conversation starter among friends and relatives. This bedroom is texture-rich, and the large grey rug on the floor makes the area all the more homely, peaceful and personal. The floating shelves on either side of the bed serve as practical bedside tables and give a minimalist look to the bedroom. 

Designer bed for bedroom which looks bold and beautiful with simple accessories
This designer bedroom design looks bold and beautiful even with the most simple accessories/decor

I hope this blog post has provided you with some basics on achieving the dazzling designer bedroom design of your dreams. So, go on and start experimenting. Also, please share your bedroom transformation journey with us because we’re eagerly waiting to hear from you. Reach out to Design Cafe via email or call if you wish to hire an interior designer for your project. Our team will thoroughly understand your needs and preferences, will suggest additions/changes that you might not have considered, and they will then work with your space to create a gorgeous designer bedroom. You can also book a free virtual consultation with our interior design experts right now.

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Pooja Dara is a content writer at Design Cafe home interiors blog.

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